Friday, August 18, 2017

Manifesting In The New Consciousness

Manifesting In The New Consciousness ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I recently created a scenario which seemed to require conscious manifesting. In the old days I would have written about it, vision boarded it, affirmed it, put it in a pink balloon, two pointed to where ever it already exists, and, yes, stepped through doors to parallel universes where it's already happening.

Because yeah, man, I'm an expert and I already know this stuff.

And I didn't do any of those things. I created something that afternoon that wasn't quite the thing. I sat with it, and watched other possibilities unfold. This required interacting with others in my storyline, and dances with relationships.

It was (and is) very interesting to see what is coming into form. And very interesting to see my discomfort with not being entirely in control of the creation.

It's still not fully in form. The agreements are still being drawn up. And Mercury is going retrograde on Saturday!

But something bigger is unfolding, beyond what I can imagine, and a part of me is excited to be stepping into the unknown, to having something more that what my mind wants to design.

There's so much potential for drama and disagreements. And yet all that dissipates when I don't resist what is.

Manifesting in the new Consciousness is the opposite of how it was before. It isn't about changing, fixing, or manipulating the circumstances. It's not about claiming power and declaring it to the Universe. It's not about specifics and time limits.

All of that was Ego/Personality/Mind wanting to control the outcome. The part that is fearful, the part that feels powerless, the part that is based in survival.

Consciousness is creating all of this. You are Consciousness. You're creating all of this. All possibilities exist within this creation. You are dancing between possibilities.

It's all good, because as Consciousness, you love your creations, you love your Self that is playing in this field of reality.

Playing this way you totally know it's a benevolent You-niverse. Wherever you fall, you are being caught.

There are no mistakes, because all possibilities are running simultaneously and you chose this one in the moment. Things can transform themselves, when you play at this level, when you expand to a different outcome.

Manifesting in the new Consciousness is about creating, not control. This is a playground, we are here to create, it's all about creating and being creative.

As Consciousness you are benignly neutral. There's no good or bad to what you create. If you manifest disasters, it's equally as creative as manifesting miracles. If you want to create something different it's a very subtle shift in direction.

It's incredibly freeing to let go of control, and to go forward completely improvising as things come up.

Creating as Consciousness allows you to manifest beyond your wildest imagination.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Everyday Time Traveling

Everyday Time Traveling ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I'm writing this from a hotel room next to the Yakima River. It's a scorching day in August, yet the river it running full and strong. I'm not used to rivers, I live in the Puget Sound, which has tides that flow and ebb along the shore.

The river reminds me of our experience of time in this physical reality. Time flows, from past to future. When I meditated on this, while looking at the river, I saw myself standing still, wanting to walk upstream, wanting to let the river take whatever I wanted to release.

It illustrates my resistance to going with the flow. It shows that I'm facing the past (upstream). The current of time is continually moving us forward, down the river. As Consciousness focused into form, we cannot cling to the river bank.

It also illustrates how, in this new reality, everything is the opposite of what is was before. My old focus would have been to stay anchored in one spot, and to release energy that way. When I see myself as Consciousness flowing down the river, I see that past energy is released in every moment. It's not even an issue. It is gone, and the continuous flow is the present moment.

My body feels unnerved with the prospect of releasing its grip on the bank. It doesn't feel exhilarated by the flowing water (as it may have when I was younger). It anticipates drowning, which is not fun.

But when I gently cradle it in my loving energy as Consciousness, it allows the flow to happen. I feel the shift in energy. I relax into the continuous change that is always available.

Nothing is truly lost, nothing is really left behind, it is put into it's proper placement in the storyline, it is stored in the Cosmic Cloud. No one is really gone, nor abandoned, we are all still connected as Consciousness.

Consciousness exists outside of time and space. The flow of time is just one of the elements that construct this reality. It keeps the story moving along, it's the background music that helps propel our personal game of life.

We are bigger than our story, we are bigger than the river, we are Consciousness that encompasses it all. When you identify as Consciousness within form, this all becomes an enjoyable activity, even if we've hit a patch of white water and are rolling over rocks.

When you hold a bigger space in your life, as you effortlessly do as Consciousness, it is easy to cast off the bowlines and go into the current, towards everything you've dreamed and desired.

Friday, August 4, 2017

How To Handle The Waves of Change

How To Handle The Waves of Change ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Wow, this is an intense time. So many things are coming at us. We have to handle multiple things at once. There's no time to rest. There's certainly no sleep at night!!

Now, some people may find this exhilarating. They may feel on top of their game. Yay, them.

Most folks are finding this challenging and overwhelming. If this is you, even though your circumstances are unique, you're not alone!

What is happening is that Greater Consciousness is coming into form. This is stirring things up.

This will show up in your life in situations or relationships provoking feelings of conflict, resistance, pain, fear, anger, or just wanting to sleep all day!

How to handle these waves of change?

You can fight it. This might be energizing to some. It may keep them from being paralyzed with fear. It might help them break through to the next experience. Or it might get you more enmeshed in it.

You can pretend it's not happening. This is a different tactic. Just keep going to work and home and act as if nothing unusual is going on. Fake it 'til you make it. This strategy is useful to some folks, a way to hunker down and get through it. However this can also backfire, the situation can accelerate until you have to pay attention to it!

You can ride with it.  Life is like kayaking, sometimes we hit white water, grab hold of your paddles! This is a great way not to resist and 'go with the flow' no matter how fast and rough it may seem.

You can dive through the waves. If you're standing in the water at the beach and the wave seems too big, just dive through it! You'd be surprised how quick you get to the other side.

Old patterns are breaking down. Situations that don't serve are either going away or getting worse. It's an opportunity for you to try something new or different, or put into practice what you already know.

However it's on the way to getting better. You could come out of this time period completely transformed! Don't resist the ride.

If you really, really want things to be different, this is your chance to change things! Portals of change are opening and are everywhere. All you have to do stay is stay alert, and step through them!

Friday, July 28, 2017

How To Deal With The "New Normal"

How To Deal With The "New Normal" (c) 2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

One of my neighbors stopped me on my walk and offered condolences. "Emma's died?" She and her husband had seen us carrying her out to the lawn in her last days.

When she came back from the vet, after her biopsy, she'd stopped walking. So we carried her outside twice a day. It wasn't all that different from before, since she'd like to sleep most of the day anyway. It was a "new normal".

She was too heavy for me to lift and at some point my husband hurt his back, so we both lifted her using the four corners of the towel that we had under her. I found myself singing the song from Aladdin as she went on a 'magic carpet ride' to the outside world. Corgis are always smiling, but she grinned even more as she could feel the fresh air and smell all the smells.

This concept of it being a 'new normal' had helped me when my mother, after 10 months on home hospice, stopped walking and became bedridden. She had Alzheimer's and cancer, and the blessing was that she didn't know she had either. She wondered why she stayed in bed all the time. "Oh, you always like to sleep a lot." I said. Which was true, she had hated me getting her up in the morning and now I didn't have to...

Now the new normal is that Emma is gone and we're putting off getting another dog. We're cherishing being able to sleep in on weekends and go out for dinner without having to walk someone.  I did, however, get a new fish, which I call "Puppy", so I can say that I did get one.

It occurred to me that we're hitting "new normals" all the time, even if they're not healthy.  People are getting numb from the news, the emotional roller coaster of deliberately inflammatory and distracting tweets, of human rights being systematically dismantled and withdrawn.

There's always a pendulum swing in politics and at some point this will all reverse itself. And as Consciousness, I see what is really happening is that those who seem most powerful, are actually the least. And they are scrambling to restore a paradigm that has already disintegrated. We are have evolved as Consciousness, are embodying more of ourselves as Consciousness, so we are all already individually too empowered to go back to that antiquated acceptance of domination.

It hit me that we're stepping into a new existence, which requires us to expand to a new normalcy. Energetically it feels lighter. We're used to feeling weighed down, that being more powerful means occupying more physical space.

When you embody more of yourself as Consciousness, it feels buoyant. When you feel empowered, it feels more internally powerful. It actually feels effortless and relaxed. Standing in your own power feels confident, because as Consciousness you *are* wisdom. There's an absence of a need to dominate or compete because we're *all* Consciousness.

It starts by focusing within, because our bodies are our anchor points as Consciousness into this physical realm. However, we're operating at a higher frequency than ever before, so it really only requires a focal point, a pinpoint of Consciousness, to bring you fully aware into form. And it can be anywhere within. I used to have rigid opinions about where this should be and how it should be done. Rigidity is the old normal.

Try this for yourself. Wirelessly connect as Consciousness into form, and notice what's different. That's your new normal. Doing this regularly has a ripple effect into the rest of your reality. Play with this during the week and see what happens!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Serenity Amidst Chaos

Serenity Amidst Chaos ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Seventeen years ago, I was training to become a CPC (certified professional coach) and being coached myself. I asked her how to maintain a sense of calm within the storm of my life at the time. She had me come up with an image, and I immediately saw a Buddhist monk in saffron gold robes.

A Buddhist monk can maintain serenity regardless of whether they're standing on a mountain in Tibet or in the midst of the Mall of America at Christmas.

It was a very effective visual image. Later she gifted me some sheer saffron cloth, which was a lovely affirmation as well.

I've moved several times since then and have no idea where that cloth is, but I sure could have used it this week.  Our neighbors are having a new roof put on and the noise and chaos coming through to my office has been unbearable.

We're in tumultuous times. There are earthquakes, fires, and floods happening. There's combustive events in the news. Astrologically we have some very major eclipses coming up and people are already feeling things being suddenly "eclipsed" in their lives.

What helped me in the last few days was being aware that, even if my nerves were frayed from high pitched tools and staple guns, there was a part of me that had a bigger picture of what was going on. That greater awareness could navigate through the "Sturm und Drang".

What surprised me during this time was how upset my body was, and how emotionally detached I was as Consciousness, at the same time. I wasn't in denial that my nerves were shot. I just continued taking the next indicated action. Kind of like a mom that needs to get her errands done with a toddler that is overstimulated and needs a nap.

Finally yesterday afternoon I plugged in the earbuds (wished I'd remembered them earlier) and blared TedTalks really loud. Pandora would have been a better choice for concentrating and working but by that time I was done, completely done, with work.

Operating as Consciousness doesn't necessarily mean having all aspects of ourselves on board. Doesn't mean our bodies and our personalities are as composed as Consciousness. It just means letting Consciousness drive. The rest can sit in their car seats or nap in the back seat.

Our bodies and personalities just want Consciousness to drive anyway. Even if they seem to be struggling for control.

We are not our bodies nor our personalities. We are Consciousness. We created Our bodies and our personalities as vehicles in the physical. We're meant to inhabit them, and drive the car from within them.

When you shift your identification away from just being your body, or your personality, to being Consciousness, it completely changes your life.

Imagine yourself as greater Consciousness, and imagine focusing into form. I like to pick an 'anchor point' in my body as a focal point. It's like you, as Consciousness, are the entire internet. And your body is the device you're using. Your focal point is your inner cellular connection.

Play with this, play with bringing your information as Consciousness into your form. And notice what happens!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Getting Out of Your Discomfort Zone

Getting Out of Your Discomfort Zone ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

One of the things I've discovered, as everything is breaking down and reorganizing, is that often what is required is the complete opposite of whatever has worked before.

Tried and true techniques and systems are no longer effective. Things that were absolutely the wrong thing to do in my old practice is the absolute right thing to do in my new practice.

So, for instance, something has been going on today - I've been feeling a very high, vibrational frequency in/on the top of my head. In the old days I would have judged this as bad. I would have thought someone was invading my space. I would have wrestled with this energy all day long.

Now, what it feels like isn't bad. Nor is it invasive. I'm not really sure what it is. Is it a female energy in my head? Or is it a download of something new? Heck, maybe it's just that I've been drinking jasmine green tea today instead of earl grey.

In the old days I would have absolutely had to know where it's coming from and what to do about it.

Instead, I've just gone about my day, noticing what is different. And pretty much everything about today has been different, starting with this energy. I'm curious to see what unfolds from this.

What this reminds me of, is someone who went to one of my Meetups and did the walking through doors to parallel universes. The next day I talked with her, she'd taken medicine for vertigo. "Is it unpleasant?" I asked.  Turned out it wasn't vertigo, but that wavy feeling of expansion that happens when you play on this level of Consciousness.

A couple went to my cohost Janet's meetup in Portland, and then they went dancing afterwards. Her husband had a difficult time because he felt too 'lightheaded'. Hmm. Not really surprising after major transformational energy work.

Rather than resisting or turning away from new sensations, I turn towards them. I move more deeply into something rather than trying to get it out of my space.

Moving through the world in this new way of being requires being improvisational. Requires not knowing. Requires curiosity.

If something isn't working for you, then it's time to do something else. But don't mistake discomfort as an indicator that something is wrong.

Birthing a new self doesn't have to be hard. Just breathe through it. Sometimes action is required, but sometimes that may look like taking a walk. Or a nap. Maybe it's just to stop doing whatever it is that isn't working, and wait to see what emerges instead.

When you stop trying to make things fit within your comfort zone, then what manifests can be bigger than you can imagine.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Why Inspiration From Seminars Doesn't Last (and what to do about it)

Why Inspiration From Seminars Doesn't Last (and what to do about it) ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Remember that last seminar, workshop or retreat you attended? Remember how wonderful it felt? What happened to that rosy glow after you came home? It kinda faded off, didn't it?

You got back into your daily routine, with work and relationships, and pretty soon you could barely remember all that marvelous transformation that happened, and all those great revelations you had.

That's why it's called 'The Suntan Affect'.

Seminars, workshops, and retreats are chock full of great information, they're designed to inspire change. While you're sitting there with a group, you feel a magnified effect from everyone going through the same experience.

When you come home, however different you may feel at first, you start to match your familiar surroundings and go back to your old ways of being.

It's especially frustrating when you learned new techniques to make things happen, and even they seem to lose their magic after a while.

When I used to teach Psychic Meditation classes, I'd tell people that you could get all these tools and concepts in a weekend workshop, but it's a little like learning golf in one afternoon. The reason to take an 8 or 12 week class is that repetition helps make it real for your body.

You as Consciousness already know everything. You *are* the Cosmic Internet. But not everything is stored into your physical form (that includes your mind and brain). Whatever was downloaded from a weekend doesn't stick unless you continue to put it into action.

The other thing that an 8 or 12 week class provides is the power of a group. You're with others who are learning the same things, and their experiences reinforce yours as well.

Most importantly, you have continued access to the teacher, who embodies and models whatever it is you want to learn. Regular contact with them helps make it real for you as well.

When I teach, I have you try any technique first before explaining what it's supposed to do or how you're supposed to feel. This way you have your own sense of what a particular technique can do for you. People have come away from my trainings with greater ownership of what they've learned, because it's anchored in their initial experience rather than my information about it.

Nowadays, I combine my teaching with coaching. I prefer coaching, because it holds you as whole and capable. It honors your inner wisdom. If you have a problem, then you hold the solution within. As coach I can ask the right questions to bring it out of you. This allows you to change faster than if you were told to do something (thereby having to go through someone else's information) which then takes longer before you've integrated it into your own way of doing things.

Rather than one-off sessions, I prefer to offer 12 week programs (although for groups I've had them as short as 6-8 weeks). This way I can hold space for your evolution over time.

As Consciousness you already know everything, you just haven't brought it into your body yet or practiced utilizing the information through your body. Even though I provide my upgraded and developed techniques for transformation, You'll have your own unique way of expressing your new learning, you'll bring your own unique results into your life.

Now, if you've just come from a seminar or workshop and there isn't any followup in place, you can try to create continuity on your own. Read the presenter's books, watch their YouTube videos, join (or create) a Meetup group to connect with others on the same topic.

And, if you are tired of spinning your wheels and want lasting change in your life, go to my website and check out my coaching programs!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Is There Such A Thing As "Divine Timing"?

Is There Such A Thing As "Divine Timing"? ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

There's a kind of fatalistic viewpoint, that things happen in 'divine timing', it's along the lines of whether something is 'God's Will'.

The "good" part of that perspective is that it can get you out of effort or trying to hard to make something happen. When you're working on manifesting into the physical, effort can have the opposite effect - it can keep it from happening. Which is why often things materialize when you least expect them, or when you've stopped trying.

It's also useful to let go of 'how' you're going to manifest something, along with 'when' it's going to materialize. Turning that over, allows you to keep your focus on 'what' you want to bring into form.

The part of you that wants to control things down to minutiae, isn't Consciousness. It's your body-personality aspect.

When you desire something, as Consciousness you already have it. It already exists. You just need to step into the Universe where it is. Or, you just need to shift your energy to receiving it.

"But what about the timing? I want it NOW!" Body-personality says.

Bodies only exist in the now, in present time. The future doesn't exist yet, the past is already over. They want it NOW.

And, if you're operating fully as Consciousness into form, it's entirely possible to spontaneously manifest something.

Certainly, when you're operating as Consciousness, amazing things unexpectedly appear to come out of left field.

When you say something is 'divine timing', you're usually saying it's either not happening as quickly as you'd like, and/or you are just so grateful - to something outside of yourself - that it finally happened.

As Consciousness, You exist outside of time and space, so it all possibilities are happening at once. Consciousness' timing is random, spontaneous, and instantaneous. It's unpredictable only because it happens outside of rational thought.

It happens *better* when you're not thinking about it. I like to say when you're creating as Consciousness, what shows up is beyond what you could imagine. It manifests bigger especially when you're not thinking.

Creating in this new reality seems to require the exact opposite of everything we've ever learned about manifestation. Focus and repetition seem to repel what you want. Releasing, letting go, holding it off to the side, works better.

Precise formulas don't really work anymore, much to the frustation of our body-personality-rational-mind. 5D into 3D is very improvisational.

When you're creating as Consciousness, you're coming from a place of experimentation and curiosity. There's no attachment to an outcome. As You step into the Universe where it already is happening, there's a feeling of childlike delight.

This work is very subtle and very profound.

'Divine Timing' is an old paradigm and contains an implied limitation. Consciousness Timing is expansive. Want to manifest a desire? Step into the Now where it already is, and see what happens!

Friday, June 23, 2017

How to Know If It's Time To Pivot

How to Know If It's Time To Pivot ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

You know when things just suck and you want to throw in the towel? Or maybe you're at a breaking point. Or maybe you are done, like, "stick a fork in me, I'm done!" kind of done.

Or maybe you've been stuck in indecision, or maybe you're stuck in persistence. That is, trying so hard for so long, but not wanting to give up trying.

How do you know if you need to keep slogging at it, or pivot in another direction?

Sometimes decisions require immediate action, and sometimes a solution needs to emerge.

Several months ago I felt like I was at a turning point. I felt burned out with what I was doing. I was wondering whether to quit this and become a hospice chaplain. I'd actually applied for chaplaincy training back in 2001 and backed out at the last minute. It's something I could do now, as a 'real world job' that wouldn't take the same energy my current calling requires. Or so I thought.

Then I got chosen to give a talk at Ignite Seattle,  out of *lots* of applicants. Which felt like a nudge to continue.

Ignite Seattle happened just before a scheduled trip to Europe to visit my son, so I decided to let my decision "float" while I was gone. I thought I'd get inspiration while I was on vacation.

Instead, I came back to the same issue. The same feeling of burnout and frustration.

And then this week my 15 year old Corgi was diagnosed with cancer and we've been doing doggie home hospice for her. It's brought up a ton of feelings from 2013 when I helped our other dog, and both my parents, each die at home. And I got really clear about that part of the decision.

Emma dying on my kitchen floor helps me shut that door. No way do I want to work in hospice. Or hospitals, actually. So ditch that idea (what was I thinking)?!?

This reminds me of times where something happens that is the turning point, the straw that breaks the camel's back, when I wouldn't have let go or given up until then.

So instead of doing a summer chaplaincy training, I'm midwifing my dog to spirit. That's requiring a lot of focus, but it won't need to be sustained for a long time.

I still get energized by speaking and teaching, I'm still passionate about helping people transform. But the way I've been doing it needs to change.

In the old days a door would have slammed shut. In the old days bridges would have burned.

Navigating in this new Consciousness, is a more gentle way. Simply releasing the past and allowing the new path to appear.

So if you're struggling, if you feel like you are spinning your wheels, if you are stuck in a traffic jam or hitting a brick wall, stop. You don't have to blow up the blocks.

Just step back and let the scenario change. Or step into a parallel universe where it's already different.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Money Is Neutral

Money Is Neutral ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

This week I was a little surprised when I heard someone say that 'money is neutral'. I mean, I've had a lot of experience with money, from having a lot of it to not having any. It was great to have a lot, and problematic not having any. It's never seemed to me to be neutral.

I've also worked with the Deva of Money, who comes across to me as an ocean. The ocean may seem placid at times on the surface, but it is deep, and can change with the weather. It may be filled with life that nurtures you, but also can be deadly so you should never turn your back on it.

And then it struck me, that it's how we feel about money that is decidedly not neutral.

The energy of money is not only neutral but impartial. It doesn't automatically appear in your bank account because you're a good person. It's just energy.

There is no good nor bad about money. It's an avenue of exchange. It's an expression of appreciation. It's an energy form. It's a morphic field.

Our stories about money are dramatic. They're tied into our survival. We'll die without it, we think. People have killed themselves (and their families) over debt. And there are other stories, people doing good things for others with money.

It's funny. Not having money is bad, having money is good, and yet we demonize rich people. They're not spiritual, they're unconscious, they're disconnected.

People are people. There are wealthy people who are spiritual, conscious, and connected. Just like there are poor people who aren't. It can't really be dichotomized like that. I find usually people are a mix of everything, because they're human.

As I started writing this blog, a little voice said, 'yeah, tell 'em how to get more'.  Because that's what we all want, right? We never have enough.

Abraham Hicks says “The world is awash in money! Do you hear what that means? It is awash in money. It is flowing for everyone. It is like Niagara Falls. And most of you are showing up with your teaspoons.”

The more I think about it, the more like the ocean 'money' is. It is vast and present and available for you to utilize. It is completely neutral.

And, as an energy, it is infinite. It's our ability to have or receive it that shrinks or expands. We can propel it away, or attract it.

Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer both have told a story of waiting for the Maharishi, who was finishing a meeting about a project. Someone asked him, "but Maharishi, where is the money going to come from?" And the Maharishi smiled and waved his hand, "from wherever it is at the moment."

At one level, money is an energy that flows. At a higher level, it just materializes. As we expand energetically to embody more of our 5D self into this 3D form, as we are greater Consciousness within this physical realm, it becomes more easy and effortless to manifest whatever we want.

Which transcends money, because whatever we want isn't the actual numbers or currency, but the freedom it represents.

And here's the funny thing about that. As Consciousness we already have whatever we want. As Consciousness, we already *are* freedom.

How would your life be different if you knew that?

Friday, June 9, 2017

If This Is A Simulation, Are Other People Real??

If This Is A Simulation, Are Other People Real??  ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

If this is all a hologram, what about other people? It's one of the first questions that seems to come up, when learning that this reality is a simulation, is  "are other people real?"

A twist on this is, "If this is game, am *I* real?" And, "whose reality am I in?"

I struggled with this when I first grasped this concept that I, as Consciousness, created this for my own amusement. My teacher at the time basically said things like that other people were a creation of my Consciousness, they were another aspect of myself, a reflection of myself.

Now, I'm an empath, and I could feel my relatives who lived 3,000 mile away, and I knew they weren't my feelings and that my relatives weren't me.

And when I was back East helping my parents die, I was creating myself to participate, but they were creating their own realities that I was participating in.

The thing is, even though reality is a simulation, a kind of hologram created by Consciousness, doesn't mean that it's fake. This game is meant to be real, that's why it's called Physical Reality. It's meant to be felt, tasted and touched. Your body is a real, biologically manufactured vehicle for you as Consciousness.

What about other people? It's not accurate to say they are other aspects of yourself, but You are Consciousness and so is everyone else. Other people are real, as much as you are.

The teacher I had indicated that the "extras" in your reality weren't real, they were just stories in your story line. I've come to see that this game is bigger and more complex than that. Everyone is real. And everyone is a creation of Consciousness and everyone *is* Consciousness, whether they know it or not.

However, I have found that, when you operate as Consciousness other personalities can change. People who were 'bad tempered' can shift to being easy to get along with. People can come into your storyline saying things that you'd only just thought about.

People can suddenly leave your storyline when you've shifted to a different vibratory awareness. At one of my meetups, someone was dealing with an abusive boss. They played the "parallel universe" game and when they went to work the next week, the boss resigned. I explain that she didn't make them resign (that's not how you play the game at this level), but she'd stepped into a parallel universe where they did.

As you keep upleveling your experience, you become more distinctly aware of your own Uniquesness and at the same your own inner connection to All That Is.

As Consciousness, you created this to be the opposite of who you really are. That's why there are different people, places, plants, animals, things. There's conflict in this reality because there is only harmony and oneness as Consciousness.

As Consciousness, you love your creations. You love yourself and your body, and those you've created to interact with. And they've created themselves to interact with you.

As Essence we're all Consciousness but it would be skipping a step, or missing out on this planetary realm's uniqueness to dismiss individuals as fake or that you're the only one that's real.

It's much more fun to relax into this reality as Consciousness, to appreciate it all in it's infinite complexity and enjoy

Friday, June 2, 2017

A Brief Explanation of History without Time

©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

This will contradict my previous blogpost. This planet is one of polarities and dichotomies. It is a world of contradictions, where opposites are true.

I’ve been musing on my story of the evolution of Consciousness. It’s a story, because Consciousness can’t evolve. It’s like saying the evolution of infinite intelligence.

Technology evolves. We create technology to replicate Consciousness, that is, everything we can do as Consciousness that we think we can’t do in our bodies, such as flying, telepathy, healing, etc. Except if we were embodied with full Consciousness, we could easily do these things.

From our body-personality perspective, there are skills to gain in order to utilize our bodies with full Consciousness. Our body-personalities feel like we need to learn something, as they needed to learn how to walk and talk, read and write.

If you read Aristotle and study ancient civilizations, you will see timeless wisdom expressed. Leonardo Davinci designed the helicopter in late fifteenth century, the Romans had running water a thousand years before we had it (and the Assyrians had it hundreds of years before the Romans).

It’s funny to look at the explanations why. Maybe aliens came to earth and gave this information?

When I was a past life reader, I’d say it was us, that we’d lived in a previous culture, Atlantis, that self destructed, and we reincarnated into Homo Sapiens. I’d see people sitting at camp fires with other hunter gatherers, who remembered when they had flying cars, thinking “this is bullshit”.

Another story is time travelers. Doesn’t that make sense? You can just go back to the past with your smarty pants present day knowledge and influence history.

But if you look at this all from the perspective of Consciousness, creator of this game, all time and space exists at once. You’re not just coming in for one lifetime along a timeline. This lifetime happens in the blink of an eye. As Consciousness, you’re experiencing all lifetimes simultaneously and instantaneously.

I used to describe in individual lifetime and jumping into the pool, and you get out when swim time is over. I just realized it isn’t even accurate to say you dip into the pool and get out of it again, when you are the pool as well as the swimmer.

Knowledge comes in and through and expresses itself regardless of the time or space measurement. That is why you will see or mankind will discover great wisdom in ancient places.

We can’t comprehend, that is our bodies cannot comprehend, an existence without space or time. It’s too mind blowing to imagine everything happening at once. But we can know it.

We can have an inner knowing of the bigger picture of things. We can have an intuitive experience of a broader awareness.

When you start to operate from this perspective, as Consciousness, you allow more of your Infinite Intelligence into your form, and your life changes in profound ways.

Friday, May 26, 2017

A New Definition of God

A New Definition of God ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I’m not that familiar with non-monotheistic religions, but the stories all have examples of Godly abilities and human frailties. They tend to place their Gods remotely, up in the sky or down below in the underworld. There are differing interactions with humans, and it seems to me extreme power struggles.

I’m more familiar with Christianity from a mystical perspective. If you broadly look at the Old Testament, God was this jealous, vengeful and angry guy way up in the sky, who threw frogs and plagues at them. He demanded sacrifices, whether goats or first born sons. People were like ants compared to God.

New Testament God was parental, compassionate, loving. You could have a conversation with “Him”.  It was a new definition of God that was very radical. Even today, people confuse the two.

This new definition came at a radical, evolutionary shift in Consciousness. And we‘re at another shift yet again.

There’s a new definition of God emerging, and from our antiquated viewpoint, we describe it as God within. An Inner Being.

I invite you to a different perspective of all of this.

Think of this world as a marvellous creation of Consciousness. It’s a manifestation experiment that played with different forms to physically embody. Dinosaurs were the beta version, they didn’t quite work out.

(Now, Consciousness creates all of this, thus Consciousness is in all of this. But each form provides a different experience and comprehension)

If you shift your perspective to that of Consciousness, that is, *you* are Consciousness, you can see the evolution simply being You coming more into form.

As Consciousness, you've been tweaking with the form design since before dinosaurs, fine tuning it to fit into.

What we are experiencing now is greater Consciousness coming into form, a higher vibration embodying the density of the physical, Our bodies have been redesigned to accept this increased energy. When a higher frequency comes into form, denser aspects disintegrate. We’re seeing this as egoic states breaking down.

Egoic states don’t like this. They think of themselves as separate entities. They don’t wanna disintegrate. Their existence is threatened.

The personality level views things in black and white terms. It interprets things as life and death issues. It doesn't see this evolution as a good thing. It sees it as an invasion, an assimilation.

As Consciousness, it’s exciting. It’s a birth into a new collective form. When you shift your perspective to You as Consciousness coming into form more, you feel joyous and happy.

All it requires is adjusting your perspective and the rest will come. Notice in the moment if you’re viewing your life as if things are happening to you, or as if You are creating all of it as Consciousness.

At first it may seem difficult, because you’re changing your habitual thinking. But it quickly creates a profound paradigm shift.

There's no confusion from this viewpoint. There’s only love, emanating inward and around, and outward. And that love is You.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Amusement, Fear, and Consciousness

Amusement, Fear, and Consciousness ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I've been telling groups that as Consciousness we're amused by Donald Trump and I'm afraid I'm going to get stoned by an angry mob afterwards.

I totally get it. Because at one level, there's nothing funny about the destruction happening to our country, our healthcare, our national parks, our national security, women's rights, people of color, lbgtq, I could go on and on.

It's infuriating, and it's terrifying.

At that same level, it's become so bizarro world in the news, the only response is hysterical laughter.

The amusement I'm talking about isn't that kind of laughter. But nor is it 'let them eat cake' kind of laughter, either. It's not flippant, it's not denial.

Consciousness amusement is expansive, like the sky, like the ocean. It's embracing and encompassing. It's neutrality and compassion at the same time.

I'll confess that I couldn't have written these words a few months ago. I was too enraged. I did not like the parallel universe I found myself in on November 9th. And it shook my confidence about the work that I do.

You know the reactions, fight, freeze, or flight? I had the first two while wishing for the third one. Fighting is my way of not getting paralyzed by fear.

Fear is a body emotion, bodies take everything seriously, bodies aren't going to make it out of this lifetime alive. Bodies feel the impact of the news.

We're not neglecting or abandoning our bodies by allowing amusement, by relaxing in. It's allowing Consciousness to be more present in physical form. Bodies find this comforting. (Because, hey, a body without Consciousness is dead).

So back to amusement. I know we're collectively coming through this, that we're surfacing to a new level, because these words are being written.

As Consciousness you exist both in this physical world, and outside of it. The greater part of you exists outside of time and space. The viewpoint is more than the bigger picture of your individual life and this point on your timeline. The greater part of you sees all lifetimes and all possibilities.

If you could take your life as it is now and hold it in this bigger context, what would that be like for you?

If you knew that nothing was ever lost, including loved ones, what would that be like for you?

If the story of your life had infinite possible plot twists available to you, what would that be like?

Consciousness' experience of this world is appreciation, joy, wonder. Amusement, because it experiences no loss. Amusement, because it takes nothing seriously (not to be confused with disrespect or disregard).

Over the months, a lot of spiritual people have said the only antidote to what's happening is love, to send Donald Trump love. I couldn't do that from the space I was in before.

Now, I can see how.

As Consciousness, you love this world as it is your creation, your playground, your fishtank, your children, your physical home, your plants, your pets. There is loving neutrality with the world and with how storylines unfold.

And, I firmly believe, no, I know because I see it happening, that as greater Consciousness comes into form, as we're so strongly experiencing now, that things can change quickly (sometimes in an instant).

The current story can be reversed or rewritten at any moment.

(I'm writing this on a Tuesday, to be published on Friday, so I'm very curious to see what unfolds by then).

Just as people radiating love into the world have impact (as much impact as phoning Congress and marching), so does allowing yourself to be amused. It's an avenue for greater Consciousness.

There's room for all responses, as they work on different vibratory levels.

Notice if, in the midst of the onslaught of news, you have glimmers of amusement. That's the greater You breaking through.

Relax into those glimmers and watch them expand into your life.

Play with this and see what happens!

Friday, May 12, 2017

It's About Time

It's About Time ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Time is such a fascinating component of physical reality. We measure it from past to future. We track it's passing. We use it as markers for experiences in our lives, and place expectations upon ourselves for accomplishments.

When you're going through challenges, it can feel like it's taking forever. But other experiences seem fleeting. And yet, when you look back on your life, it seems like only yesterday that happened.

We place high values on time efficiency, time management, getting stuff done. We resist slowing down and being in the present moment. And yet, when you center yourself into present time, it feels infinite.

When I started connecting with dead people, I discovered that we experienced time differently. I had the sense that I, in the living, physical realm, tracked time in a spiral. They would come in and out at different intersections, that did not match up to my thread. They'd show up having been long gone when it was only a few months, or show up as more recently departed, years later. Although when I do readings, I can tell if they've been gone for a long time because from my perspective they seem more diffuse than more recently departed.

I know that the past is a denser vibration, and the future is a lighter vibration, and when I'm in the present moment, I can sense the past or the future but not leave my body behind.

As Consciousness, I realize there is no time or space. To Consciousness, it is all happening at once. When you pass, you realize your life happened in a blink of an eye. And as Consciousness, all lifetimes are happening at once, all possibilities within each lifetime is happening at once.

This is way over my head, to try to comprehend.

Everything about the physical realm is a dichotomy. It's impossible to explain being Consciousness in a body without contradicting yourself.

On one level we're in bodies to experience physical reality, but it can be challenging to stay focused within time and space, since Consciousness is everywhere at once. It's hard to get ready to go on vacation when a part of you is already there!

On another level, greater Consciousness is coming into form, so time itself is becoming more malleable. Time slows down or speeds up at random. The challenge here is not to resist the expansion. We're here not to figure it out but to experience the deliciousness of all the sensations available to us. When you relax into what is happening, it all unfolds effortlessly and perfectly in your favor.