Friday, May 19, 2017

Amusement, Fear, and Consciousness

Amusement, Fear, and Consciousness ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I've been telling groups that as Consciousness we're amused by Donald Trump and I'm afraid I'm going to get stoned by an angry mob afterwards.

I totally get it. Because at one level, there's nothing funny about the destruction happening to our country, our healthcare, our national parks, our national security, women's rights, people of color, lbgtq, I could go on and on.

It's infuriating, and it's terrifying.

At that same level, it's become so bizarro world in the news, the only response is hysterical laughter.

The amusement I'm talking about isn't that kind of laughter. But nor is it 'let them eat cake' kind of laughter, either. It's not flippant, it's not denial.

Consciousness amusement is expansive, like the sky, like the ocean. It's embracing and encompassing. It's neutrality and compassion at the same time.

I'll confess that I couldn't have written these words a few months ago. I was too enraged. I did not like the parallel universe I found myself in on November 9th. And it shook my confidence about the work that I do.

You know the reactions, fight, freeze, or flight? I had the first two while wishing for the third one. Fighting is my way of not getting paralyzed by fear.

Fear is a body emotion, bodies take everything seriously, bodies aren't going to make it out of this lifetime alive. Bodies feel the impact of the news.

We're not neglecting or abandoning our bodies by allowing amusement, by relaxing in. It's allowing Consciousness to be more present in physical form. Bodies find this comforting. (Because, hey, a body without Consciousness is dead).

So back to amusement. I know we're collectively coming through this, that we're surfacing to a new level, because these words are being written.

As Consciousness you exist both in this physical world, and outside of it. The greater part of you exists outside of time and space. The viewpoint is more than the bigger picture of your individual life and this point on your timeline. The greater part of you sees all lifetimes and all possibilities.

If you could take your life as it is now and hold it in this bigger context, what would that be like for you?

If you knew that nothing was ever lost, including loved ones, what would that be like for you?

If the story of your life had infinite possible plot twists available to you, what would that be like?

Consciousness' experience of this world is appreciation, joy, wonder. Amusement, because it experiences no loss. Amusement, because it takes nothing seriously (not to be confused with disrespect or disregard).

Over the months, a lot of spiritual people have said the only antidote to what's happening is love, to send Donald Trump love. I couldn't do that from the space I was in before.

Now, I can see how.

As Consciousness, you love this world as it is your creation, your playground, your fishtank, your children, your physical home, your plants, your pets. There is loving neutrality with the world and with how storylines unfold.

And, I firmly believe, no, I know because I see it happening, that as greater Consciousness comes into form, as we're so strongly experiencing now, that things can change quickly (sometimes in an instant).

The current story can be reversed or rewritten at any moment.

(I'm writing this on a Tuesday, to be published on Friday, so I'm very curious to see what unfolds by then).

Just as people radiating love into the world have impact (as much impact as phoning Congress and marching), so does allowing yourself to be amused. It's an avenue for greater Consciousness.

There's room for all responses, as they work on different vibratory levels.

Notice if, in the midst of the onslaught of news, you have glimmers of amusement. That's the greater You breaking through.

Relax into those glimmers and watch them expand into your life.

Play with this and see what happens!

Friday, May 12, 2017

It's About Time

It's About Time ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Time is such a fascinating component of physical reality. We measure it from past to future. We track it's passing. We use it as markers for experiences in our lives, and place expectations upon ourselves for accomplishments.

When you're going through challenges, it can feel like it's taking forever. But other experiences seem fleeting. And yet, when you look back on your life, it seems like only yesterday that happened.

We place high values on time efficiency, time management, getting stuff done. We resist slowing down and being in the present moment. And yet, when you center yourself into present time, it feels infinite.

When I started connecting with dead people, I discovered that we experienced time differently. I had the sense that I, in the living, physical realm, tracked time in a spiral. They would come in and out at different intersections, that did not match up to my thread. They'd show up having been long gone when it was only a few months, or show up as more recently departed, years later. Although when I do readings, I can tell if they've been gone for a long time because from my perspective they seem more diffuse than more recently departed.

I know that the past is a denser vibration, and the future is a lighter vibration, and when I'm in the present moment, I can sense the past or the future but not leave my body behind.

As Consciousness, I realize there is no time or space. To Consciousness, it is all happening at once. When you pass, you realize your life happened in a blink of an eye. And as Consciousness, all lifetimes are happening at once, all possibilities within each lifetime is happening at once.

This is way over my head, to try to comprehend.

Everything about the physical realm is a dichotomy. It's impossible to explain being Consciousness in a body without contradicting yourself.

On one level we're in bodies to experience physical reality, but it can be challenging to stay focused within time and space, since Consciousness is everywhere at once. It's hard to get ready to go on vacation when a part of you is already there!

On another level, greater Consciousness is coming into form, so time itself is becoming more malleable. Time slows down or speeds up at random. The challenge here is not to resist the expansion. We're here not to figure it out but to experience the deliciousness of all the sensations available to us. When you relax into what is happening, it all unfolds effortlessly and perfectly in your favor.

Friday, May 5, 2017

'Yes, We're Living In A Simulation (But We're Not Just Avatars)'

'Yes, We're Living In A Simulation (But We're Not Just Avatars)' ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC
This is the *rough draft* of my talk to Ignite Seattle on May 18th (it's still under construction)!

Have you ever played video games? How about online ones with gamers around the world?

Elon Musk, says there’s a strong probably that we’re living in a simulation and is working on how to break out of it.

The idea came from  'The Simulation Hypothesis’, a paper published in 2003  by Nick Bostrom, a philosopher at Oxford University, which stated that we are almost certainly living in a computer simulation.

Last year Neil DeGrasse Tyson led the Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate "Is the Universe a Simulation?" in NYC with a panel of cosmologists, physicists, from MIT and Harvard.

So here’s the flaw with most of their (arguments) - they’ve coming from the perspective of being an avatar in the game.

Yes, life is a simulation, but we're not just avatars!

At the Avatar level, in the Physical Realm, life seems to be like a full immersion, virtual reality, where you’re playing with other gamers all around the world. At this level, even though this game is preprogrammed, and is structured in specific and measurable ways such as time and space, there’s a certain amount of choice. If you go left, you set in motion a different series of events than if you turn right. Also at this level, other people can influence your game. Say you decide to go to the grocery store. The moment you get in your car and head out on the road, everyone else in their car, can affect your trip. As an avatar you experience limitations, and take things very seriously. It’s a pretty frustrating and powerless experience.

The next level up is the Programmer level, in the realm of Thought.  This is the area talked about in The Secret, by Abraham-Hicks, The Law of Attraction, and Mike Dooley’s “Thoughts become things”,  if you focus on something enough, you can bring it into your reality. You can change your reality by changing your thoughts. It’s like your brain is your 'Inner GPS', and, you can rewire your neural pathways with positive thinking.  You can program your GPS through affirmations and vision boards.  This can be a big deal for people to discover, because it feels like you have more control. And yet, even at this level of the programmer, you can be operating as if you’re the avatar.

So what’s the next level of awareness? That you are the game designer.

As the Designer, in the realm of Consciousness, there’s no need to break out of the game. Because you’re simultaneously in the game AND outside of it. Outside of constructs of time and space. And you as Consciousness are creating this down to the smallest detail. 

Let that sink in. How would your life be different if you knew that you’re the creator of everything in your reality?  How would it change your choices, and how you looked at life?

When you begin navigate this reality *as* Consciousness Designer rather than as your avatar, you feel this tremendous shift. It’s like going from Newtonian Physics to Quantum physics. Reality, time and space, becomes more malleable.  The story of your life appears to break down. It may seem that everyone is scripted, but *you* get to ad lib.You feel joyous, happy, expansive, maybe even bouyant, like gravity has changed.

At this level, strange out of the box things happen. Storylines take unusual twist and turns. Reality show TV stars become president. Idiocracy becomes real.

But wait, there’s more.

Consciousness exists outside of time and space. So from the perspective of Consciousness, this lifetime happens in the blink of an eye. To Consciousness, everything is happening instantaneously AND simultaneously. All lifetimes are happening as once. All possibilities are happening at once. As Consciousness, You’re not just turning left or right, you’re turning left AND right. You can shift your individual experience by effortlessly stepping into a parallel universe.

If this idea excites you and you want to know more, I have free monthly meetups Seattle-Consciousness-Conversations

Friday, April 28, 2017

The Curious Complexity of Creating Your Reality As Consciousness

The Curious Complexity of Creating Your Reality As Consciousness ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

There is a curious complexity (and relative ease) of creating your reality as consciousness in this new field of awareness that we're all experiencing. It seems like the opposite is true for all the ways we've done it in the past. Even "immutable laws" aren't so immutable anymore.

On one level the polarity is obvious. In the physical realm, things take time to manifest. They require effort. They often require sacrifice, in that you have to give something up in order to have something new. Spiritual creating is effortless, can be miraculously instantaneous, and you have to release the dream in order for it to become a reality.

But to create from the realm of thought, which most people access when using the immutable Law of Attraction it seemed to require repetitive focus or attention.  It seemed you had to "give it energy". It seemed you had to draw on your inner authority and command it into being.

What I'm noticing, as I give myself over to Consciousness, is what is required is letting go of control. Any of my old "spiritual" techniques that had any density at all, aren't working nowadays.

My old mystical training was that you had to be really specific about your manifestations, even down to when you wanted it (time limits). But I now know that the mind that comes up with specifications is responding to the current lack of what I want or the current problem I want to solve. That means there's always an element of the lack or problem in whatever results are created.

Giving myself over to Consciousness isn't quite the same as turning it over to God. God is a concept outside of myself, something more powerful and all knowing. My old mystical training was that I was Spirit and Spirit was a part of God, that I had inner divinity, but there is still so much separation in those beliefs.

I am Consciousness, and the me that is giving myself over is the personality aspect of my physical vehicle. As Consciousness I already know the big picture, and there are infinite possibilities to access, and all of them are in my favor, even the ones my personality would deem as not favorable.

The feeling of the little me giving over to the bigger C (Consciousness) is like one of those trust exercises except you're falling forwards into an expansion you could not have thought possible.

It's realizing that Consciousness is me and I already know what and where and how, beyond my analytical brain's ability to figure it out.

It's being so in the present moment that I have absolutely no idea what's coming up (something that would have driven me crazy in the past) and that's absolutely fine.

As Consciousness you've created this adventure in density and effort, and so any dilemma or issue you're facing is all part of the game.

Friday, April 21, 2017

 How To Be Neutral When Life Gets Crazy ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

How To Be Neutral When Life Gets Crazy ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

The other day I was talking with a woman who is a natural psychic. She sees things in depth, but is swayed by the pain and suffering that she uncovers.

It made me remember my days as a clairvoyant student and the bulk of our training was on reading from a neutral space. In order to give a clear and balanced interpretation for a client, we need to see them without our own preconceived notions coloring our 'lenses'.
Cosmic Soap Bubbles (God Takes A Bath)

This ability to see things from a higher perspective is invaluable, especially during these insane times.

It's not heartless to be neutral, it's actually highly spiritual.

The qualities of Consciousness are neutrality, amusement, childlike wonder, immense wisdom, depth, and impartiality. It is Love in it's highest form, which is unbiased and unconditional.

Now we're all becoming more highly sensitive, which means our abilities are increasing: to feel other's feelings, see clearly beyond fa├žades, intuitively "know" what's about to happen, pick up on other's thoughts, and the list goes on.

When we're experiencing life from a 'boots on the ground' viewpoint, we're going to feel the world's pain, we're going to judge what we see as good or bad, we're going to feel responsible for events beyond our control, and be confused about what is us and what is the collective.

Terrible things are happening in the world all the time. There's a bigger spotlight on them now, we can immediately see tragedies around the world, where ever people have smart phones that can load images on the internet.

It's overwhelming.

How can you be neutral when life is so crazy?

Here's a few things you can do:

1. Imagine yourself a Half Step Above whatever you're experiencing. If you're in a crowd, allow yourself to be a "half step above" the prevalent emotion. If you're watching something on TV or on your device, be a 'half step above' internally. It shifts your perspective up a notch, giving you some distance from what you're observing.

2. Another way to do this is Be A Different Color or Tone. If you're in a group of people and their energy is darker, imagine your personal bubble to be a lighter or brighter color.  If you detect things by sound, if you're perceiving static or disharmony, let yourself be a different musical tone.

3. Blow bubbles, you can do this for real, or just in your head. Watching TV or reading the news, imagine a stream of bubbles popping. It helps clear your preconceived notions about what is going on. This is also a great way to go to sleep at night, clearing your brain so you're fresh in the morning.

4. A Consciousness Technique is to view things from farther away, like sitting in the Skybox at a football game, or hovering over the game in a Goodyear Blimp. When you see people as players on the field (and even yourself down there as a player in this game of life), you can get a 'bigger picture' of what is going on.

This world is full of dichotomies and contradictions. Physical reality is real in that it's meant to be physically experienced, through our bodies. But it's a creation of our Consciousness. As Consciousness, we love our creation. As Consciousness, we're both in time and space (as we're experiencing it in form) and outside of it. Outside of time and space, it's all happening at once in the blink of an eye. It's all happening simultaneously, that means all lifetimes *and* all possibilities.

We can't comprehend that from within our bodies and personalities, that live along a linear timeline.

When you can get neutral, and shift your perspective to that as Consciousness, you can have compassion for those that are suffering, and also for those that cause suffering. You can appreciate and love all of this wonderful world.

Try these for the next several days and watch your life reorganize in amazing ways!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Mystic Minute: What Time Is All About.

Attack of the Zombie Gremlins!

Attack of the Zombie Gremlins! ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

We all have negative voices in our heads. Dr. Daniel Amen calls them Automatic Negative thoughts. Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor says they're a cluster of cells on the left side of our brain responsible for keeping us organized, reminding us to buy milk on the way home from work, or get our taxes done by the 15th. I realize that it's our body's GPS, containing all the programming we've ever received about how to be in this world.

Our GPS' are filled with outdated maps and misinformation. It's set on "avoid highways" and 'fastest route' at the same time. And if you try to vary your method for getting somewhere, it will loudly protest.  This is your inner Gremlin, your Automatic Negative Thought.

Gremlin voices arise Whenever you try something new, and go beyond the programming from your childhood, whether it's family, societal, cultural, religious or whatever.

Gremlins are familiar, they've been in your head all your life. You don't even realize they're not your own thoughts. You just accept them as reality.

They're incredibly limiting. You can't go beyond their boundaries. They dismiss your dreams.

I woke up in the morning with this thought, "Zombie Gremlins". Reflecting on what is going on in the world today, there seems to be so much unconsciousness. So many people running off their Automatic Negative Thoughts.

They're not even questioning their thoughts, they're just letting this dysfunctional GPS steer them off into the bushes, like some jury-rigged self driving car.

It's easy to do, when you think that you *are* your vehicle, and you think your Automatic Negative Thoughts are real.

You feel powerless to these thoughts, and incapable of changing your route, when it seems like *everyone* is driving this way.

However, when you shift your awareness to your Essential Self, you recognize that your hands are on the wheel. You steer where your attention is.

Take your attention off the negative thoughts, and you start to notice so many more possibilities out in the world. (The ANTS get louder at first, but when you don't feed them with your attention, they fade away).

The bigger reason why Zombie Gremlins seem so prevalent in the world today, is that greater Light is more present in the world today.

Greater Consciousness is more present. And your Essential Self is the You that is Greater Consciousness.

You turn on the lights and exposes the dysfunction. You start to drive differently and your ANTS go nuts. Temporarily.

When ANTS show up during the day, squash 'em, feed 'em to your ANTeater, send 'em to the ANT farm.

Put a bowl of sugar outside the garage before you retire at night, beside the Anteater cage (within tongue licking distance).

Or you can just tell yourself you're going to update your GPS when you go to sleep and your inner computer with automatically reorganize.

Play with this for the next 7 days and your life will totally transform.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Staying Present In Traumatic Times

Staying Present In Traumatic Times ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

The last couple weeks were somewhat traumatic. First, my 15 year old dog had a seizure and possible stroke, and the next week a family member who has COPD (possibly emphysema) and MCI (mild cognitive problems) went into the hospital with pneumonia. It took be back to a time I've written about a lot, 2011-2013, with our other dog who had cancer and then neurological problems, and my mother who had Alzheimer's and lung cancer.

This recent period felt like a "pop quiz" reminder of what I learned then. Or perhaps continuing education, as there's always new awareness to be gleaned.

2010-2013 was a long, arduous process of ultimately midwifing my mother (my dog, and later my father) back to Spirit. Each of them had their own exiting process, each had different circumstances and choices to be made.

It's a shock when it first happens, and it's easy to feel that things are out of control. When my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's (right as we had finished paying off the dog's cancer surgery), it was a breakdown in my own reality as well.

However, for the most part, I remembered to keep a higher awareness, while external circumstances seemed to crumble. It would have been easy to have collapsed in a heap, but reframing reality helped. This was *not* a crisis but an event.
Joan and Dorothy, Washington DC, Sept. 2012

I reminded myself that I was powerless over events and other people's reactions to them, but not necessarily my own. I had choice over my actions (and response as best I could). I worked hard at being mindful, researching and asking for advice before making important decisions.

I also learned to not resist what is. I thought I could combat the Alzheimer's, get her into a memory program, give her the right nutrition, do my energetic healing, etc. But it was like trying to stop a river with outstretched fingers. When she was diagnosed with cancer, and the initial treatment didn't work, it shifted my focus to quality of life (rather than longevity).

It would have been a waste of energy to resist the little things, becoming my mother's parent, her eventually confusing me with her older sister who died in 1997.

It was important to stay focused on the important things (creating moments of joy for my mother). And to stay in present time, as I was back in my old home town that I left in 1981 and interacting with some people who hadn't talked to me in ten years.

I had to stay the grown up, the one responsible for life and death decisions, and do the next indicated thing that was best for all concerned.

This is all coming back to me as I observe my other dog age, and as this family member is navigating this part of their life path. It's different now, I'm only peripherally in this family member's life, and this current dog isn't doing so bad for 105 in people years.

We all have (at least) two parts to ourselves. The physical personality that reacts to situations and runs off of memories tinged with emotions. And the greater aspect of ourselves, Consciousness, that encompasses the bigger picture.

When you see things from that bigger picture viewpoint, and can let yourself as Consciousness be the one that makes decisions and takes action, it's so much easier to get through painful and traumatic times.

You're not in denial about what's happening, you can still be grieving the loss of what it was like before, but you're able to hold a bigger space, respond with greater inner authority.

We're in traumatic times even if our daily lives are going well. The world seems to be falling apart, when it's really Consciousness reorganizing reality.

Shift your perspective to Consciousness and you will inwardly know that all is very, very well.

Friday, March 31, 2017

When Your Past Revisits You

When Your Past Revisits You ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I found myself walking into the hospital yesterday to visit a relative. The last time I went there, they were in the emergency room and I almost couldn't go in, I was having so many flashbacks to taking care of my mother and being in the hospital and sleeping in a chair in her room for 18 days with her.

This time I felt an energetic shift as I walked into the building. My body, my energy system, felt fully in the present moment. I was aware of the memories but detached from the intense emotions from that time.
photo credit: Melissagarcia17

It allowed me to have a pleasant visit with him, even setting up Skype so he could talk with his son.

This has happened in layers over the past few years. My mother went into the hospital in August of 2011 (first traumatic event). We went to the same hospital for laser treatment on her lung cancer in October. We went for a followup MRI in December where it revealed the treatment didn't work. In February of 2012 she went on home hospice so we didn't have to go there any more.

In June of 2013 my husband was hospitalized overnight for a suspected heart attack (it was an infection instead), and I was surprised at my visceral response. Different hospital, opposite side of the country, but even so.

And since then, there's been three other hospital trips with different people, so I guess repeated exposure has helped de-sensitize me, and de-energize my memories.

For some people it re-traumatizes every time, and hardens into full blown resistance.

Today I see them as opportunities to release and let go.

Our past seems to revisit us but really the patterns are swirling about us all the time. We notice them showing up in our reality, because we're passing through that pattern. It's either unraveling or tangling, and we have an opportunity to respond differently.

When I don't fight the memories, when I see the patterns as opportunities, I can soften to them and not get entangled.

When someone shows up in your story line from the past you can see them as an actor returning for a cameo role. Unless you want them to reenter as a returning cast member. It's you're show, you can decide.

Also, as you navigate your life from the perspective of Consciousness, you will notice that some people drop out of your life, because they're no longer a vibrational match. You can view them as cast members who aren't renewing their contract this season.

Just because your past is revisiting you, doesn't mean that you are returning to a previous state. It's like going home and realizing that your childhood house seems much smaller now. You're bigger, and maybe no longer a fit for those circumstances.

Even if you want to go home, you're not returning as the past person that you were. You get to be there in the present moment, as the adult and evolving Consciousness that you are.

Consciousness is expanding rapidly. We are experiencing frequencies accelerating at an unprecedented rate. There's a lot of turnover happening right now.

Stay in present time and non resistance, and all this can be very enjoyable!

Friday, March 24, 2017

When To Hold On, and When To Let Go

When To Hold On, and When To Let Go ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb

My dog Emma had a seizure and possible stroke this morning. She's nearly 15 and her back legs tend to give out, so when I heard noises at 5am, I thought she'd lost her balance on the kitchen floor. Instead she was lying sideways, looking like she was running, except for the drool coming out of her paralyzed face.

We sat with her as it finished and tended to her for what seemed like hours as she regained her ability drink water and then to walk.
Corentin de Chatelperron by Elaine Apa

I flashed back to 2013 when our other dog, Basil, died very slowly, probably from a brain tumor. He'd had an operation in 2010 that was temporarily successful, but when it apparently came back at age 12 we let him complete his life at home. It was an arduous and unnecessarily painful death.

Today, however, I sat with Emma and did my Consciousness Techniques on her, helping her electrical system come back on line when the seizure completed, allowed for the bigger pattern to reorganize, and still was surprised how normal she was when we were able to get her into the vet.

Thinking of Basil, I'd also communicated with her that if this was time for her to go, it was okay.

Basil's initial illness came during a breakdown-breakthrough time in my life, in fact the operation and the year long repayment for it, helped postpone any decisions. Which lead to my being able to go back East to help my mother the next year. It was a time to hold on. Hold on to Basil, hold on to my mother. Yet I also held on to the on line aspects of my business, my radio show and my phone consultations, while letting go of my Seattle office and in person classes, and wedding business.

2013 was a time of letting go. My mother finally passed in January. We came back to Seattle with a dying dog. Basil passed in April. We let go of our house on Vashon Island that October, and after we moved to Tacoma,  I flew back East to help my father pass. There was also some holding on - my husband was hospitalized in July for what was thought was a heart attack (it was not).

The last few years have been a time of rebuilding, I started a new radio show with a cohost, I started Meetups around the Puget Sound, and I restructured my coaching business. It's felt like a long time of holding on, holding space to provide stability for new growth.

I'm aware of the cycle shifting again, and I'm wondering what letting go is required. As I wrote this, I got the impression that a sailing analogy was called for. Except I'm not a sailor. So I Google'd "sailing terms" and found this:

Often you can’t sail straight at your destination because of the way the wind is blowing. A sailboat cannot sail straight into the wind. So, if the wind is blowing at you, often you have to work your way toward your destination by turning the bow of the boat back and forth, through the wind. If it’s blowing with you, you turn the stern of the boat through the wind. From

If you're sailing through life, you have to hold on sometimes, and sometimes let go. If the wind is coming at you, you have to let go of your sail, and the expectation that you'd get there as soon as you'd like. If you hold on at the wrong times, you can get blown over or go off course.

When the wind is at your back, you still have to let go of your sail or it could violently swing and the boom knock you over.

We're sailing through the energy of life and it requires skill and intuition. Just like sailing a boat, there's a whole body artistry to it, sometimes holding on and letting go at the same time.

There's an expression sailors use, to "leave it on the wave behind". Let go of whatever needs letting go of, hold onto what needs holding, and you'll get there more swiftly.

Friday, March 17, 2017

How to Create Reality (a simple primer for manifesting as an Infinite Being)

How to Create Reality  (a simple primer for manifesting as an Infinite Being) ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Reality is created from the non-physical. It's created outside of time and space. It's created beyond thought, although thought has an effect. It starts with an intent, a notion, and is given form through focus. It is created by Consciousness or Source, and which is the spark of life in everything. That includes what we would deem as not alive. It may not have perceivable sentience, but it has Consciousness as it's source.

It is all Consciousness, and we are Consciousness. Our life Essence is Consciousness. We are creating this reality moment to moment.

Reality is a spectrum and has different densities to it. What we see, physically feel, seems solid, is one part of the spectrum. There is a part that we sense physically that we can't see, we may describe it as a place's "atmosphere". It's a collective resonance contributed to by all life forms (this can include plants and animals, and historic events).

Emotions are unique to our physical bodies, it's our body's communication system, it's our response to the world and we can create from this part of this spectrum. You can bring your desires into reality by focusing on the feelings they create in you. (We unconsciously bring what we *don't* want into reality by being preoccupied with uncomfortable feelings)!

Thought is another way to manifest into form. What we think about regularly takes on density, Which is why visualization, affirmations, and vision boards seem to work so well. However, if the mind that is using thought to do this is coming from the perception that there's something lacking, something wrong, etc. - that will show up in the manifestation as well. Which is why you may find there is always a loophole or a glitch in the things you try to consciously create!

Reality seems solid and real yet can shift in mysterious, magical ways. It's only part of the program in this physical game, just as time and space are part of the structure. When we create from the emotional or thought levels, it takes time and space to bring things into form. They have to be constructed within physical rules. There's a rhythm to this kind of creation, it takes two years for things to manifest into form from first conception.

When we create as Consciousness, it is very effortless. It is 'outside the box' manifesting. The timeline becomes less fixed and solid. Things can happen instantaneously. Things may seem random. They don't come in predictable ways, they usually show up 'out of left field'.

Bring an open minded intention to Consciousness and the results are more than you can possibly imagine. The qualities of Consciousness are playfulness, curiosity, neutrality. As Consciousness, you are lighthearted and amused. There are no mistakes and nothing is 'bad'. This world is a game, a playground, an experiment.

At this level, we're not 'co-creating', it's the realm of unity, oneness, I-AM ness. Nothing influences You, nothing is more powerful than You.

As you go about your day, shift your awareness from your normal way of thinking. Start to perceive the world as Consciousness, the Essence of who you really are. See everything as your Conscious creation. Notice what changes when you do that.

Give yourself time to notice what that feels like, without trying, without effort. And watch how your life reorganizes around you without your having to do anything to make it happen. Things start to show up in your reality with delightful synchronicity. All you have to do is appreciate and enjoy the process.

Try thing for the next seven days and see what happens!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Enjoying Uncertainty (and Randomness)

Enjoying Uncertainty (and Randomness) © 2017  Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Don't we all love our routines. We want life to be predictable. We find comfort in the familiar. We go to astrologers and psychics to be told our futures, so we can be certain what it coming ahead for us.

Physical reality feels so solid. A mountain is a mountain, it's going to be there, in the same place, day after day. The sun comes up every morning and it goes down every night.
"Agua" Photo by Carlos Adampol Galino

Our bodies feel dense, they move us about our day, they help us be here in the world. We enjoy the world through our body, taste, touch, sight, smell, we savor physical sensations.

We want things to stay the same, be predictable, and at the same time we get bored and want change. Not too much change. Maybe a change of scenery, by going on vacation. Maybe a change of routine by moving to a different dwelling or changing jobs. We like that level of differences.

But something bigger is happening, and it's throwing us all off. We've had previews of this coming up. We've had shocking times when a relationship suddenly ends, or we get fired, or some natural disaster upends our lives.

This is different. Reality is speeding up and breaking down. It all looks very solid and real, it still feels very solid and real. And yet, at the same time, it's malleable.

I've noticed this recently with time. I'm very time conscious. I'll know I have about 5-10 minutes to do something before I need to leave the house. I'll check my watch, my phone, my laptop, multiple times while I'm finishing my tasks. At the numbers don't move. It stays 10:45am (or whatever time) until I complete what I need to do.

(That's actually happening now as I write this).

It's reflecting in daily life as well.

You've noticed times where you've had synchronicity, you think of someone and they contact you, you think of something and it manifests. You have a song going through your head and then turn on the TV and it's playing.

And these things are happening more frequently, and in more extreme or bizarre ways.

Life is becoming more random and it can be uncomfortable.

I see these as reminders that this reality is a hologram, a creation of Consciousness. As we each embody greater consciousness, life becomes less certain but it's not a bad thing.

It means that life is a game to be experienced and enjoyed. Approach each day with curiosity, and wonder. Respond with playfulness, improvise solutions.

As you start to navigate from this higher perspective, you no longer resist what's going on in the storyline. Negativity stops being negative, no longer triggers you. In fact, entrenched stories completely transform. That awful boss either quits or becomes angelic, for no apparent reason. Your family no longer irritates you, you find them amusing.

Things aren't happening to you, and nothing is more powerful than You are.

Relax into this new experience and observe reality reorganizing around you. Things you desperately desired you no longer care about. Situations you struggled to create suddenly happen effortlessly.

Inherently it's a benevolent Universe. Inherently *you* are Consciousness. At your Essence, or as your Essence, you are creating all of this. And we love our creations. You are creating your Self, and You adore you.

You may be at the tipping point of this realization, afraid to take the plunge.

Come in, the water's fine.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Psychic Kindergarten vs. Quantum University

Psychic Kindergarten vs. Quantum University ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

My original training in metaphysics was at a mystery school that described itself as a psychic kindergarten. It meant that we learn by doing. Nothing was written down, it was conducted in an oral tradition, classes were experiential.

I always felt that everyone needed that basic training, especially from a young age. How would the world be different if we all learned how to manage our energy as children, connect with our inner wisdom, and the rudiments of manifestation?
Laurel with a Yoda eyepatch

I still do feel that way, and there are a lot of people out there teaching these basic principles. This information is easily available to you. In fact, I recommend a couple great books:

More people in the world attend kindergarten (or grade school) than University. You could say that you need to go through the early training to get to the next level, but that's not necessarily the case.

I had one student who said she needed the original training (that I was teaching at the time) to be open to the next level. But for some people, it gets in the way. Practitioners of ancient systems may have an especially difficult time transitioning. Yet there are other people with no background in energy work at all, lawyers and accountants and the like, who take to these new Consciousness techniques like ducks to water. 

There are less people attending Quantum University, partly because this is a new emerging field. It's on the leading edge, so not a lot of people know about it, it is just coming into awareness.

Quantum University doesn't seem to require taking the SAT or GCSE, but in getting to the level or desire and interest, to step into Consciousness training, one has usually overcome some hurdles in life.

The entrance requirement is willingness and commitment. A willingness to invest in one's own transformation and a commitment completely change one's life.

And as I reflect on this, I realize that the work I do is post-graduate level. And a better metaphor is Jedi-Mastery (without the light sabers and dark side scenarios). I've jokingly considered calling myself 'Joan Kenobi', although I'm feeling more like Yoda nowadays...

I work individually with people who are fully committed and focused, and who are ready to leave behind their fears, the old worries about money, time, health or whatever. I call it Conscious Mastery and the techniques I've developed (and am developing) 'Consciousness Techniques' - you won't find them anywhere else. 

Someone described me as a 'teacher's teacher', for people are spiritual teachers and energy workers ready to move to their next level. 

We're all coming into our own. Our own increased Consciousness, our own Inner Wisdom, and it's requiring that we 'upgrade' our old ways of being. It's unfolding effortlessly. 

You can choose to enter Quantum University, or play in Psychic Kindergarten. There's nothing you *have* to do. You can just show up and see what happens.

If you are ready to for advanced Masters level training in Consciousness, I have space now open in my  Private Mentorship program, and receive my individual attention to create a complete transformation!  Email me to find out if it is a fit for you!