Friday, October 4, 2019

Contractor Built Houses

Contractor Built Houses Aka Manufacturing Without Consciousness ©2019 Joan Newcomb

My husband is an architect, so looking for a place to live with him has always been a different experience. But it’s helped me notice whether a dwelling is designed by an architect or by a contractor.

Contractor built houses are always missing something. There won’t be linen closets. There will be light fixtures at the top of very long stairways - impossible to change without risking your neck. There will be rooms in odd places, stuck off one one side of the house. 

Architect designed houses will have flow, they will have light, there will be more in the design than just what you can stick together with a computer program.

When it comes to manifesting our desires into form, if we’re operating without spirit, what we create will always be missing something. Our minds and our personalities are capable of bringing thought into form. We can do all the Law of Attraction suggestions, we can create vision boards, we can use affirmations, but there will be glitches in the system. Air bubbles in our 3D printed object.

Our higher selves, us as Consciousness,  is the architect. As Consciousness we know more that can possible fit into our brains - our hard drives would crash if we tried to bring it all in! When we manifest as Consciousness, what shows up is bigger than we can imagine. 

“How do I make that happen?” Our mind immediately asks.

Here’s the thing, our minds, our personality, can’t create a formula to make it happen as Consciousness. When it’s happening as Consciousness, there’s no logic to it. There’s no specific timetable. It comes from outside of time and space. It comes from the invisible, it comes from beyond the hologram. That’s incredibly frustrating for our mind machines!

“If I don’t control it, it won’t come out the way I want.” Our mind says.

Consciousness is always coming into form, Consciousness is always manifesting, in fact we slow things down when our minds grab the wheel. We get scared that what is being created isn’t what we want, or will make us feel more limited than what we already are. But limitation is a creation of our mind, personality. 

Immediately my mind starts considering all the problems I have and what I can do to solve them as Consciousness. It doesn’t work that way. It works the other way around.

Start by focusing on Consciousness. Start by tuning into what Consciousness feels like to you. Start identifying *as* Consciousness. This changes the way you operate in the world. It changes the way you interact with others. It changes your perception of your life. 

When you’re manifesting as Consciousness, you’re in agreement with everything that is happening. You feel infinite love for all of creation. 

Then things will begin unfolding in your favor. Your storyline will reorganizing in surprising ways. Living in the mystery won’t be so mystifying. It will be fun and amusing.

Play with this for the next few days and see what happens!

Friday, September 27, 2019

How To Find Constancy In Turbulent Times

How To Find Constancy In Turbulent Times ©2019 Joan Newcomb

I’ve been quite caught up in the political roller coasters happening on both sides of the pond. An UK High Court ruled that Boris Johnson’s recent closure of parliament was against the law, shortly before the story about Donald Trump asking the Ukraine for help with the  US election broke.  

It got me thinking about time and cycles of time. Brexit began shortly before Donald Trump was elected. It’s taken until now for things to start to unravel although they haven’t fully done so yet. However the UK’s also been through three Prime Ministers since it started. 

The US has had two presidents, if you count that Russia’s interference in the US’ elections started during the last election campaign.  

I honestly don’t know enough about the UK’s parliamentary system nor it’s constitution to comment about what’s going on there. I have learned a ton about the US’s constitution and it’s system of checks and balances in the last three years. And, the US experiences pendulum swings every four to eight years. What was done by the previous administration is being undone by the present one, but what the present administration’s doings can be undone by the next one. Except for deaths of immigrants at the border and the increase in hate around the country. 

One thing the UK has, which the US hasn’t, is the Queen. She’s been a constant presence above the political fray for over sixty years. How many Prime Ministers has she outlasted? She gives an identity and models behaviour that continues regardless of the scandals and drama, and what is currently rocking her subjects to their core.

I got up early on Monday to acknowledge the Equinox and to experience Nature’s shift at this time of year. As I sat in meditation, I felt the constancy of Nature. Nature continues through it’s cycles. Yes there is weather and even climate change, and yet Nature feels enduring. I remember reading, I believe it was in “To Hear The Angels Sing” by Dorothy Maclean, the perspective of trees. Trees have enormous lifespans, some have existed for hundreds if not thousands of years. They silently witness the seasons and the passing years. They are also the lungs of the Earth.

There’s a remarkable peacefulness about Nature, even as fires burn and glaciers melt. We’re the ones freaking out, because we are vulnerable and can only survive within narrow parameters on this planet. Nature will continue to exist.

My rational mind is chattering away as I type this. It flashed me pictures of a dead planet, as if the Earth is on the verge of becoming Mars. 

As I settle into the enormous embrace of Nature I am also shown multiple possibilities, including if humans band together and make specific changes now. 

This planet is one of contrasts, where opposites exist. Nature has its many levels of creating and destroying. Some trees don’t germinate unless there’s a forest fire. Earthquakes indicate the planet is expanding, the continents are still moving. Human beings have their own cycles of creating and destroying as well. As we evolve, we have to de-story old ways of being. We are witnessing the death knell of those things that do not align with increased Consciousness in form.

In the last three years I’ve hit many points of wanting to change, manipulate, and fix external reality. I want to be in a different Universe. And yet I had also come to a realization that, as Consciousness, I *am* creating this reality, moment by moment. If I try to alter or adjust what’s going on outside of myself, I have lost my focus as Consciousness and am trying to control from an egoic level.

Recently, however, I’ve been playing with my old techniques. They don’t work very well - rather like opening up a computer that operates solely on MS-DOS. One thing that has created surprising results is to simply bless my circumstances. I imagine gold sunlight coming down over me, or my day, or my journey. I do it whimsically, without expectations. And then I’m completely gobsmacked how things unfold in my favor, even to the point of time and space reorganizing. 

If you have felt overwhelmed by current circumstances, I invite you to disconnect from the newsfeed for a bit and connect with Nature. And if your own timeline feels unmanageable, bless it.

Try that for the next few days and see what happens! 

Friday, September 20, 2019

Symbiotic Relationships 2019

©2019 Joan Newcomb
This is an updated version of a post from 2012

I’m in the midst of heavy duty care giving again, this time helping my younger brother recover from a stroke. It helps me to remember that in every situation, I’m receiving as well as giving. Right now there is healing occurring on many levels. My brother and I share a unique childhood, no one else in the family (who is still alive) experienced the things we experienced. And I’m benefiting in other ways, like getting to spend my weekends running around Manhattan. 

"Symbiotic Relationships"usually refers to two different species, such as barnacles on whales or birds on rhinos.  Barnacles grow on whales and live off of particles floating in the surrounding ocean that would otherwise affect the whale's vision.  Several kinds of birds feed off of insects that live on rhino's skin (you could say the insects themselves have a symbiotic relationship with their host).

It's also a good term for how we humans interact with each other.

Biology describes 5 different kinds of Symbiotic Relationships:

  1. Mutualism, where both species benefit
  2. Commensalism, where one species benefits, the other is unaffected
  3. Parasitism, where one species benefits, the other is harmed
  4. Competition, where neither species benefits
  5. Neutralism, where both species are unaffected
(taken from

It's an interesting way to look at your friends, family and coworkers!  Is your relationship Mutual, a 'win-win' for each person?  Are you and your partner, family member, or employer/coworker/customer equally benefiting? 

Is it Commensal you're getting something and they're not getting anything but it doesn't matter to them?  That's a tougher one to imagine.  Even if you feel you're putting out all the effort and getting nothing back, there's always something returning to you.

It gets a little messy when considering Parasites.  People aren't exactly ticks or noxious weeds, but you could look at some government officials being parasitical when they want tax breaks for themselves while withdrawing services for others. When I was a teenager, my father called my mother, my brother and I, “parasites”. Verbal abuse scars the soul. This is one of the childhood wounds I’m hoping I’m healing while I’m New York.

Biology defines Competition as where *neither* benefits.  Spiritually, competition stops growth and creativity, as it places your attention outside yourself.  Competition focuses not just on doing better than someone but in outdoing them.  In biology it affects survival.

Neutral is as tough to imagine as Commensal, because how can there be an interaction without being affected?

Unless you're roughing it on a desert island, we are all interdependent, no matter how alone or resistant you may feel.  No relationship is truly one way.  Even anonymously helping someone leaves you with a good feeling, just as using them leaves you feeling bad.

It can be disturbing to realize in a dysfunctional relationship you were actually getting something out of it.  Perhaps you were afraid to leave because you were still trying to get taken care of.  Perhaps you didn't want to take responsibility for yourself.  Perhaps their dysfunction made you seem normal!

We are all participating in a giant energetic tapestry called life.  Each of us is creating or emitting a colorful thread of our own unique vibration.  And from a broader perspective we've agreed to be here interacting with everyone else.  It's all good, even if we don't experience it that way at the moment.

This week, in your relationships, notice - are you the whale or the barnacle? The rhino or the bird?  The tree or the ivy?  It doesn't matter if you're big or little, you're receiving something from it!  Acknowledging the pattern can help you change it.  Recognizing your part or what you're receiving from it can help you accept it, and transform it if you want to.

Try this for 7 days and see what happens!

Monday, July 29, 2019

Mystic Minute: Stay above The Power Grid!

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Monday, July 1, 2019

Mystic Minute: The Embodiment of Love

Babies aren't cute so that their moms will care for them. Babies are the embodiment of Love. And so are you.

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Friday, May 24, 2019

Do You Have To See It To Release It?

Do You Have To See It To Release It? ©2019 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

With the events of the past few weeks, I’ve been reminded about what I fervently believe: The Truth always comes to light.

You can argue that many hidden things are never discovered. People go to their graves with secrets inside them. However, I no longer believe something that I learned in my clairvoyant training: that you can’t do anything about hidden things until they are revealed.

In the personal growth field, there’s a lot of effort put into coming out of denial. Sometimes going too far, such as labeling oneself when in retrospect your behavior was understandable or within a spectrum of normalcy (and yet spending years writhing in shame over it). Or labeling your family or others as one thing or another (and avoiding the three fingers pointing back at you).

People often turn to spiritual techniques to raise their energy. But in their attempts to “rise above” they ignore obstacles keeping them from being truly transparent. Avoidance isn’t enlightenment.

Yet when you shift to Consciousness, Consciousness encompasses everything. Nothing is hidden, even though the details may dissipate. It’s an awareness that transcends time and space. It nullifies karma, because there is no “past” to carryover to the “present”. Forgiveness is a nonissue, as everything is accepted and owned as a creation of Consciousness.

You don’t need to see in order to release. You need only know. And in knowing, reality shifts to something different.

This may seem vague and nonspecific. Consciousness is very subtle. Reality rearranges.All possibilities exist in Consciousness, so something that is an obstacle in this universe doesn’t exist in a parallel one. There are always alternatives, always choices.

You’re in the one you’re experiencing. However, as Consciousness, you’re experiencing *all* possibilities. That’s too much to comprehend within your present form, your current body/personality.

Consciousness exists beyond your mind/intellect. You don’t need to understand it to know it.

How does this relate to what’s going on in the outside world? What’s going on in the story lines of many countries? It seems the most powerful among us are also doing the most evil things.

As Consciousness comes more into form, the most ugly behavior crawls out of the woodwork, things hidden in the shadows have full spotlights upon them. Anything not in alignment with the evolution of Consciousness is going to stick out like a sore thumb, and things we may have been complacent about in the past will now feel jarring to us all.

You don’t need to process this all through your body/mind’s personal life experience. As Consciousness you can “grok” it from an expanded perspective and make the shift to something that feels better. When you’re viewing it as Consciousness you have the “bigger picture” and can even be amused.

But what about those times when you DON’T have an expanded perspective? When your body/personality feels too overwhelmed to go on? You as Consciousness can care for yourself as the beloved Creator that you are. It may be as simple as hot baths, chocolate, or naps.

You don’t have to see it to release it, you don’t have to spend years processing it, you can allow the shift to happen from outside the hologram, and then watch reality unfold in your favor.

Monday, May 20, 2019

When Growth Periods Converge

When Growth Periods Converge ©2019 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I started blogging in 2004 and have been writing weekly blog posts consistently since 2007. A month ago, I flew back to Seattle on the day I’d normally write the blog. And normally, I’d churn it out at the airport, since I get there a couple hours early. But this time, I forgot.

Now, I never forget to write. But sometimes technical glitches happen. Normally, I’d put it out the next day in such situations. But I didn’t.

I could put it down to sheer exhaustion. I’ve been keeping up this bi-coastal existence since September and my first day home I usually hit the ground running. I take a trip to Vashon the day after I get back, *then* go face down with jet lag. But I usually get the blog (and ezine) out, regardless.

I was this stretched when I was caring for my mother seven years ago, and I still kept a schedule of writing.

This time, I haven’t.

So what’s been going on?

Well, I have felt like I’ve been saying the same thing over and over again. Virtually the same blog post, with a different title slapped on it. Which may not be a bad thing, it’s putting out the message.
People come across posts at different times, it reaches people in different ways, so there isn’t repetition in those cases.

And for myself, this newest Consciousness shift has become more energetically intense, with several growth periods converging.

Last month I turned 60, which is a surprise to me as much as anyone. We made the decision to move back to Vashon, and set things in motion to make that a reality. My son in Spain called to say he’s getting married, which means we’ll be manifesting a trip to Madrid next Spring.

And this visit to Seattle I discovered *both* sons, Vashon and Madrid, are adopting dogs with their girlfriends, so I’ll have grand-puppies soon. We’ve been without a dog since Emma Cardigan Corgi died in 2017 so I’m thrilled at the prospect of the pitter-patter of tiny paws.

My time in New York has been physically more intense and it’s clear this will require me on the ground there for the next year or more. I haven’t sorted out what it will take for this to be sustainable yet. But I did start Meetups there, in a very tiny way (by NYC standards).

New York is like diving into density for three weeks of the month. It requires me to jump fully into a reality that is so completely opposite of my reality at home. And, until this very moment that I’m writing this, I hadn’t realized how, in this last month, not that I’ve forgotten my techniques or my perspective as Consciousness, but that NYC may require something different. An upgrade of already upgraded techniques. (We’ll be working on that this next few weeks and will let you know)!

We’re all Consciousness having our individual experiences, and as Consciousness expands (or more accurately, when you as Consciousness comes more into form, and your body feels more expanded) we all see it showing up in our lives, albeit in different ways.

When growth periods converge, in the midst of all the chaos and confusion, we just need to do the next indicated thing. Keep it simple. Keep the focus on yourself. Trust that everyone is Consciousness, and the Universe is working out in everyone’s favor.

At another level, it’s about keeping a focus point. Ballet dances learn, when doing pirouettes, to find a “spot” to look at so they don’t get dizzy (their bodies spin and their heads always whip around to the same point). For me this is remembering to have an anchor point as Consciousness in my form, and to two-point to the center of the Hologram (which reminds me that this all *is* a Hologram)!

New York is like diving into density for three weeks of the month. It requires me to jump fully into a reality that is so completely opposite of my reality at home. And, until this very moment that I’m writing this, I hadn’t realized how, in this last month, not that I’ve forgotten my techniques or my perspective as Consciousness, but that NYC may require something different. An upgrade of already upgraded techniques. (We’ll be working on that this next few weeks and will let you know)!

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Unconsciousness Exposed

Unconsciousness Exposed ©2019 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I’ve been watching short clips of U.S. Congressional Hearings, where each member has five minutes to ask questions of a person or persons brought before them for different reasons. It’s a fascinating process.

Whether they’re grilling bank CEOs on underpaying their employees, or the Education Secretary’s decision to cut funding for all reading programs from the budget, the member’s questions shine a light on their unconsciousness. It’s a great example of the working of the U.S. government, but it also what is happening as Consciousness on a global level.

There’s a huge wave of resentment towards rich people, specifically billionaires, and it struck me that it’s not because they’re rich, but because they behave unconsciously. How can back CEOs have so much money when a bank teller can’t afford to support her child on her paycheck. How can the Secretary of Education cut reading programs, when the sale of one of her yachts would fund the entire budget.

You could say the wealthier people are, the more unconscious they seem to be, that they are disconnected from the needs of regular people. That’s not a fair generalization, because the are wealthy people doing good things, to help eradicate disease and poverty, around the world.

The current shift in Consciousness is causing a greater light to be shone on unconsciousness. As Consciousness comes into form, it heightens awareness on every level. You can describe it as waking up, because it feels like you’ve come out of a deep sleep, that the sun has risen. In reality Consciousness has always been coming into form, it’s just that our current form can now embody more of Consciousness.

So each one of us is feeling that effervescent life force more acutely within. It is bringing an innate sense of self worth, that who we are is of value, our uniqueness matters. Our voices are being heard.

It’s causing a great reorganization of power. From the old paradigm of dominance and separation, to new new paradigm of cooperation and inclusion. 

It may seem like things are more unfair than ever, that “bad” is triumphing over “good”, but it only looks that way because the lights are on and we’re seeing it more clearly. And there is more good, but bad is just louder. 

Power is not force or dominance. True power is quiet, soft, inner strength, clarity, transparency. 

What’s reorganizing in your life? Where are the lights turning on? Who are you becoming, what is your Essence calling you to express?

When you shine light on unconsciousness, it either wakes up or disappears. Where ever you’ve felt restricted or whatever you’ve felt has been holding you back, it in the process of dissipating. Don’t resist it, and you’ll have the most delicious expansion into a life beyond your wildest imagination!

Friday, April 5, 2019

“It’s a New World but it’s not Spiritual” ©2019 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Have you noticed an energy shift over the last few weeks? It’s been a continual and gradual evolution but the last few weeks have been particularly noticeable. 

My husband, who’s a Tibetan Buddhist (which I describe as the Catholicism of Buddhism, steeped in ancient ritual and lore), said the other day, “it’s a new world, but it’s not Spiritual.”

I totally agree. Now he may have meant something different with his words, but I perceive that the hologram has shifted to a higher vibration, but it’s still physical reality (just a less dense version of it).

Last night he said it’s like we’re all being remapped, like a software update. I’ve noticed that going on for some time. I feel like our energy systems have gone from gasoline to fuel cell.  He also said it seems like our egos have changed.

Which makes total sense to me as our egos are the personality part of our physical reality.

My explanation for all of this is that greater Consciousness is coming into form, and our systems and the hologram has had to update in order to accommodate the increased frequency.

Those of us that identify with form, that identify as their bodies and personalities, are feeling really disoriented by the changes. They’ll interpret it as if they’re dying when really it’s just the denser vibration becoming more diffuse.

To me, the external world has become brighter and lighter. It sometimes feels like a movie set but still vividly real.

It's a New World, and yet it's still a hologram. Our bodies are operating at a higher frequency, but they're still physical containers. We feel more integrated into them, just as we feel more connected to others around the world. Because we *are* that Consciousness more in form, in all forms. 

And still experiencing our individual timeline, our individual storyline, our particular weaving through this version of time and space. It's just that time and space has become more malleable, and the storyline more variable.

You'll have to go through your own updates with all of this. You'll have to find your "sea legs", you own, new way of grounding and centering in this upgraded reality. 

As Consciousness you can make up your own techniques, and they'll work! Operating as Consciousness, you'll find reality reorganizing in your favor in the most enjoyable and entertaining ways, with results beyond your wildest imagination.