Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Back To Basic Energetics: Pragmatic Practices for Turbulent Times

For most of the pandemic, I've been mulling over offering a course on basic Energetics. We’ve been called to isolate in our homes, and when we’re out, we have to be physically distant from others. Meanwhile the external world has been getting noisier and more chaotic than ever before. And many places, as soon as they start to open up, either the virus flares up again or, in the case of the U.S. West Coast’s wildfires or the East Coast’s hurricanes, we have to causing us to go back inside. For some they have to leave their homes due to natural disasters or isolating away from others because of the virus.

It seems to be a time to revisit (or learn) some very basic ways to be grounded and present in our bodies,  yet have a bigger perspective on what is going on and why it is all happening.

I’ve hemmed and hawed about this because I hadn’t thought such things were necessary any more. Fourteen years ago I shifted to a 5D experience of the world and many of my basic techniques stopped working. And yet the other day someone called me “grounded”. Which to me has a very specific connotation. It used to be my purpose in life to teach everyone to ground. I felt that everyone’s problems would be solved if only they knew how to ground. And then my shift happened and I had to come up with completely different ways of being.

But what I’ve realized is that my basic techniques aren’t non functional, they’re just different nowadays. 

The other day I had to help someone fix a problem with their Dell laptop. Now I’ve been an Apple gal for almost a decade, so I had to Google the solution. But because I started off in computers during the days of MS-DOS, it didn’t daunt me to dive into their hard drive and do a couple things.

Our energetic insides are more Apple than HP nowadays, but the basics still apply, just in upgraded ways.

So if you have been feeling at sea, like a leaf tossed on waves, this might be for you. If you feel your reality has completely changed and your disoriented with your new experience, this might be for you. If you used to feel grounded and certain but now feel disconnected and confused, this might be for you.

For my previous clients and students, this may be completely new information or a refresher. 

It’s a 6 week course, 90 minutes on Zoom, on Thursdays at 12pm Pacific, 3pm Eastern, starting on October 15th, going until November 19th (the week before US Thanksgiving). For more information and to sign up, email !

Monday, August 17, 2020

Weaving Between Levels of Perception

Weaving Between Levels of Perception © 2020 Joan M Newcomb, CPC

In recent months, with all that’s been going on in the external world, I’ve completely forgotten my storyline. That is, the levels of my story line, and that I’m the moving through this reality from different levels. That’s because I don’t see them as static levels, rather, I weave between the levels of perception. 

When I’ve lost my focus, I’ve dropped a level. That is what the last few months have been like.

I’ve been helping other family members with their realities and forgetting about my own.

Now I’ve had a couple moments of Consciousness, when I’ve brought consciousness in to things and that’s made a remarkable difference. It helped end someone’s struggle with what I now know was Covid (even as I began getting it myself), and helped someone else’s storyline continue (in their body) instead of ending. 

The only thing I did in either of those cases is bring more Consciousness in and to them.

In my storyline I’ve been responding to others and pivoting in response to things on their timeline.

Doesn’t mean there haven’t been unique and interesting things on *my* timeline, but it my focus right now has been furthering others in my hologram.

It’s hard to have a clear sense of my own reality, the external world is very loud at the moment.

Each time I’ve attempted to deliberately create something on my timeline, something else has swept it away. It’s been pretty frustrating. And surprising. Because I don’t normally feel like things are happening to me. Usually I’m aware that I’m creating it all as Consciousness. Even in the most difficult times, I’ve been able to see my creation and go with the flow.

But this time, man, I mean, what the fuck?

And stuff has come up on levels I haven’t interacted in, in years. I mean like fifteen, twenty, thirty years.

I guess it’s all about dismantling old patterns and creating new ones. And now, after what feels like a very long time, I can see myself forging a future, in partnership with others, in ways I couldn’t have imagined. And that phrase, “I couldn’t have imagined” is my clue that I’m creating it as Consciousness. It’s showing up deeper and more complex than I could have imagined as well.

This *is* my storyline. This *is* my creation. Even as it’s all about everyone else.

We’re all in this orchestra together, we all have our individual instruments to play. I can experience now as sitting for the duration of the concern on an uncomfortable chair with a cello between my knees and calloused fingers. I can experience now as the sheet music in front of me and the tenor line alone, which can be rather boring at times. I can hear the string section. I can hear percussion and strings together, and gradually become aware of the entire orchestra and the concert I’ve been participating in.

Any one of these things taken out of context makes no sense at all, and makes for a very humdrum experience.

But now is the time to embrace all of it. Every aspect, pleasant and unpleasant. The cacophony and harmony. 

Bring your full focus to what’s happening now. Bring your Presence into form. Bring Consciousness into the storyline. And watch the collective storyline transform.

Friday, August 7, 2020

How Consciousness Sees Reality

How Consciousness Sees Reality ©2020 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC 

A group of Indian students of Buddhism were granted an audience with His Holiness The Dalai Lama. They asked the most profound questions. One was regarding the perception of the mind versus the perception of (my words) Consciousness or maybe they meant Buddha Nature or Enlightenment, in regards to reality. 

Which is a really great question and here's *my* answer on it. If you want to know what HHDL said, you'll have to Google it. :D

It's a noticeable difference when you are perceiving reality through your mind's filters, than when you're seeing it as Consciousness.  Our mind is rational, judgmental, views things as good or bad, black or white. From Consciousness. it’s more than a thought, more like a feeling perception. Consciousness is neutral, mind is more structured, and that’s why the word ‘illusion’ seems like an inaccurate translation because the more solid and dense reality is, the more of an illusion it is.

I’ve been hesitant to write about this because we’re in very dense times with very painful storylines, just like I wouldn’t have, during the 1930’s and during WWII, been blithely saying ‘it’s all an illusion’. This is definitely a time of Consciousness expanding and density appearing more dense, darkness coming to the surface. 

However, the last few days, walking around my neighborhood, reality hasn't felt... entirely real. It feels more like a movie set. Now I've experienced this before but usually only in glimpses, like walking across the parking lot at  a grocery store. But this has been consistent for several days. It's a very odd feeling. 

It doesn't mean reality isn't real, it just means that I, like many, am experiencing a Consciousness Shift. I'm in the storyline, but not of the storyline. And the story is constantly shifting.

And what stories there are in the storyline! We’re each having our individual story, entangled with the other characters in our lives, entwined with stories going on in our town, our area, our country, the world. 

From a greater perspective, it’s really exciting what it going on, because that which seems so dark and destructive is actually in itself breaking down. That which seems so dominant and powerful is actually in the process of losing power. Consciousness is coming more into form, each of us is experiencing it more within ourselves. We’re all becoming more individually powerful just as we’re all feeling more collectively connected. The old paradigms aren’t working anymore, intolerance, dominance, prejudice, etc. can’t exist in the light of Consciousness.

How is this showing up in your life? What are you noticing? You don’t have to do anything differently. Just start by noticing. Shine your own light of awareness on your life, and things will transform.

Friday, July 10, 2020

When Diving Deep Into Density Is The Way To Higher Consciousness

When Diving Deep Into Density Is The Way To Higher Consciousness ©2020 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I had plans this week to write about this shift to 5D and what it looks like from an in-body perspective. I may still write about it. But right now, through a series of completely unexpected events (very eclipsian), I’m sitting in my son’s living room, acting as the caretaker for my ex husband. He’s been disabled since having a massive heart attack in 2012, and my son, who was 25 at the time and is now 33, has been caring for him ever since.

So I am still not done with my helping my brother, but I’m down to flying out to NYC only 1 week out of them month. And this came up suddenly, and the hands on caregiving is only meant to last until they can hire someone. But it is so, so, so very interesting that it’s me here doing it.

My ex and I divorced almost 25 years ago. A whole other wife has come and gone since then. We shared custody of the kids, but I had some clear boundaries. I never even stepped into the most of houses they lived in during those years. Never saw my kids’ bedrooms there. 

When he had his heart attack, I was in DC caring for my mother. When I came back the following year, he was still somewhat functional. But over time it became clear that he was neurologically affected by oxygen loss during the heart attack, and has other physical issues.

I viewed him as a relative that was ill, and extended a hand when I could to support my son. Mostly that’s looked like runs to Costco once or twice a month. There was a time I tried taking him to a memory support group, after he was diagnosed with dementia. And picked him up from the hospital a couple times after some severe bouts of pneumonia.

But this is the most I’ve actually been in this house, and interacted with him, in almost 25 years.

It feels oh, so, eclipsian. And actually a reflection of the Consciousness Shift. 

You would think that a Consciousness Shift from 3D to 5D would be raising higher in vibration. But this is diving deep into ancient patterns, shining light and disintegrating them simply by being different with them.

This is walking, clear eyed, straight into them. 

My son has done an amazing job taking care of his dad in extraordinarily painful circumstances. His brother lives in Spain and can only come out a couple weeks a year. There is no other family here. His dad has dementia and also emphysema, so he is being with someone who is slowly dying, who is taking years to die. There’s an ongoing grief that happens when you are with someone doing that. Who they were has already died and you mourn that loss. Your job is to provide a safe space as they are leaving the body. During the eight years since the heart attack, my son bought the rental house they’re living in, and has begun a very successful business. But has sacrificed in other areas of his life. How many 33 year olds are in this position? Usually we’re much older, having raised our own families, when this happens.

I sit here, when I’m not bringing his dad coffee, moving the cat out of the room when he wants to smoke (yes he still smokes), or helping him navigate to the bathroom (he can’t recognize shapes or distances any more), and bring Consciousness into this place. With no specific intention. Not changing, fixing, manipulating or controlling the hologram. Just responding to what is. 

My ex is amazed at my ability to recall. He asks a question about something in the past and I tell him exactly what happened in way too much detail. I’m calling myself The Keeper of Memories, since it seems I’m the only one to know these things.

This is what it looks like, the shift to 5D from a 3D perspective. We can’t take our past with us. We are all needing to leave our baggage behind. Those of use with a heavier load of experiences (or concepts or beliefs) are being extra confronted at this time. The more capable of us have created more challenging life times.

And I get to bring light into darkness, which is my purpose for being here. I get to break family patterns by responding differently. 

I just remembered that today is my first wedding’s anniversary. The irony is not lost on me, that I am here today, thirty five years later.

In greater Consciousness, there is no past or future. There is no deeper or higher. As Consciousness all the histories are happening at once. As we expand into greater consciousness (5D) yet remain in form (3D) we get to experience physical reality with less density, less pain. We shall not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it. We will comprehend the word serenity and we will know peace.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

We Want Our Space Back (But what *is* space?)

We Want Our Space Back (But what *is* space?) ©2020 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Saw on Twitter a woman who’s been in the UK since she was 18 months old, married to an Englishman with a British passport with two kids, also with British passports, but she’d been born in Turin, and was separated out when they last went on holiday because her passport was Italian.

So she applied for citizenship and was rejected by the home office, being told she wasn’t “qualified” to live there.

It reminds me of the USA sending countless people who’ve lived all their lives in America to (often dangerous) countries, where many of them have never been before.

The virus is sending us all into our homes to get our space back. And the UK and the US are wanting to send people back to their “home” countries to get it’s space back. 

But there’s a distortion in the truth there. We’re in our homes to maintain our health, it’s a response to the virus because there’s no vaccine and no cure. And it’s meant to be temporary.

The UK and the USA are dislodging people who’ve been there for decades. And what’s truly distorted is that the US was founded by people from other countries, and the UK is made up of centuries of people from other places.

But they’re trying to get their space back. An astrologer in England voted to leave the EU because he felt that the country had gotten “too crowded”.

The darker sides of the US are trying to do that without looking at their own last names.

Identity. Identity is breaking down as we as Consciousness grow into greater connection.

It’s all really about energetic space. The unseen, that we each personally have, and that connects us all. “Getting your space back” really means stepping back from distractions, from other people, places and things. The virus sending us to our homes, kinda sorta does that. And yet it’s also connected many of us globally on Zoom.

But if we’re not aware of Consciousness, if we view the world as Identity, we feel fear and resistance and want to make forceful separations. We cling to old definitions of identity and also descrimitation.

I’m reminded of being at a David Spangler workshop in Duvall, walking by myself in the woods and having the enormous awareness of Love surrounding me. I was frightened at first that I would lose myself if I fell into it and when I did, I discovered being more myself in the midst of it.

That was a good five years before my consciousness shift into 5D.

Interesting to look back on my evolution.

My original training taught techniques for defining and owning your energetic Space, which I adopted with rigidity. Years later I realized that you can’t fall in love without merging, and that it’s through non resistance (which Consciousness is/feels like) you can be together.

When you fall into Consciousness, it’s an incredible expansion, but you don’t lose yourself, you actually gain a greater awareness of who you really are.

I invite you to play with this, this week. I believe the more of us that do this, the easier the collective evolution will be. And wouldn’t it be wonderful to ease us all into a more loving way of being?

Monday, June 22, 2020

We aren’t dying (but why it feels like we are)

We Aren’t Dying (But Why It Feels Like We Are) ©2020 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC 

The other night I woke up in the middle of the night, and as I was waking up, I saw what looked like hand drawn five pointed star in a circle. It was black and white and sketchy, so I got up and Googled it. It is spiritual geometry, used in beliefs like Wicca and groups like the Free Masons. It didn’t feel like 5D Consciousness but that I was picking up on something more 3D related.

The point was up which meant spirit transcending form, as opposed to spirit coming in or embodying form. Which got me thinking about my early mystery school training and actually also Findhorn (the way they hold hands in a circle, the energy cycles around so as to come more into the earthly realm) which are all about spirit coming into form. 

Now you may imagine that transcending form is the thing to do. And that coming more into form seems limiting or less than. 

But actually my training was all about Spirit coming into Body. Trying to transcend form can seem like leaving the body. And many people think that if you transcend to 5D, it means your gonna die.

I can say, with my continuing integration to 5D, that no, there’s no leaving the body, it all just upgrades to a less dense experience. Most of the time. And even that gets dense after a while so you get another upgrade. Like owning an apple product.

What’s happening now is we are collectively experiencing a shift in Consciousness, and the parts we have heavily identified with are going away.  

We aren’t dying, we’re integrating, what’s dying is the denser constructs of physical form, our firmly held beliefs that are absolute bullshit. This is why we see deeply engrained prejudices coming to light. This is why we see Nazis coming out of the woodwork.

And each of us are feeling our light awakening within, our soul essence burning more brightly, the power of who we really are, Consciousness, integrating in form. 

It’s giving us voice, a stronger voice, making us feel more empowered, and it’s also making us no longer tolerate intolerance or injustice or anything that makes any of us less than.

This Consciousness integration has been breaking down definitions and separations, which is why there’s been an emergence of people who don’t identify with gender. 

Rather than limiting our definitions of male and female, all of this expands them. 

As I am shifting to a 5D experience, I find everything is opposite in some ways, from my original trainings. Actually there is no distance or up or down from the perspective of greater Consciousness. As Consciousness is coming into form, the energy doesn’t necessarily come down from the heavens. The energy doesn’t necessarily go up to the sky. The energy can emerge from within.

You know the movie Avatar got it backwards, with these smaller less powerful humans occupying physical forms much greater than they were to live in an environment toxic to their bodies.

This is greater Consciousness emerging into a smaller form, but in occupying it activates the higher ability of the form. Yet when you’re just in form as form, you’re at the mercy of your sensitivity.

That’s when you feel like you’re dying or the world is dying or humanity is dying.

Shift your perspective, see that it’s You, yourself as greater Consciousness coming into form. It will instantly give you a broader awareness of what is happening in the world. When I do that, my heart opens to humanity. I feel the pain and rage of centuries (a millennia or more) of oppression. I feel expansive love and compassion for all sentient beings. 

Operating as the Consciousness that is coming into form it becomes easier to hold steady as things get more roiled up. To accept and allow the massive changes that are happening. To act rather than react. The more of us operating as Consciousness, the more we create a safe space for all of us to shift.

Baby steps. Start today simply by shifting your perspective moment to moment, whenever it occurs to you. And notice how quickly your life completely transforms!

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Friday, June 12, 2020

We All Have Multileveled Spiritual Paths

We All Have Multileveled Spiritual Paths “One Point Of View Does Not Show The Whole Picture”
©2020 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I came across this video that perfectly described my Spiritual Path. I think it’s actually the path of an electron.

Most people’s paths are not linear and yet society’s expectations is that you go along a prescribed route that is measurable and buildable and results in a long term marriage, a solid resume, and a healthy retirement account. Does any of us actually have all of those things?

What this video illustrates how many things are happening at once, on different levels. It may appear that you’re spinning your wheels, that you’re stuck, or that you’re even going backwards. And yet so much is occurring on unseen levels. Spiritual and emotional growth that cannot be validated if you only measure things in a lineal fashion.

Consciousness is experiencing all of this reality from multiple perspectives simultaneously and instantaneously.  There. Is no “progress” not “regression”. It’s not about improvement, it’s not about achieving. It’s not even about fulfilling a life purpose, if you define that to mean completing a mission you supposedly can here to tackle.

Consciousness creates this reality to experience the opposite of what Consciousness is in the state outside of physicality. It’s all about density and effort, it’s all about emotions and sensations. Consciousness’ natural state is expansive joy. When you shift to a 5D perspective, you’re able to experience that joyous ecstasy while still being centered in form. Even while the story line is going to hell in a handbasket.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Diving Through The Collapsing Wave

Diving Through The Collapsing Wave ©2020 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

After a year and a half of commuting to New York to care for my brother who’s had a stroke, the exhaustion caught up with me and I put a pause on my regular ezine/blog posts and you tube videos. I felt like I was saying the same thing over and over again.

I thought I’d start up again in February but the Coronavirus swept across the world, and it seems I was in front of it. The first reported cases in the US were in the Seattle area in February, and I attended a large gathering at the Seattle Center on February 22nd. Then I flew to New York City just as a single case was reported there. On March 1st I flew to Spain, and over the seventeen days there I got to witness the city of Madrid shift from being rarely casual about the outbreak (“there are only 400 cases in a city of 4 million”, to completely locking down on March 14th - people were not even allowed out to exercise. Only one person in a car. You could be fined 50-600 euros for being on the street if you weren’t going grocery shopping for essentials.

I flew back to NYC on March 17th and self-isolated for 14 days. I thought I only had a cold but now with better awareness of the symptoms am convinced it was a mild version of COVID19. While in NYC my sister in law came down with much more recognizable symptoms, and I was there a full month helping her recover and doing my best to keep my disabled brother from catching it.

I’ve been on Vashon Island since April 16th (did not leave the house at all for the first 14 days) and feel like I’m only just getting my head above water.

It’s been an intense few months and it ain’t over yet.

Regardless of what city I’m in, the fear is palpable whenever I go out. I’ve been hesitant to give a spiritual perspective on what is happening, feeling that neutrality could be mistaken for being disconnected or in denial. Also, if I’m so good at what I do, why am I in this parallel Universe? Why haven’t I changed, fixed, or manipulated this hologram?

Here’s the thing - this is all part of the Consciousness shift. What is breaking down, what is disintegrating in our lives whether physically or emotionally, is because greater Consciousness is coming into form.

Now I used to resist the doom-and-gloomers who said, ‘not everybody is going to make it’. And yet, wow, we’re seeing an awful lot of death in a short period of time. But a way to look at it is, there is no death, our loved ones have just left their physical forms for the loving embrace of greater Consciousness. There’s no good or bad about dying or the amount of time you spend in one lifetime in physical form. Also from my “5D” perspective, there are parallel universes where their bodies are still alive. And as Consciousness we’re always connected, whether we’re together in body or not.

My interpretation of “5D” isn’t that we’re all going to shift into it, one of my favorite astrologers thinks that means death. What I have found is, as I experience myself as Greater Consciousness coming more into my body that my reality feels lighter and more fluid. Time is malleable. Grounding is different. Physical reality is less dense. It’s like going from dialup to wifi.

As Consciousness, I’m in total agreement with what is going on, even as my personality rages against it. It’s not about superimposing a rosy vision on what is. It’s more like observing as a city or neighborhood or world goes through an upgrade. Telephone poles get taken down, sewers gets dug up, squalid tenements get condemned.

Right now it’s very glaring that this is a world of opposites. The loudest and weakest are in power, the old paradigms they’re fighting so hard to continue imposing are fading away. What is emerging, I see, is a new, internal sense of empowerment, that we are all inherently and uniquely valuable. As we expand in our awareness, the old definitions are fading away as well, in terms of gender and sex.

It ain’t easy, and it won’t be over in a minute or a month, this transition will continue to unfold.

A while back while playing in the waves at the beach, I learned not to turn my back to the ocean when a giant wave came towards me. You just dive through it to the other side. As these waves of change come towards us, face them, take a deep breath, and dive through them. Reality will be a lot more fun on the other side.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Contractor Built Houses

Contractor Built Houses Aka Manufacturing Without Consciousness ©2019 Joan Newcomb

My husband is an architect, so looking for a place to live with him has always been a different experience. But it’s helped me notice whether a dwelling is designed by an architect or by a contractor.

Contractor built houses are always missing something. There won’t be linen closets. There will be light fixtures at the top of very long stairways - impossible to change without risking your neck. There will be rooms in odd places, stuck off one one side of the house. 

Architect designed houses will have flow, they will have light, there will be more in the design than just what you can stick together with a computer program.

When it comes to manifesting our desires into form, if we’re operating without spirit, what we create will always be missing something. Our minds and our personalities are capable of bringing thought into form. We can do all the Law of Attraction suggestions, we can create vision boards, we can use affirmations, but there will be glitches in the system. Air bubbles in our 3D printed object.

Our higher selves, us as Consciousness,  is the architect. As Consciousness we know more that can possible fit into our brains - our hard drives would crash if we tried to bring it all in! When we manifest as Consciousness, what shows up is bigger than we can imagine. 

“How do I make that happen?” Our mind immediately asks.

Here’s the thing, our minds, our personality, can’t create a formula to make it happen as Consciousness. When it’s happening as Consciousness, there’s no logic to it. There’s no specific timetable. It comes from outside of time and space. It comes from the invisible, it comes from beyond the hologram. That’s incredibly frustrating for our mind machines!

“If I don’t control it, it won’t come out the way I want.” Our mind says.

Consciousness is always coming into form, Consciousness is always manifesting, in fact we slow things down when our minds grab the wheel. We get scared that what is being created isn’t what we want, or will make us feel more limited than what we already are. But limitation is a creation of our mind, personality. 

Immediately my mind starts considering all the problems I have and what I can do to solve them as Consciousness. It doesn’t work that way. It works the other way around.

Start by focusing on Consciousness. Start by tuning into what Consciousness feels like to you. Start identifying *as* Consciousness. This changes the way you operate in the world. It changes the way you interact with others. It changes your perception of your life. 

When you’re manifesting as Consciousness, you’re in agreement with everything that is happening. You feel infinite love for all of creation. 

Then things will begin unfolding in your favor. Your storyline will reorganizing in surprising ways. Living in the mystery won’t be so mystifying. It will be fun and amusing.

Play with this for the next few days and see what happens!

Friday, September 27, 2019

How To Find Constancy In Turbulent Times

How To Find Constancy In Turbulent Times ©2019 Joan Newcomb

I’ve been quite caught up in the political roller coasters happening on both sides of the pond. An UK High Court ruled that Boris Johnson’s recent closure of parliament was against the law, shortly before the story about Donald Trump asking the Ukraine for help with the  US election broke.  

It got me thinking about time and cycles of time. Brexit began shortly before Donald Trump was elected. It’s taken until now for things to start to unravel although they haven’t fully done so yet. However the UK’s also been through three Prime Ministers since it started. 

The US has had two presidents, if you count that Russia’s interference in the US’ elections started during the last election campaign.  

I honestly don’t know enough about the UK’s parliamentary system nor it’s constitution to comment about what’s going on there. I have learned a ton about the US’s constitution and it’s system of checks and balances in the last three years. And, the US experiences pendulum swings every four to eight years. What was done by the previous administration is being undone by the present one, but what the present administration’s doings can be undone by the next one. Except for deaths of immigrants at the border and the increase in hate around the country. 

One thing the UK has, which the US hasn’t, is the Queen. She’s been a constant presence above the political fray for over sixty years. How many Prime Ministers has she outlasted? She gives an identity and models behaviour that continues regardless of the scandals and drama, and what is currently rocking her subjects to their core.

I got up early on Monday to acknowledge the Equinox and to experience Nature’s shift at this time of year. As I sat in meditation, I felt the constancy of Nature. Nature continues through it’s cycles. Yes there is weather and even climate change, and yet Nature feels enduring. I remember reading, I believe it was in “To Hear The Angels Sing” by Dorothy Maclean, the perspective of trees. Trees have enormous lifespans, some have existed for hundreds if not thousands of years. They silently witness the seasons and the passing years. They are also the lungs of the Earth.

There’s a remarkable peacefulness about Nature, even as fires burn and glaciers melt. We’re the ones freaking out, because we are vulnerable and can only survive within narrow parameters on this planet. Nature will continue to exist.

My rational mind is chattering away as I type this. It flashed me pictures of a dead planet, as if the Earth is on the verge of becoming Mars. 

As I settle into the enormous embrace of Nature I am also shown multiple possibilities, including if humans band together and make specific changes now. 

This planet is one of contrasts, where opposites exist. Nature has its many levels of creating and destroying. Some trees don’t germinate unless there’s a forest fire. Earthquakes indicate the planet is expanding, the continents are still moving. Human beings have their own cycles of creating and destroying as well. As we evolve, we have to de-story old ways of being. We are witnessing the death knell of those things that do not align with increased Consciousness in form.

In the last three years I’ve hit many points of wanting to change, manipulate, and fix external reality. I want to be in a different Universe. And yet I had also come to a realization that, as Consciousness, I *am* creating this reality, moment by moment. If I try to alter or adjust what’s going on outside of myself, I have lost my focus as Consciousness and am trying to control from an egoic level.

Recently, however, I’ve been playing with my old techniques. They don’t work very well - rather like opening up a computer that operates solely on MS-DOS. One thing that has created surprising results is to simply bless my circumstances. I imagine gold sunlight coming down over me, or my day, or my journey. I do it whimsically, without expectations. And then I’m completely gobsmacked how things unfold in my favor, even to the point of time and space reorganizing. 

If you have felt overwhelmed by current circumstances, I invite you to disconnect from the newsfeed for a bit and connect with Nature. And if your own timeline feels unmanageable, bless it.

Try that for the next few days and see what happens! 

Friday, September 20, 2019

Symbiotic Relationships 2019

©2019 Joan Newcomb
This is an updated version of a post from 2012

I’m in the midst of heavy duty care giving again, this time helping my younger brother recover from a stroke. It helps me to remember that in every situation, I’m receiving as well as giving. Right now there is healing occurring on many levels. My brother and I share a unique childhood, no one else in the family (who is still alive) experienced the things we experienced. And I’m benefiting in other ways, like getting to spend my weekends running around Manhattan. 

"Symbiotic Relationships"usually refers to two different species, such as barnacles on whales or birds on rhinos.  Barnacles grow on whales and live off of particles floating in the surrounding ocean that would otherwise affect the whale's vision.  Several kinds of birds feed off of insects that live on rhino's skin (you could say the insects themselves have a symbiotic relationship with their host).

It's also a good term for how we humans interact with each other.

Biology describes 5 different kinds of Symbiotic Relationships:

  1. Mutualism, where both species benefit
  2. Commensalism, where one species benefits, the other is unaffected
  3. Parasitism, where one species benefits, the other is harmed
  4. Competition, where neither species benefits
  5. Neutralism, where both species are unaffected
(taken from

It's an interesting way to look at your friends, family and coworkers!  Is your relationship Mutual, a 'win-win' for each person?  Are you and your partner, family member, or employer/coworker/customer equally benefiting? 

Is it Commensal you're getting something and they're not getting anything but it doesn't matter to them?  That's a tougher one to imagine.  Even if you feel you're putting out all the effort and getting nothing back, there's always something returning to you.

It gets a little messy when considering Parasites.  People aren't exactly ticks or noxious weeds, but you could look at some government officials being parasitical when they want tax breaks for themselves while withdrawing services for others. When I was a teenager, my father called my mother, my brother and I, “parasites”. Verbal abuse scars the soul. This is one of the childhood wounds I’m hoping I’m healing while I’m New York.

Biology defines Competition as where *neither* benefits.  Spiritually, competition stops growth and creativity, as it places your attention outside yourself.  Competition focuses not just on doing better than someone but in outdoing them.  In biology it affects survival.

Neutral is as tough to imagine as Commensal, because how can there be an interaction without being affected?

Unless you're roughing it on a desert island, we are all interdependent, no matter how alone or resistant you may feel.  No relationship is truly one way.  Even anonymously helping someone leaves you with a good feeling, just as using them leaves you feeling bad.

It can be disturbing to realize in a dysfunctional relationship you were actually getting something out of it.  Perhaps you were afraid to leave because you were still trying to get taken care of.  Perhaps you didn't want to take responsibility for yourself.  Perhaps their dysfunction made you seem normal!

We are all participating in a giant energetic tapestry called life.  Each of us is creating or emitting a colorful thread of our own unique vibration.  And from a broader perspective we've agreed to be here interacting with everyone else.  It's all good, even if we don't experience it that way at the moment.

This week, in your relationships, notice - are you the whale or the barnacle? The rhino or the bird?  The tree or the ivy?  It doesn't matter if you're big or little, you're receiving something from it!  Acknowledging the pattern can help you change it.  Recognizing your part or what you're receiving from it can help you accept it, and transform it if you want to.

Try this for 7 days and see what happens!

Monday, July 29, 2019

Mystic Minute: Stay above The Power Grid!

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