Friday, March 15, 2019

Off Kilter Wonkieness Is Reality Reorganizing

Off Kilter Wonkiness Is Reality Reorganizing ©2019 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

It’s been a wonky week. The energy feels off kilter. I can’t put it down to Mercury Retrograde (although there’s definitely been some of that - communications and electronics mishaps).

But this reminds me of two years ago, at the time of the Brexit vote and then the U.S. election, where many of us felt sideswiped by the results. Back then it felt like being shoved into an alternate universe.

This feels reality is reorganizing. The pendulum swinging back into balance (I hope not before swinging to another extreme). It’s like the part of the movie where things start to get resolved.

In some ways it’s been annoying. Like knowing the end of the movie but not knowing *how* the story gets there.

And also knowing that we’re not done yet with wild, unpredictable, out of the blue, plot twists and turns.

To me, it’s all been an affirmation that we’re living in a hologram. Things that can’t possibly happen have been happening. It’s kind of like the Saturday Night Live writers have taken over the Cosmic screen play and they’re competing with each other for best skit. You think that today’s news cycle was outrageous? Hold my beer, the next comic says.

We can have a variety of reactions to what’s happening. We can hunker down and let things unfold. That can feel like reality is happening to us, but even no action is a chosen action.

We can resist and fight what’s happening. Try to make people listen to us. Make the government change their minds. Throw money at the problem. Move to another country.

That’s like wrestling with the scenery on a movie set. Shouting over other people’s lines. Or storming out of the room, as if that will change anything.

We can also engage and listen. Call, and write, and vote.

And those of us who dance to a different drum, who heed a higher calling, who may be feeling the wonkiness more than most, what can we do? Change our inner state, change our minds, shift our energy, step into a parallel universe where it’s all unfolding in our favor, where it’s a benevolent Universe, where it’s all unfolding in everyone’s favor.

Responding as Consciousness, you can be amused at the storyline. You can appreciate wonkiness. You can recognize that everything is validation that this is a hologram created by Consciousness. That everything is a story within the hologram (even this explanation is a story within the hologram).

The time is ripe to make this shift. And all it takes is a change of viewpoint. See yourself as greater Consciousness embodying into form. You love your body and your personality, it’s Your creation as a vehicle in this world, and a way to fully feel and engage in this world. Others are also Consciousness in form, other aspects of yourself, other players in this online game.

Yet reality is malleable, and others show up in your storyline but do not influence it without you creating it as part of your own plot. (And you show up in theirs the same way).

Playing in this way and at this level is effortless, fun, and enjoyable.

You inherently know all is very, very well.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

There Are No Wrong Choices

There are no wrong choices (c)2019 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Looking back on our lives, it’s easy to berate ourselves for the mistakes we made. I should have stayed in school, I should have left that relationship, I should have been a better [fill in the blank].  

It can really mess up our present reality.  

We’re going through a collective evolution. As the greater light of Consciousness comes into form, it is revealing anything that is dark. As we grow in awareness, it’s hard not to judge ourselves for our past, when we were operating unconsciously.

Similarly, it can be easy to blame other people in our reality for our choices. We’re like this because our family had dysfunctional behaviors. 

We can get to one level by accepting the patterns we were born into, and accepting others that were entangled in those patterns. We can take responsibility for, and be more mindful of our present actions and reactions.

It helped me enormously to see myself and my family as actors in my life’s movie. And to know that at the end of filming, no matter what role they played in the story, we all got together for a wrap party. 

And yet there’s a perspective that’s a step or two above that viewpoint. 

When you recognize that you *are* the Consciousness that is coming into form, everything changes. The world is not just a movie with just a single story. It’s not just a mass, full immersion virtual reality game being simultaneously played by everyone on Earth.

To Consciousness, all lifetimes are happening at once. And for you with your particular storyline, all possibilities of it are running at the same time. That means you both did, and didn’t do, whatever egregious action you’re flagellating yourself for. You both succeeded and failed. You won and you lost.

You’re here and not here.

You happen to be experiencing this moment right now in this particular way, and you can go forward experiencing the next moment completely differently.

Imagine how your life would transform if you began making empowered choices as Consciousness rather than operating from guilt or fear? How your interactions with others would be different when you no longer blamed yourself or them?

For me it expands my compassion and my ability to express Love. 

Collective evolution happens as a wave, people stand up at different times. Imagine how the world will change when we all have moved to the next phase of existence. 

And it starts with each one of us shifting to operating as Consciousness.

Friday, March 1, 2019

How To Stay Connected With Your Inner Essence During External Storms

How To Stay Connected With Your Inner Essence During External Storms ©2019 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

There's a huge Consciousness Shift happening and instead of bringing more harmony, life seems full of conflict. We feel out of integrity on every level.
It's hard not to be influenced by what's going on in the news, with the weather, and our society. There's huge upheavals going on everywhere.

In fact, it can seem wrong to have any sense of serenity when there's so much pain and misery in the world.

And our own storylines can be full of challenges. We may be one paycheck away from disaster, close to homelessness, no retirement. We'd be insane to *not* feel frantic at the prospect.

Why is all this still going on when we're supposed to be advancing as Consciousness? And, how do we get back on track when it seems we're so far off out path?

Consciousness is a high vibration, it's as if greater light is coming into form. It illuminates everything that is not of Consciousness. There's a greater spotlight on anything that is dark or discordant.

Patterns, and the resulting behaviors, that are disintegrating will seem louder and more intense. Those that are clinging to them are feeling their demise the most.

And yet, there is an inner part of You that is constant, unchanging. It is your Essence, the greater part of you that you can only access within. Trying to find it outside of yourself results in you chasing illusions.

How can you find the "greater" part of you inside yourself? It seems like it would be cramped inside this dense meat suit.

And yet, when you can turn your focus within, you find an infinite well of wisdom. The deeper you go within yourself, the more unlimited you feel.

You don't need to be a Buddhist monk, nor do you need to meditate hours on end in order to achieve this state. Anything that creates quiet, anything that withdraws your attention from the noise and drama, connects you to your Essence.

At your Essence, you *are* Consciousness, you are infinite awareness and wisdom. You are that which is coming into form. Give yourself moments throughout your day to remember this. Start to make decisions and take actions from Consciousness will completely change your life!

Friday, February 22, 2019

Navigating Through Fog

©2019 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

It's been a strange week. I've been home, my third of the month that I get to be here, time off from caring for my brother in New York. And I've had to submit a description for a talk I'm giving next month. Usually it's easy to come up with an idea and whip something off. This week, though, I got nothing.

Energetically, it's felt like being fogged in. Disorienting. No intuitive sense of how to move forward. Other people have reported similar feelings.

It seems to me that there's a disconnect going on. Folks are feeling out of touch with inner selves or their usual guidance.

At the same time, I've been getting intuitive hits. Time has been stretching and reorganizing in my favor. All of which is validation, to me, that I'm still operating as 5D in a hologram. But it's a sense of flying blind, and not certain if the radar is working.

There's a couple of reasons for this. One is due to an extreme acceleration of Consciousness. The frequency is so high, it disconnects from the physical. Our body and personality can feel quite lost until they readjust.

The other is due to extreme resistance, by unconsciousness. When our bodies and personalities and entangled in unconscious patterns, the resulting compulsions, or addictions, can separate us from our Essence.

Now, Consciousness is always there, always present. But how can you reconnect when you feel so off course?

It may seem counter-intuitive, when the body appears to be lagging so far behind Consciousness, but slowing down or even stopping, is a very powerful way to get back on track. People in these situations feel like they can't take the time to meditate and yet that's exactly what's needed. Not necessarily the sitting still for hours saying 'om' kind of meditation, but turning off your phone and social media for an hour can do it.

Connecting with Nature can do it very quickly. Just stand in your backyard, if you have one, or walk in a park. Say "hello" to the trees and notice them saying hello back. I especially come alive if I'm near water, especially a creek, river, waterfall, or ocean.

Doing this may not solve all your problems, but can give you sunbreaks of relief amidst the fog.

Know that you're always going towards expansion. You're always naturally evolving towards the light, even if it seems the opposite at times. You, at your Essence, *are* Consciousness and that which disconnects you is simply the unconsciousness that is in the process of disintegrating as you step into your own Light.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Life Isn’t A School

Life Isn’t A School  ©2019 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

It’s a popular point of view, that Life is a school, that we’re here to learn lessons. Back in the early 1980’s, as a clairvoyant reader, I’d explain to my clients that past lives were like grades, and we access the information in our present life. Just as we don’t remember learning recognize letters or to spell, it all comes together when we start to type a letter.

As I shifted to a 5D perspective, I started to realize how inaccurate that concept was. And how many projections and distortions it creates. School is hard, so life is hard. In school, there are other people in charge of you(teachers and principals), and kids who are a grade ahead. So that must mean other people are in charge of you and other people are ahead of you.

Schools have exams. So life has tests. You don’t get ahead until you’ve learned your lessons. If something bad happen, you failed the test and have to take the class again.

It’s hard to give up the concept of life as a school. But when you begin to live life *as* Consciousness, it just doesn’t make sense any more. You become aware that you are infinite awareness and this reality is your creation to play in.

Early in my Consciousness shift, I described life as a playground. But playgrounds have games, and often there’s someone monitoring to make sure everyone is playing the rules.

As Consciousness, you are the Creator, and reality shifts and changes as you shift and change.

Now, your body/personality needed to learn things. It popped out helpless, unable to roll over or control it’s pee and poop. It needed to learn to walk, it needed to learn to write, it needed to learn the “rules” to be taken care of and to survive.

But you are not your body/personality, you are the greater Essence that created it to express in and experience this physical reality. Confusion reigns when you transpose or project your body/perspective onto yourself as Consciousness.

As your body, this world is density and effort. The predominant feelings are effort and fear.

As Consciousness, you’re aware of the bigger picture *and* aware of all possibilities. You effortlessly dance in any direction. The predominant feelings are joy and amusement.

As Consciousness there’s nothing for you to learn, you are the Cosmic internet, you are the infinite information source. It’s all about creating and experiencing.

From 5D, reality manifests and unfolds easily and effortlessly. Simply shift your awareness from your body/personality level to yourself as Consciousness and your entire world transforms!

Saturday, February 9, 2019

True Desires

True Desires  ©2019 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

There’s a lot of misinterpretation what desire actually is, and is not. That desire is something bad or not spiritual. That you have to give up your desires in order to evolve in awareness.

I think of all those mystics that spent a lifetime of celibacy and starvation only to die and realize they could have been enjoying themselves a whole lot more than they did.

Desire is different than compulsion. If you are compulsively pursuing your desires you might be missing actually having what you want.

True desire may not look like it on the surface. You may think you want a relationship, and then compulsively date to get one. Your surface actions to get what you want might be propelling you away from what you truly desire.

Sometimes you have to do the opposite in order to manifest what you desire.

Intimacy, oneness, acknowledgement can’t be found in another person until you’ve awakened them in yourself. Sometimes developing a relationship with yourself, reveling in self care and validation, brings the one who can share it with you.

Some of the most impoverished people I’ve met are the ones compulsively pursuing riches. Which is not to say that rich people aren’t spiritually evolved, because I’ve also seen billionaires who are incredible givers, using their wealth to effect change for the greater good of all.

But money and material goods don’t equate prosperity. When I measure myself against those who seem to have more, I miss recognizing the incredible wealth and well being I do have in my life.

Where is your source? If you think it is something big and powerful and outside of yourself, you may find yourself creating circumstances that make you feel small and powerless. You might be divorcing yourself from your true desires to appease an external “power” that is really a false god.

The source of true desire is Consciousness, and you, at your essence, are Consciousness. When you identify yourself as Consciousness and respond as Consciousness, everything in your reality transforms.

It doesn’t take rituals, it doesn’t take techniques, it just takes a change of focus.

As Consciousness, You easily and effortlessly create exactly what you desire. You may have been trying to attract or create things for years, and when you shift your perspective to that as Consciousness, it shows up in your life in ways beyond your wildest imagination.

Friday, February 1, 2019

The New Way To Navigate

My brother and I were in the laundry room of his apartment building in Queens, NY. All the washers were full but had finished their cycle. He said to take the wet clothes out of one so we could use it.

"Shouldn't we wait to see if they come for it?" I asked.

"No," he said. "It's the New York way."

So we did, and actually never saw anyone else in the laundry room during the time we were doing our wash.

It was an unusual experience for me because I've not used public laundry facilities for nearly 40 years. I have a different sense of space and ownership.

Their neighbor on their floor is an elderly woman whose television plays 24/7. Right next to my brother's bedroom. The people upstairs keep unusual hours, you hear their shoes tromping above you at all times of the day and night.

Outside, New Yorkers have no trouble expressing themselves with their car horns and voices. They'll honk when two cars ahead of them there's a school bus.

It's not my way. I don't know how much of it is growing up in different countries and cultures, lead to my quietly navigating around and through. Or being empathic, I consider others when choosing my own actions.

In highly populated areas there's a different experience of density and effort. On one hand it's a mosaic of individuals and their radiant energies. On the other hand it's a tangled snarl of opposing patterns.

The old paradigm of having boundaries in these circumstances would be to loudly express yourself, to physically dominate your location, to densify your personality to make your presence known.

There's a different way to navigate all of this from 5D. You can own your space without dominance, without noise. You can be loud, as in joyfully singing your own music into the world. You can be present, and your Presence is inherently noticeable.

You can own your space calmly in the face of others reacting to your changing frequency.

You don't have to match the energy of the crowd, nor do you need to resist it. You can expand your inner openness. In non-resistance, you let the energy pass through and dissipate.

Even as I know these things, I don't always practice them perfectly. I've gotten angry here at a volume that would be offensive in Seattle and in New York, nobody blinks.  But I've also found the most potent way to be Presence on the subway is to smile.

Consciousness is shifting, our frequency is becoming lighter and more expansive. The rules for navigating are different on this level. There's no clear guide book, as we're all entering this brave new world somewhat together (and some kicking and screaming).

The old ways are effective in this new reality. We need to upgrade our old techniques, improvise and make stuff up.

New navigation is fun, experiential, done from a sense of play and curiosity. When you start to move through the world in these new ways, your entire life transforms.


Friday, January 18, 2019

The Immense Power of Powerlessness

The Immense Power of Powerlessness ©2019 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

This game of Life in the physical realm is an amazing creation. It’s a playing field of polarities, where often the opposite is true. When I try to explain advanced spiritual concepts to people, I constantly find I’m contradicting myself.

Whether we’re conscious of it or not, we are always engaging with the unseen. When you understand a few basic principles, it becomes much easier to navigate this reality.

The core concept is power, what it is, what is it’s source, and how to use it. People think of power as something really big, and something outside of themselves. They assign it values, like good and bad. Powerful people are invariably bad. They dominate weak people, who are the rest of us, and we’re good, even though it’s bad to be weak. The rest of us are powerless, we can’t use power, that would make us bad. You can see the insanity of this line of thinking.

With this mindset, we’re constantly giving power to other things, because everything is more powerful than we are. And then we can’t change, because everything outside ourselves is in control, so we have to try to change everything (and everyone) to fix our reality.

The truth is, power is simply energy and focus, and the real source of it is within each one of us. When you stop focusing on the thing you’ve been giving the most power to, you become free of it.

People think that admitting powerlessness over something (or someone), is surrendering to their power. However, surrendering is simply ceasing resistance. That can look like giving up, but what you’re actually doing is not engaging with that energy pattern any more.

Many years ago I was in a relationship with a covert drug addict. I didn’t know they were using, but the energy in the house felt like static chaos. And trying to bring love into the situation was like pouring water into sand. In releasing my focus on trying to fix the situation actually gave them the space to release their focus on the things they’d given their power to.

This applies to other things as well. Recently I’ve been helping people with their finances, and I notice that debt is like a vacuum. It sucks prosperity out of your creations. When people stop using credit cards, their abundance increases.

Saying you’re powerless over people, places, and things isn’t saying you’re weak, or out of control. Ironically, you feel out of control when you’re focus is on trying to control people, places, and things!

The source of power is within you. It may not feel powerful, because we think of power as something with weight and density. In actuality, it feels expansive and light.  Empowerment feels normal because it's who you are. When you shift your focus to yourself as Consciousness, you access immense power. The wellspring of all creation is within you.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Slogging Through Other People's Density

Slogging Through Other People's Density ©2019 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I've had several nights this week where I've been awake for ages, feeling other realities waft through me. I'm able to discern they're not mine, but I'm not fully able to pinpoint whose they are. But boy, some people are having a really difficult time!

Several people are crippled with anxiety. A couple folks are in the depths of despair. One gets me as they're mired in resentment, and I can go there myself all too easily in the wee hours.

It's almost always a loved one who's emotional energy I tune into, they span 6,000 miles and several time zones. But I often forget about the most obvious one - my husband right beside me in bed.

A devout Buddhist, he has a practice of praying for people, so during his wakeful hours he'll start thinking about different groups that are suffering. Which sounds oh so holy and lovely but for the empath next to him it's pretty gruelling.

I'll have no reference point or clue that he's focusing on starving Sudanese, or someone who is ailing. But I'll feel their emotional resonance.

It occurs to me that we're all influenced by other people's density, now more so than ever before. As we collectively go through the shift in Consciousness, our sensitivity is increasing. But our first reaction is to think it's our own reality.

Certainly, feeling other people's struggles colors our own experiences, but you don't need to stay stuck in their stuff. It doesn't help them to match their level of discomfort, and you can still have compassion while being detached.

Someone I know who is married to a psychic, created a technique for being able to sleep at night when his spouse is dealing with different vibrations. He uses an imaginary lead curtain (like the aprons they put on you at the dentist office when you're having x-rays).

You can also imagine yours frequency to be a 1/2 step above the vibration you're dealing with. It allows you to separate from the density without totally detaching.

If you're visual, you can imagine your energy field to be a different color than theirs. If they're a dark blue or grey, yours can be yellow or pink.

An ancient technique is to imagine a rose at the edge of your energy field, creating a defining line between your space and others'. I think of it like floats in a swimming pool that let you know where the deep end is.

Of course, at 2am I didn't think about any of these suggestions, or I would have gotten a better night's sleep!

Try these yourself and see how your reality changes!

Friday, January 4, 2019

Take Off Your Crazy Glasses

Take Off Your Crazy Glasses ©2019 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

This morning someone was talking about how their life was going easier, but there was still chaos. They are shifting jobs where they won't be so busy, but that feels really uncomfortable to their body-personality.

Our body-personality is always mimicking Consciousness. It tries to create reality by manipulation and control. It reacts to what is, rather than responds to what is.

When you relax into operating as Consciousness, you realize you as Consciousness are creating all of it.

When we start navigating life as Consciousness, there's no need to control the flow, but that doesn't mean the flow is out of control.

My body-personality wants to make something happen ("make it a great day" strikes me as very body-personality).  It wants to change or fix things. It wants things to happen faster.

As Consciousness, everything happens in perfect timing. Sometimes instantaneously, sometimes eventually.

It's not because you need to learn lessons before you attain what you want. It's not because you're blocking something.

You can engage the world of more effort, or respond from no effort.

Your body personality is going to interpret things through it's lenses, pictures, concepts, or impressions. It will interpret something as crazy, or chaotic, and get you all riled up feeling you need to change it the hard way.

A clue to not operating as Consciousness, is when I'm trying to change people and the world around me, rather than simply shifting within myself. If I feel crazy or out of control, it's a sure indicator that my attention is outside myself.

No matter what is going on in my storyline, when I'm centered within myself as Consciousness, everything is ok. All is going very, very well.

Take off your crazy glasses and you will see that in your own life as well.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Mystic Minutes: Shattering Expectations

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