Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Friday, November 17, 2017

Should You Speak Or Be Silent?

Should You Speak Or Be Silent ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

My husband is a devout Buddhist and he rescues every spider from our house and gently places it outside. I haven't the heart to tell him that some spiders are outdoor spiders and some are indoor spiders. Placing an indoor spider outside is sentencing it to a slower death than if he'd just let me vacuum the sucker.

Today I drove past a car on our street with it's lights on. I assumed that they'd just run into their house briefly, or that they had those kind of headlights that gradually turn off after you get out.  But when I came back home an hour later, the lights were still on.  Normally I would have stopped and knocked on the door, but I had to be on the air with my radio show in 15 minutes.

These are mild examples compared to what we're seeing in the news. People speaking up about assault or unacceptable behavior, sometimes years after the abuse happened. We're in a new era of increased light. Things that were hidden are now exposed. People aren't staying silent any more.

I've shared a lot on my family history, but not all. Do I speak now or be silent? Some of the major players are dead. Some of the participants are not.

Until we see our past in a new light, we may not realize we grew up with domestic violence. We may not realized we were assaulted. Being swatted with a bare hand may not seem abusive to someone who was hit with a cane in their own childhood. Verbal abuse is invisible, except it leaves a mark on your soul.

Sometimes this is denial, sometimes it's being uninformed. But as we collectively become more enlightened, it's hard to stay ignorant.

Reading the news as people come forward telling of being groped as teenagers, it's hard to imagine how anyone could think that was ok. Until you realize the age of consent in the US used to be 10 to 12 years old, during the "pioneer days" in the 1800's.

At this point I take a deep breath and step back. Rather than experiencing all of this from the middle of the news and emotionality, what is this like from the perspective of Consciousness?

I shift my viewpoint from my body/personality which grew up with all of these experiences, to the expanded view of Consciousness. As Consciousness, I exist outside of time and space, I am aware of all humanity and it's interweaving patterns. I see their histories for what they are. Stories.

I see the emotions for what they are. Colors to the stories, musical notes to the symphony.

I see the historical layers of the patterns rising up in peoples' awarenesses.

And I see that everyone is Consciousness creating all of this. Everyone is creating their storylines, Everyone is both Essence and Personality.

I can speak up if I want to, if I feel motivated to. And I can be silent if I don't want to contribute to the drama. And things don't need to be said out loud, to be heard.

I can also communicate to others as Consciousness. I can communicate with those who have passed (it's like a bad cell phone connection, they're easier to talk with just harder to hear) this way. And I can also talk to those who would not hear me in person. As Consciousness they already know.

As Consciousness this is a new phase of increased light coming into form, illuminating the darkness, disintegrating that which is not in integrity with it. As Body/Personalities we are feeling this seismic shift as those things we've resisted are being release.

As Consciousness it's exhilarating. As Body/Personality it's exhausting. This is where we, as Consciousness, can step in and parent our body/personality. We can lovingly care for our "smaller selves" during this turbulent time.

Should you speak or be silent? As Consciousness you know the answer.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Owning Space vs. Claiming Space

Owning Space vs. Claiming Space ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Years ago, when I taught "psychic meditation", the one lesson I didn't feel confident teaching was "owning space". Intellectually, I understood the concept, but as an empath it was difficult to "own" my space when I felt so many other people's emotions inside me.

Recently I heard someone talking about "claiming space". They were talking about claiming the ability to create wealth. It was appealing, but felt like it missed the mark.

Think about explorers claiming a new country for their nation. Is that land theirs? Claiming feels like taking ownership of something outside of you, something you don't feel like you really have in the first place.

Your space is yours, in the old days I'd say it's your 'God given right', and no one can come into your space without your permission. But the step up from that is that your space is yours, and you as Consciousness have ultimate seniority within it.

Owning space is taking ownership of what is already innately yours. You are Consciousness, infinitely powerful and wise. When you acknowledge this about yourself, you're owning your space.

People have all sorts of reactions to someone owning their own space. They can accuse them of being heartless (when they're simply being neutral), they can become competitive with them (competition is an indicator of where they are not owning their own space and an opportunity for you to own yours).

Owning your own space has nothing to do with anyone else. People often revert to childhood and become rebellious when they're in the process of learning to own space.

Space isn't anything you have to "take back" or "claim". It's inherently yours, and all you need to do is focus within yourself, and own it.

When you do that, reality reorganizes around you. The thing you were seeking or desire, shows up.  You're able to have the relationship you've always wanted, because you're in relationship with yourself first. You're able to have the wealth you've always desired, because you're centered in your own source energy (rather than in the space of lack).

This world is one of polarities, dichotomies, and opposites. Our bodies are born into it seemingly weak and helpless. We feel that whatever we need is outside of ourselves.

When you shift your identity from your body and it's personality to yourself as Consciousness, you realize that it is your own essence that is the creative source. When you focus outside of yourself, you're going to experience more lack. When you focus on yourself as Consciousness within, you'll discover a wellspring of untold potential.

Try that for the next week. Take your focus off of your external circumstances, and focus on yourself as Consciousness instead. Tune into the infinite energy within, and own it as yourself. And see what happens!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Don't Apologize For Being Neutral

Don't Apologize For Being Neutral ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

There is a lot of emotional and mental noise in the world today. Things are really polarized. And there's a big message out there that if you aren't upset about something, there's something wrong with you!

Often, however, the more dramatic the scenario, the less likely it is to be true. It's more likely a distraction from something else really going on. Or is simply an indicator of a distorted perception.

97% of us grew up in dysfunctional homes. Many of us suffer from PTSD. When triggered, there's going to be a very, *big*, reaction. And, wow, there's a lot to react to in the news.

But how does it feel to react to all that's going on? How does it feel to be in the thick of it?

I find it really frustrating and painful. I had a lot of sleepless nights this time last year. It reminded me of the misogynism and narcissism of my childhood. My response, when I got old enough, was to fight back. In that scenario, I think I was the only one to leave without feeling like a victim, with a sense of power because I could stand up.

Yeah. That's a pattern that's not in present time.

My expanded perspective now, as Consciousness, is that anything that is negating, anything that is dramatic, is not the Truth. It is an entanglement of density. It emanates from bodies and personalities and is disconnected from Consciousness.

When I'm responding as Consciousness, I feel neutral. I don't get emotionally caught up in the stories. I have a bigger picture viewpoint. I see the greater Light of Consciousness shining in the world and exposing that which has been hidden in shadows. I see uncomfortable patterns rising to the surface to be cleared.

There's a valuable tool I learned when working with families and friends of alcoholics, and it's called 'detachment'. It's being able to detach, to not be emotionally affected by the alcoholic's behavior. When you stop responding to the chaos created by someone actively drinking, you can clearly see how you can adjust your own behavior. You can learn how to step back and let them have the consequences of their actions. It gives you the energy to take care of yourself instead.

Now, folks who are embroiled in the drama are going to get pissed off if you're not in the trenches with them. They'll accuse you of being disassociated, or frigid, or 'on the other side'.

But when you respond as Consciousness, you're able to not get drawn in. You don't need to apologize for being neutral.

Being neutral doesn't mean not having any feelings at all. But the feelings are even, not turbulent. Mostly as Consciousness, I feel compassionate, and even amused if it's really batshit crazy.

I've even felt sad about some situations. But as Consciousness I know things can get reversed in an instant. As Consciousness, I know that *everyone* is Consciousness, even if they're not currently acting like it.

As Consciousness I know that this lifetime happens in a blink of an eye. This, too, shall pass. They, too, shall pass. Things, and people, can change.

Responding, from neutral, is retaining your power as Consciousness. No one has authority over your internal space. You can make empowered choices as Consciousness. And that leads to an incredible sense of freedom.

Friday, October 20, 2017

When You're The Only Magician In The Room

When You're The Only Magician In The Room ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

It can feel a little lonely, being the only magician in a world full of muggles. There's no one to talk to about all the amazing things you're experiencing. And when you try, your words get all jumbled up and people look at you as if you're crazy.

You're not crazy. Far from it. You may be the only sane person in the room.

The world is going through a shift in Consciousness but people are each waking up at different a pace. And those who are already awake may be hiding it, because they don't want *you* looking at them as if they're crazy.

It's hard to understand how people can remain unconscious, when there's such beauty and wonder all around.

So, of course, our first impulse is to run around trying to help everyone wake up. And to furiously use magic to make things different.

It works, temporarily, but always seems to backfire. Or worse, when you get entangled in other's unconsciousness, it draws you back there, too.

How can we take them with us, our unconscious loved ones? How can we make the world less unbearable?

The world of Muggles becomes a lot easier when you're not trying to drag them all into consciousness. They'll wake up in their own sweet time. And you needn't disguise yourself or dampen your energy to match them. Stay your bright and shiny self.

Unbearable things are going on in the world, and have been since the world began. Things are actually better than they used to be, and are getting better (news headlines notwithstanding).

There is one 'Potteresque' technique you can use to make it easier on yourself in your newly awakened, heightened sensitivity.  I call it the invisibility cloak.

Wrap yourself in it the next time you're going to be around unconscious people. It won't necessarily make you invisible, but it will help you be non-resistant to their denser energy. It will allow you to maintain your bright and shiny higher frequency.

You won't always need to use it, but it will make it easier for you to be out in the world.

And as you learn to maintain your own unique energy as you navigate the world, you'll begin to encounter other magicians. They were always there, but you couldn't see them while preoccupied with muggles and mugglish things.

Play with this, this week, and see what happens!