Friday, July 20, 2018

In The Present Moment, There Is No Story

In The Present Moment, There Is No Story ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I often feel like I’m the keeper of family secrets. Things I’ve seen or heard, witnessed that others haven’t. If I’m the only one who knows or remembers, does it make it real?

A few years ago I helped someone die at home. After helping my mother pass, I kinda sorta knew what I was stepping into, or so I thought.

It was a completely different experience.

Now, deaths are like births, everyone creates their own unique circumstances,whether they’re exiting the body or entering it. People gather for the event, that is they come into their lives (or come into their lives again) wittingly or unwittingly.

My mother's passing was peaceful. I lay in bed beside her for 21 days giving her sips of water, as she birthed herself back to Spirit.

The other experience was chaotic. Their spouse was angry at them for dying, and enraged it was happening at home. They refused to give them pain medication, and in the last few days hospice assigned me to do so otherwise the person would have had to go to hospital.

Yet we were able to arrange family to Skype, or to show up, in those last few days, before they finally were able to leave.

Things got even more intense after their passing. And after I came home, I started having post traumatic stress symptoms - "startle" reflexes that took a long time to subside. And I would awake in the middle of the night replaying the story of the wrongs that had been done, over and over again, how I have scanned documents as proof, etc.

Now, that was over four years ago, but last week the startle reflexes came up out of the blue. I wondered if it had something to do with the holiday (the veils are thinner between worlds at such times).

And recently I had an email that entered me into that world again. And I had a really horrible sleepless night revisiting the experiences of the past.

Now I have no idea what the story has been on that side of things since all that happened. But I do sense that people are in still great grief, and that is sad.

It's my story about the past that can still cause me pain. What injustices were done, what inconsiderations, what people did or did not do. But none of that is real now.

In the present moment there is no story. There is nothing going on but what is happening now. Now, I'm in my living room as I'm typing this. The clock is ticking. There is trickling water from the fish tank. Outside my windows there are hundred foot tall Douglas firs standing as silent guardians.

In the present moment I am restored to Consciousness. There is clarity, there is light, there is simplicity. It is an enormous feeling of Presence. I breathe, and release, knowing that it's a benevolent Universe and all is very, very well.

Friday, July 13, 2018

When Getting Back On Track Reveals A Completely Different Path

When Getting Back On Track Reveals A Completely Different Path ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

It's been a hard couple of years. Something happened that knocked me off course. When I look back, I can recognize certain signs. In January of last year, I started having reactions to the house I was living in, I felt it had turned toxic on me. And since I work from home, there was no escaping it.

And then my dog started having seizures. We had just bought tickets to visit my son who was in school in Germany and I asked the vet whether we should go. She said the seizures were unpredictable and the tests didn't indicate anything serious that we could do anything about.  And she said she was a believer in going ahead and living your life.

So we went, and when we got back, our dog was limping. It turned out that what we thought was arthritis and a benign fatty lump on her leg, was actually cancer. So we had a horrific four weeks while she died on our kitchen floor.

And right after that our landlord gave us notice. Which was fine with me, since the house was toxic. (We later found mold throughout the basement, and evidence it had been painted over prior to our moving there in 2013). But we didn't find a new place to live until 7 days before we had to be out of there.

But that was last year. And this year has been fairly calm. The new place is wonderful, clean, and spacious. But something is still off course.

And when I look back, it had started before all the things with the previous house. Although all those things occurred because it was definitely time for us to move.

So what was it? I've been telling people I've been going through a phase of feeling like an atheist. I thought it was simply because I'd shifted to a new level of Consciousness, where the personality had gone out of it. But it really was a spiritual void. What happened?

I'd completely forgotten being side swiped by the election at the end of 2016.

Someone had texted me that night saying, "what parallel universe are we in"???

I'm pretty good in a crisis so I took the event in my stride, but it did really feel like we were all shoved into an alternate reality.

And, honestly, it caused me to doubt my work. Because I teach people that they can create their reality. And who the fuck wants to own creating this bullshit we've been going through since 2016??

So then I shifted into this space of just responding to is whatever showing up. Going ahead and living my life. None of this visualization, none of this law of attraction, just being with what is. But it hasn't been easy.

And my sensitivity has gone through the roof. I feel all sorts of people's reality. And a lot of the time it gets validated (someone texts, someone posts on Facebook, I can see in real time who I'm sensing).

But the noise from the collective is overwhelming.

A couple weeks ago, I had to get off Twitter, which helps a little bit. But I stay on Facebook because of family and friends. So I react to the memes there and still have big, fat, opinions about the news.

I'm pretty pissed off with what's going on in the external story line. And it feels wrong to be detached from it. It feels wrong to be doing well when so much is being destroyed and so many people are in pain. And I want to manipulate the shit out of reality.

But I only feel this way when I'm totally disconnected from myself as Consciousness. When I'm aligned as my higher self, I can see what's unfolding as all part of the greater expansion.

When I'm aligned as my higher self, I know that it's ultimately getting better. I know that we're *all* very capable, Infinite beings, individually creating our reality.

Observing what is happening in the world from the perspective of Consciousness, it's all very exciting. The more capable we are, the more creative our story lines. We're collectively becoming very capable. We're not off course, we moved to a more challenging one.

Navigating at this level is intuitively driven, an art, not a science. As Consciousness there isn't anything to change, fix, or improve. It all reorganized in our favor.

And that's what I need to remember. As Consciousness, it's a benevolent Universe. Even when it doesn't seem like it on the outside, I know, as Consciousness, all is very, very well.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Why The Pendulum Swings; How To Find Balance In Extreme Times.

The Pendulum Swings; How To Find Balance In Extreme Times. ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

This is a powerful time. We have a lot going on energetically, astrologically, and reflecting into the world and the news around us. I’ve been taking a few days off my regular work schedule... and have taken nearly a week off Twitter. To reclaim equilibrium.

Outrage can be exhausting. At the same time outrage spurs you to action, to doing something. We are collectively speaking out. That is awesome.

It's one thing if you're exhausted. It's another if you feel paralyzed and need to reclaim power.

It feels like the 1930's again, that we're on a verge of a horrendous war with horrendous things already going on. And that the actions we each must take will determine our future. Like leaving the country before it falls to the Nazis.

And yet the U.S. is not Germany nor a country in Europe. I know folks who went to Canada and New Zealand during the Bush era and missed the Obama era.

We forget how bad the Bush era was. And this seems worse. And yet the pendulum swings.

Why is that? Why can’t we have stabile growth and steady improvement? Why does it always seem like steps forwards are followed by steps backward?

Is it that some of us are ready to ascend and the rest have other ideas?

I see this Consciousness shift affecting all of us, but we’re awakening at different times. It’s like watching the Wave at a baseball game. Some are stuffing their faces with opcorn when their time rolls around.

Some find balance only by going to extremes. The rest of us need to develop ‘sea legs’ to maintain our equilibrium around them.

When I think back to the Bush era, I simply stopped reading the newspaper. For 16 years (the Lewinsky scandal kept me reading only the comics section). That kind of reaction doesn't seem possible to do nowadays, we're all connected more. There's this collective growth happening globablly where we’re unable to completely detach.

If you’re exhausted by outrage and cannot go on another march or sign another petition, know this:

We can influence externally by changing ourselves internally. We can all act as balances or ballasts, or our light can illuminate others, or our change can have a ripple effect - inspiring others to change as well. Our actions don’t have to be overt actions. Our inner states can have profound influence on the world around us.

This summer is going to be a firey one. Next week we have the first of 3 eclipses, bringing about powerful changes but also very aggressive times. It’s imperative to stay balanced within.

It helps to remember that everyone is Consciousness, everyone is very capable. And that light is increasing, no matter what it looks like in the news.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Nonviolent Civil Nonresistance

Nonviolent Civil Nonresistance ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

We're in a time of tremendous turbulence, and oh, there is so much to resist! There are some really terrible things happening, it's almost cartoonish how bad the bad guys are. Except they aren't one dimensional and the plot is much more complicated than any comic can portray.
Egyptian Tank Man - Tarek Wajeh, Ahmad Shahin

What's happening is the old power dynamics are appearing more extreme even as they are in the process of going away. We are witnessing every old ploy in the book, dominance and manipulation, designed to make old white guys more rich and powerful. Part of their technique is to deliberately create crises, intended to throw the rest of us into chaos. We're riled up because they want to rile us up, and they want to get us emotionally exhausted. Because, in the lower dimensional, old paradigm game, that's how they "win".

But here's the thing, it's an energetically weak stance, to try to dominate other people. All your power is outside yourself. You're actually dependant on those people beneath you. No rich man drives his own car, makes his own meals, staffs his companies.

It's understandable to react to the pain and suffering they're causing people. But the response shouldn't be resistance. Resistance energetically attracts that which you are resisting. Resistance gives that which you are resisting more power.

Non resistance is the most powerful stance. It's a very high vibration that appears transparent. You remain open. Negativity passes through you.

There's a martial arts called Aikido, which focuses not on punching or kicking opponents, but rather on using their own energy to gain control of them or to throw them away from you. It is not a static art, but places great emphasis on motion and the dynamics of movement.

So this is a clue how to respond to what's currently happening in the world. Yes, you can go march, hold signs, get arrested. You can call your congresspeople, make phone calls, sign petitions. But there's a bigger way to respond.

Take back your power from that which you resist. Do not contribute to anything it represents.  When you stand in non-resistance, you are immensely powerful. Now imagine an entire group of people standing in non-resistance.

The non resistance technique I teach is to make yourself transparent. It energetically opens you so negative energy passes through. It actually feels like your molecules separate. The old name for this technique was 'body of glass' but to me glass isn't a great term, since glass can shatter. In stead, you can think of it like wind blowing through a screen door, or like wearing a Harry Potter type invisibility cloak. You aren't necessarily invisible (unless you want to be).

What it reveals, also, is that your "opponents" are actually in resistance themselves. They're coming from a very dense space. They can throw energy at you, but it will have no effect on you. They can charge at you, and you can effortlessly step aside.
How this looks in your daily life is by not reacting to emotional manipulation in the news. By making choices, like economically boycotting stores that belong to or financially contribute to those that represent the denser energies.

The numbers are on your side. Evolution is happening. Light eradicates dark.

When you come from your inner power, you feel no resistance to the power games around you. As you stand in your power, it gives permission to others to be in their power. This is already happening, all you need to do is participate in it. And see how the world transforms!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Facing Fear In The Eye

Facing Fear In The Eye ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

When I was younger, I never experience fear. I did some pretty bold things. When I was 18, I quit college and I moved myself to London and auditioned for drama school, and lived there for two years. I moved from London to Washington DC when I was 20, and moved myself to Seattle when I was 22. I felt I could go anywhere in the world and land on my feet.

When I was 44, I experienced a health crisis. They first thought it was cancer and I remember the look on the LPN’s face, it was one of fear. Tests revealed a golf ball sized tumor, but it wasn’t cancerous, and yet I went on this roller coaster ride with the medical community. Two months later the tumor was softball sized and their only solution was to operate. There was this big, giant wall of Western Medicine. Was I fearful? Instead, I got super pissed off, went totally alternative with acupuncture and natural solutions. When I quit taking the prescription - and changed my diet to cut out all soy (which created too much estrogen) and increase green leafy vegetables (plant sources of iron), the tumor shrank and has been manageable ever since.

What IS fear anyway? It’s a communication from our body when it perceives something life threatening. At our core, we’re creatures of comfort and habit. Anything that stretches us beyond that which is familiar can seem life threatening.

Everything to our body is a life or death issue, because it’s not going to make it out of this lifetime alive. Our body takes things very seriously. It remembers, on some level, everything it's heard, seen, or experienced and has stored it in emotion-filled pictures. We view current life through these pictures which completely distorts reality.

When we push ourselves beyond what we've experienced before or can conceive of doing, our body freaks out.

But we are more than our physical bodies. We are a greater consciousness, that existed before we were born, and also experiences a higher awareness than what is going on at ground level will continue after this body passes. As Consciousness, we're joyful and expansive. Being fearless is our natural state. As Consciousness we experience life as easy, effortless and even amused.

How can we experience Fearlessness when there's so much to be fearful of?

Try this simple exercise. Rest your hand on your lower abdomen, several inches below your belly button. Imagine bringing your focus of attention to this area and wirelessly connecting as greater Consciousness from this place to the center of the hologram. Take a deep breath.

What shifted when you did that? How does that feel, or look, to you?

What you just did was bring yourself more fully into your form. You can do this to help your body feel less fearful. It helps you look fear in the eye and walk through it.

Your body relaxes when you come more fully into it. Because when you're in your body, it knows it's going to keep living!

Play with this. The more you do it, the more real it becomes for you Try this whenever you feel like it (or think of it) over the next week and see what happens!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Reality, Insanity, and Truth

Reality, Insanity and Truth ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Maybe this blog post should be entitled arguing with reality. The news this week was insane. Stories of breastfeeding babies being torn away from their immigrant mothers, thousands of children being held in dog pens in warehouses; I hit bottom.

I’ve struggled to observe it all from neutral. From the perspective of greater Consciousness, what is really going on? Everyone at their essence is infinite and immensely powerful. There is greater Light coming into the world, it is illuminating the darkness, but it also means the darkness is going away.

Yeah, fuck that shit. It was already pretty bad but now toddlers and infants, that’s over the line.

What’s in the process of disintegrating is all the old power structures, and all the old attitudes that limit or define anyone as more than or less than. We’re all Consciousness, we’re all omnipotent.

And those who cling to those old ways of being are experiencing the most discomfort, because their reality is dissipating. They’re the ones freaking out and going insane.

Where’s the last bastion of this paradigm? Washington, DC, my home town. So what we’re seeing are extreme behaviors, extreme actions, being taken to maintain the illusion of power. And it seems so destructive, because it is. It’s reflecting the distruction they’re feeling within.

You know, I don’t really care what the higher reasons are. I just want it to stop NOW.

This world is a marvelously complex creation of Consciousness, with an endless supply of storylines. We are all Consciousness, we are all God Within. Other people are other aspects of Consciousness. People aren’t our reflections, they're real people not just mirrors or Westworld characters. But what we see or feel is usually in ourselves. If there wasn't a matching resonance, we wouldn't notice it or they wouldn't be there.

So even uncomfortable situations we've attracted, or we observe, are an indicator of what is shifting or changing within us.

SO WHAT’S GOING ON INSIDE? Everything within me that reacts to things that are unjust, that wants to fight against white male dominance, has also been disempowering myself. Where I have been restricting my own freedom?

The old paradigm was that dominance was power, and yet it's energetically weak. Power outside is the least powerful. Trying to control or change other people, whether it's trying to keep them out of the country or economically or educationally challenged, is the actions of those who don't feel strong themselves. And yet, trying to fight them, to control or change them, puts us into a weak position, it's using the same energy to create a different outcome.

Operating at a higher level of Consciousness, the rules are different. You can’t manifest by manipulating the hologram. You can only change by shifting from within, shifting yourself.

So how do we stop this insanity? Because if I withdraw (ever fiber of my being wants to go back to being a mystic in the woods), if I turn of Twitter (my source of on-the-ground news, and hence my window into the madness in the world), am I not being in denial? Am I turning a blind eye to people who need help?

I CAN’T DRIVE TO TEXAS AND THROW THEM IN A MINI VAN. And I don't speak Spanish, so I can't go up to SeaTac and help the parents (that have been brought to Washington State for some bizarre reason).

I can participate in a General Strike, as an introvert I don't go on marches and gave up on phone calls but I can protest with my wallet.

But really, as a Mystic, I can shift the energy within, I can collapse the internal power structures, I can step into a parallel universe where this is unfolding differently. I can two-point to where the outcome is already different.

When I relax, step back from the story, I can see and feel the Truth. I'm in agreement with what is (okay, I'm getting there). 

I invite everyone to do this for themselves. Because if we collectively reclaim our power, this can instantly change.

I'm excited to see what happens!

(If you're new to my work and want to know how to do these things, read more of my blog and go to my website for coaching on Consciousness Techniques).

Friday, June 8, 2018


Fearlessness ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

What would you do, if you weren't afraid to do it? Who would you be if you weren't afraid of what others would think?

Fear is a tricky thing, it masquerades as anger, vagueness, sleepiness, or even perfectionism. What it does, however, is keep us frozen, stuck, or spinning our wheels.

I never acknowledged feeling fearful until I was about 40, and if you look at my younger life, some of the things I did were incredibly brave. But it wasn't until later in life, as a parent with children dependent on me for their own survival, that I acknowledged feeling fear.

It's amazing what we do out of fear, we run from relationships or we rush into them. We leave jobs, or we stay in them too long. Or we rage, which gives the energy not to be paralyzed, a "deer in headlights", but often ends up destroying that which we were fearful of losing.

And here's the thing - fear doesn't exist at the level of Consciousness.  It's totally a creation of the physical realm. It's your body and the attached personality that experiences fear.  Your body-personality reacts to anything that moves it beyond it's comfort zone as a threat. Even if it's good for you. Your body can't conceive of anything it hasn't experienced. So even if it's what it thinks it wants, it may not be able to handle it.

When you're aligned as Consciousness, your little will to your greater Will, then you're in total agreement with everything that is going on. In the present moment, there's total balance and

When you're in the present moment, fear dissipates. The body isn't being forced ahead of itself, nor is it stuck in a past that it cannot change. In the present moment you can make choices and take action, initiate changes.

You aren't your body or your personality. You are Consciousness, you are Presence. When you're fully embodied, your body can relax. You as Consciousness can take care of things, and knows exactly what to do.

And often you find, when you're in Presence, that you already have what you thought you needed, that you never lost that which you thought you'd die without.

Friday, June 1, 2018

True Confessions on Time, Energy, and Money.

Time, Energy, and Money ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

My husband took the week off from work, before letting me know. I had a Telesummit scheduled for Tuesday, and my radio show Wednesday, plus my regular calls and meetings, so my calendar was super busy.

I work from home and it was challenging to maintain my focus with him being in ‘staycation mode’. I made it through the Telesummit but when my radio show co-host suggested that we air a rerun rather than a live show, I heartily agreed.
In Port Townsend, the house behind us is haunted!

After completing my regular calls Thursday, hubby and I took a “daycation” up to historic Port Townsend, and yet on the way I had this nagging feeling I was playing hooky - that I should be working.

Now here’s the thing, I work for myself, I work from home, my schedule is entirely my own. No one's gonna fire me for taking a day off.

I decided to record our show live on Wednesdays (although we do have to fit into an available spot in our radio station’s lineup), I decide I write my blog and send out my Ezine on Fridays. I choose to host Meetups on Saturdays or Sundays, I usually film my YouTube videos on Tuesdays (although the last two weeks I didn’t, due to the upcoming Telesummit).

True Confessions: NONE of these activities actually PAY ME. They’re all designed to support, help and enlighten others. And if someone decides to hire me for coaching, great.

Ironically, a lot of people I work with have money issues. When we shine a light on them, it often reveals they have trouble with their focus on time, and how they spend their energy.

Sometimes they have six figure incomes, but are miserable. They either hate their jobs, or hate their commutes. Or they’re spinning their wheels trying to make an income, feeling like they're going nowhere. They struggle with compulsive spending, credit cards, or underearning and deprivation.
They have confusion about the money or debt they do have, and vagueness about where their time is going.

As they gain clarity about their numbers and their actions, their circumstances rapidly improve. They feel feel more prosperous and abundant with less effort and stress. Because it actually isn't about the money, it's about the quality of their lives and relationships.

I spend my time and energy in ways that prioritize my relationships with my husband and now adult kids. I make choices based on my expanded perspective as Consciousness. I have a prosperous life and feel wealthy with my relationships.

My coach describes his schedule as "fiercely lifestyle friendly", which basically means that if it's going to compromise his values, he isn't going to do it.

I suspect he uses the word 'fiercely' because of the enormous morphic "work ethic" field that says you have to put in long hours, with a lot of effort and sacrifice in order to create a good life.

That nagging feeling I had yesterday? I was reacting to the same message, same morphic field.

As with anything in this world, the opposite is true.

The harder you try to attain something, the farther away it will be. Effort kills creativity. We give up so much power to these 'work ethic' ideals and completely miss the point that we're Infinite Beings and this world is our playground.

Realize that *you* are Consciousness and all the power is within you, not out there.

If you work a job-job, try being there as Consciousness, and see how it alters the experience for you. You may find it being more playful and fun.

If you're looking work, try approaching the interviews as Consciousness, and see how the dynamic changes.

Try prioritizing what's important to you, rather than what you think the world thinks is important, and watch how rapidly your life reorganizes in your favor.

When you use your time and energy as the infinitely creative and powerful Consciousness that you are, your world transforms.

Play with this for the next 7 days, and see what happens!

Friday, May 25, 2018

You Can’t Game The System

You Can’t Game The System ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

It really annoys me when someone says “Make it a great day” - or words to that effect. The more skill I gain from living consciously, the less ability I have to “make” things happen.

And I used to teach people how to create their reality, essentially Law of Attraction before Esther Hicks began channeling Abraham.
What is *your* inner Napoleon like?

When you try to make it a great day, it implies that the day needs making great. That the day wasn’t great to begin with. That you need to *do* something to make that day great. Make the day great again.

Someone could argue it’s about making up your mind that the day will be great. That it’s about your mindset. That you can control the day through your thoughts and your actions.

Can’t you feel the energy of force and contraction? That’s the opposite of openness and expansion.

When we try to make something happen from our mind alone, it’s our inner Napoleon trying to control everything. It’s the little will, the personality part of you, that thinks it’s the sole creator of reality.

Basically it takes essential truths and distorts them. Very sneaky.

Because Consciousness creates reality, you as Consciousness create your reality, but you’re not the only expression of Consciousness, you’re the sole expression of You as Consciousness. With full awareness and appreciation of all the other aspects of Consciousness expressing in form as well.

What happens to me is that I go through a shift in Consciousness, I experience expansion in my life, I find myself at a new level of awareness. Things I felt were solid and real collapse or dissipate, techniques I relied upon stop working. I “upgrade” them (each time they become more subtle with more profound - and more unpredictable - results).

And then my inner Napoleon creeps in and tries to game the system. Because I’ve been doing this work for 37 years, and I’m an expert.

But systems don’t work any more, if they ever did. When you try to make reality that way, there will always be a glitch or a loophole. No matter how perfect your mindset or vision board or repetitive affirmations, your 3 D printer will have gravel in it or a software error.

So I hit a plateau, spend time spinning my wheels, shadow boxing Consciousness, until my current version of Napoleon gets exiled to Elba, and expansion mystically and magically begins again.

When I stand perfectly still, everything in this moment is perfect. There is nothing to want or need. This life is amazing, this world is stunningly beautiful. All is as it should be. All is very, very well.

And then I look at Twitter. Or get triggered on Facebook. Propelled somewhere other than Now.

And no, I’m not on my way to India with my mother’s ashes. And no, we don’t own our own home on Vashon Island... and no, not everyone in my life is living happily ever after (in their current form or story line).

This reality is unfolding out of infinite possibilities, beyond our mind’s ability to imagine. As Consciousness you are immensely complex and multifaceted - what gets manifested comes from You as True Creative Essence, You as Highest Source. It’s already perfect and becoming more so in every moment.  There is no do or try.

People forget that Abraham-Hicks stresses the Art of Allowing. Allow it a great day.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Are You Experiencing Reality As A Stick Figure?

Are You Experiencing Reality As A Stick Figure? ©2018 Joan Newcomb

How are you experiencing reality? Does it feel very extreme, very black-and-white, intense drama, reactivity? Or do you have breathing space, clarity, balance, choice?

On a walk this week I mused about reality and manifestation.  When I'm aligned and connected, my surroundings come into sharp focus.  Greens seem greener, trees are more defined.  I get the sense of walking through this physical reality and it's more profoundly 'real' but on a multi-dimensional level.

There's a belief that this reality is a full-immersion video game, that we're walking around in these meat suits, but we're making it all up.  It goes so far as to imply that others in our reality aren't real, we created them to be there.
Are you experiencing your reality as a stick figure?

As an empath, I had difficulty with this, because I can feel other people's feelings, even if they're 3,000 miles away.  They are sharing their emotional reality with me, and I know it's not mine.

Even though I have a higher awareness, I can easily feel entangled in intensity and drama, extreme emotions, if I'm experiencing other's reality. If I resist it, I get more stuck in it. If I can detach, I can feel compassion for their challenges, and send healing.

But the 'I create my own reality, and nothing is real, including other people' didn't work for me, at least in the cartoonish way it was presented.

It also says that there is no free will, we're all going along predetermined scripts, so stop trying to change, fix, or control things.  This didn't quite feel true to me, either.

Technology has advanced in the years since I first heard this idea, and we now have on-line gaming and Wii.

And while I've been musing, two videos came to my attention.  The first one was Bill Nye ("The Science Guy") talking about creationism vs. evolution.  Creationism can be very black and white, very limiting.  God created everything, God put us here, full stop.

It's a one dimensional explanation for a multi-dimensional world.

The second video was Neil deGrasse Tyson saying the most astounding fact is that our molecules and atoms are made up of the same elements from the beginning of the Universe.

As I listened to the second video, which really described evolution from the initial creation of the Universe, I realized that it was taking Creationism's stick figure explanation and giving it width and depth and length.

Sometimes Science, however, leaves out the aspect of Consciousness, which gives their theories color and tone.

When we were collectively operating from a lower level of awareness, we could only understand things from a stick-figure perspective.  What was written in ancient texts was complex ideas put  forth in a simplistic fashion, much like how you would talk to a child about college level subjects.

'I created my reality, nothing is real, including other people, there is no free will, it's all pre-scripted' is too simplistic as well.

Reality is a complex creation of Consciousness, a game with infinite levels of possibilities.  You can play it any way you want.  There is free will, just like a Gamer has choices of taking different actions and it changes the outcome of their playing session.  There are other Gamers in the equation, which makes the whole experience much more interesting.

It's not just you in your own studio composing on a synthesizer, but an orchestra of musicians each contributing their piece.

And yet, on a higher level, it is.  As Consciousness, you've put forth the elements, but you've also created individuals to run around and bang their own symbols.  You are both Consciousness and the symbol-banger.  You are both the Programmer and the Gamer.

However, in your 'meat-suit', there's only so much you can comprehend.  The more immersed you are in the denseness of physical reality, the less you can be attuned to the greater world.

In my early metaphysical training, there was distain for intellectualism.  In many religious belief systems there's an aversion to the Mind.  It's true that the intellect/Mind can distance you from spiritual Truth, but it's the same distortion as *lack* of intelligence saying Creationism is the only reality.

Consciousness in an Intelligence greater than your own brain, greater than your individual mind.  It's the Internet vs. your hard drive.  God is not a jealous or limiting or punishing god.  God is Consciousness.

And it's not all just atoms and molecules and fishes with feet.  The invisible reality beyond that which is measurable, is Consciousness.

Consciousness brings both dichotomies together.  Because Consciousness transcends time and space, so from that perspective you could say there's no evolution, but only because it's all happening at once (no time).

If, while you are walking along a street, you could shift your vibration to a lower speed, you could see what occurred on that street in the past.  If you could raise your vibration to a higher speed, you could see what will be happening on that same sidewalk in the future.

Your meat suit can't do that.  Your Consciousness can.

But don't go there (unless you're on your third espresso of the day).  You are Consciousness manifesting in this meat suit for the fun of experiencing this present moment in these parameters of density and effort.  When you die, you'll realize your lifetime only a blink of an eye, that you always are Consciousness.  If you spend all your time going outside yourself to feel Spirit, you'll miss the point of being here.

However, this Reality game is so big, it encompasses every belief and approach.  Just as there is no one True religion, nor definition of God, there's no one right way to live life.

Go ahead an visualize, go ahead and use manifestation techniques.  Or let go of creating your reality and go with the script.  It's all valid.

If you choose to be a fundamentalist, that's the Game you'll experience.  If you choose to be an atheist, that's the reality you'll have.  From the level of Consciousness, there is no good or bad (ethics only exist in the physical realm).

This week, I invite you to play with whatever works for you.  Just being playful can shift you out of extremes and reactivity. Try it for yourself. And see what happens!

[updated from "It's All Good" published Sept. 2012]