Friday, March 16, 2018

Do You Need To Lose Your Ego/Personality?

Do You Need To Lose Your Ego/Personality? ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I know of three people who had profound spiritual awakenings, and lost their personality when they did. I personally believe they might have had mini-strokes or breakdowns. Regardless of the reason, they each went from being depressed, even suicidal, to an expanded knowingness, overnight.

Collage of Eye In The Sky by C. Löser
In some spiritual practices, it's almost a requirement to destroy your ego in order to attain spiritual transcendence. 

However, I believe that kind of requirement is a distortion of whatever the original teachings were. Like the idea that you need to deprive yourself, of food or sex or money, in order to be more holy.

You don't need to have a stroke, you don't need to suffer, nor do you need to become a blank slate, in order to shift from a lower awareness to Consciousness.

(One person who had a profound Consciousness Shift after stroke reported that her personality actually came back after a couple of years, but she just laughed at it).

You don't need to destroy your ego, you just need to discern the difference between it, and the greater aspect of You, the essence of you, which I like to call Consciousness. 

If you look around, most everyone in the world is operating as their personality. Decisions are being made and actions are being taken, not as an Infinite or expanded Consciousness but as the little being in a body that has survival needs, that has limitations, that's only going to be here for a number of years. 

I've found that the more disconnected you are from yourself as Consciousness, the more you will be running off of compulsive behaviors, and the more out of balance your life will be.

When you shift your perspective to that of Consciousness, you operate differently in the world. You're aware of your personality and your body's needs. You don't deny them, you care for yourself with adequate food, shelter and companionship.

It's not an overnight process (unless you want to have a mini-stroke or breakdown of some sort). But it's a process of learning to navigate differently, of discovering the difference between running the show as the "little" will versus the "greater" Will.

Your world does transform, and can transform rapidly, when you start operating as Consciousness. Yet it transforms in ways your personality may expect and beyond what your ego can imagine. 

There's a greater result beyond whatever it is you think you want to be, do, or have right now. And it can be had easily and effortlessly, simply by shifting your perception to the greater viewpoint of yourself as Consciousness.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Safety And Growth

Safety And Growth ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

In spiritual classes and groups, it’s important to create a safe place for people to learn and grow. A good teacher or facilitator will hold a space that is clear and grounded or focused, and the group will agree to things like confidentiality and respect.

When these things are established and these requirements are met, a wonderful container is created where people can go deep and evolve and develop in new ways.
Convex Lens by P.C. Anton

Yet, our greatest growth happens when we’re outside of those environments, when we’re in the “real world”, when shit happens and we just have to deal with it. What’s up with that?

And, honestly, when I reflect back on pretty much all of the “spiritual” classes and groups that I’ve ever been involved with, even though there was an intent for it to be a safe place, there were still personalities and patterns going on that weren’t safe in the least!

This is a planet of dichotomy, of polarities, where opposites exist, for every Truth there is a contradiction.

As much as the ideal is for nurturing new beings into bodies or ideas into form, outside reality is tough. Kindergarten can be brutal. Disneyland isn’t necessarily the happiest place.

So then we create external solidity, a “scar tissue”, of personality and concepts, protective identities
that restrict our ability to expand.

Which is why we end up going to spiritual classes, or therapy, or twelve step groups, to help us peel away the layers.

An important part of maturing is to be able to hold an inner space of safety while allowing for evolution and growth.

How do you do that? There isn’t one way. This is a planet of duality, remember. What is right for you at one point may be different later on.

The one constant in all of this is You, the essence of who you really are. The You that came in when your body was born, the You that has been navigating the physical world, the You that is reading this.

As much as you may not know how to do this externally, the inner You absolutely does. The inner You never changes, your experience of yourSelf is what expands as you grow through time and space.

What I do know, is when I navigate from my greater self that I currently call Consciousness, things are much easier. No matter what hardship or difficulty I may be facing, when I operate as Consciousness, the external world reorganizes in my favor. Regardless of how the storyline unfolds, it feels beneficial as Consciousness.

When you shift your perspective from your personality to yourSelf as Consciousness, you gain a feeling sense of how to discern which way to go. If it feels constricted, or distorted, you’re clearly encountering dysfunctional patterns.

If it feels bright or open, it’s clearly Consciousness.

That doesn't mean, don’t go towards construction or dysfunction, because if you’re a light bringer or a healer, you’re going to want to dive into those situations to bring light to them or help them.

But you can go into them with your own inner clarity and not lose your connection to your essential Self in the process.

When you shift to being Consciousness, the issue of safety disappears. Life becomes one big Improv class, and you have the freedom to experiment with all sorts of different ways to respond.

So play with this, this week, and see what happens!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Advanced Spiritual Navigation

Advanced Spiritual Navigation ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

From the standpoint of spiritual development, there's a lot of exciting stuff going on in the world today. People are accelerating at an amazing rate. Even newbies to the field find it possible go deep in an instant.

There are so many seminars, activations, videos, available to explore. You can practically get a Ph.D in quantum physics watching YouTube!

It's exhilarating to embark on this journey, to discover that you aren't your persona or how your family, friends, culture has defined you.

When you awaken, it can also be intense, with so much access to infinite wisdom. All the high vibe "downloads"can be overwhelming.

There's a pitfall to being a spiritual seeker. Since we don't feel we have any information on our own, our natural tendency is to look "out there" for the knowledge. And energetically, we go "out there" for the answers. For this reason, there's a stereotype about spiritual people being flakey or ungrounded.

It's ironic, because we go "out there" to become more spiritual, but when you die, you discover you were Spirit all along. So a vital part of your spiritual evolution is learning how to bring your awareness *into* your body.

Now there are practices that help do this, such as mindfulness meditations, or yoga. These are very useful in helping you get anchored and connected within your physical form.

But there's still the inclination to go "out there" for information, to give up seniority to the teacher.

At some point, you have to navigate from your own authority as Consciousness.

I'm not talking about being a hotshot guru, or the next Ted Talks star. That's an egoic reaction that gets in the way of progressing to this level.

The whole reason for being on this planet is to experience the world as Consciousness in form. People often get to the first part of this, learning to explore reality from within a physical body.

But they miss the second part of this, owning their own authority as Consciousness. That's the game changer.

It's like taking never ending dance lessons. At some point you need to leave the classroom and dance. At some point you *are* your own choreographer and director.

Advanced spiritual navigation isn't being able to transmigrate at will, see auras, or talk to dead people. It's really very simple, and boils down to two steps:

1. Inhabit your own body.
2. Go where you want to go.

You will find, when you operate as Consciousness, this gets easier and easier. And you discover that all your old desires and goals dissipate. Or effortlessly show up in your life. Reality reorganizes in your favor. It becomes a benevolent universe.

It won't always be perfect, but you'll know not to steer from effort or resistance (that takes you towards unconsciousness). Instead you step forward with ease and grace, and watch things unfold more perfectly that you could possibly imagine.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Mystic Minute: Your Essential Purpose

We all have an unique expression in this world -What is Yours?

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Friday, February 23, 2018

This World Is A Science Experiment

1st published restoration of Elasmotherium sibiricum 1878
Author Rashevsky, A.F. Brant supervisor, (public domain)
This World Is A Science Experiment ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Did you ever grow a bean in blotting paper in a glass jar when you were a kid? It was pretty fun, you'd add a bit of water every day and watch the bean grow roots and then sprout a green vine. That's as far as my project would get before I'd stop watering and everything would grow brown, shrivel up and die.

Ant farms were also fun. You could watch the ants create mazes in the sand. Or terrariums, filled with rocks and plants, you'd seal the top and it would continue to flourish with sunlight and condensation.

Now imagine greater Consciousness and this planet.  The process is a little different, and the timeline is billions of years. But Consciousness exists outside of time and space (they are structures within physical reality created by Consciousness), so the entire history of Earth has taken no time at all.

And Consciousness as life force energy is within everything, and Consciousness' overarching sentience is also within everything.

Which means everything has sentience, whether it's a rock or an insect or a plant or an animal. But there are different degrees of awareness and expression as Consciousness through these physical forms.

Consciousness has been playing with forms since developing the first cosmic soup. On this planet, when I look at dinosaurs, I see them as prototypes, early kinds of vehicles for Consciousness to occupy. To clarify, Consciousness occupies everything. But each one is a different experience. Rollerblades, skateboards, bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, cars, buses, tanks, boats, airplanes, all provide a different experience moving through time and space.

Human bodies are pretty sophisticated vehicles, and not just because we have opposable thumbs. We have an ability to build and create, to express imagination, in a way no other animal has on this planet.

As human bodies have evolved, Consciousness can occupy them to a greater extent. We can see the results of greater Consciousness in form with the development of technology. We're driven to replicate our essential attributes as Consciousness, by creating vehicles to go at greater speeds than walking, or riding another animal. By defying gravity. By manufacturing modes of communication that mimic our inherent telepathy and clairaudience.

We've even developed our physical form of Akashic Records with the internet and the cloud storage.

Now, would you like to quantum leap this experience for yourself? It's pretty simple to do.

Imagine this world as a science experiment, and you're one of the sea monkeys in the jar. Are you going to go through your life as a brine shrimp, or as Consciousness inhabiting form?

Notice what happens when you shift your perspective. You bring greater Consciousness into your form. It feels different, it looks different, it sparks different awareness, in inspires different action.

This isn't an intellectual exercise, and it may not be a one-time thing (I only know of a handful of people who were instantaneously transformed doing this exercise just once).

For me it's a continual practice, that I do sporadically throughout the day. The more you do it, the more second nature it becomes, and the more it ripples out into all aspects of your life.

For me, it's resulted in feeling more joyous, more relaxed, more free. It feels like a benevolent Universe, even while the game can be challenging at times. I know when I'm responding as Consciousness because I feel amused or inspired.

Play with this, this week, and see how it unfolds in your life!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Playing Hooky From Life

Playing Hooky From Life ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC
The Truant's Log, R Hedley 1899'

When I was five, we moved to England. We hadn't found a school for me when my brothers went off to their new institutions in late August. I remember pulling the curtains in the living room in the day time so the truant officers couldn't see me playing hooky.

Now, there probably weren't truant officers in England, in the same way there were ones in the U.S. And I probably was only out of school for maybe a week, before I was enrolled in a girl's private school. I was five, and starting kindergarten probably wasn't as important as getting my brothers into appropriate middle and high schools.

Looking back, that whole experience was a huge shift in reality. I wasn't playing hooky, I was transitioning from one universe to another one. From suburban Maryland to the city of London. From running through backyards barefoot, to school uniforms and lace up shoes.

When I was fifteen, I lived in Canada. The teachers went on strike for 3 months in the middle of my grade 10. I wasn't exactly playing hooky during that time, as school wasn't happening. But I learned there were options and choices.

It was another huge shift in reality. It disrupted my path. If that hadn't happened, I would have gone in an obedient pattern through high school and college. Instead, after 2 1/2 years of high school, I went to college early. After 2 semesters of college, I went back to London at 18 and auditioned for drama school. I spent a year in drama school before being culled, moved back to the States... eventually ending up in a Mystery School in Seattle which set me on my true life path.

The point of this isn't my education. The point is about playing hooky from life, taking a break from expectations of what we're supposed to do so that we can reflect on what we want to do. So that we can make choices and take actions as greater Consciousness rather than just responding to what we "should" be doing.

These shoulds, these expectations, these supposed tos, are so deeply ingrained, they're invisible to us. We can't see how we're running off patterns that were installed generations back.

Sometimes it seems like life creates a pattern interrupt, moving you to a different country and culture, or distrupting a school year, setting into motion a series of events that puts you on a different life and career path than you thought possible.

And you can create your own breaks, whether it's a day a week or longer. To stop doing your regular routine and what's expected of you. To get your head clear to know what your heart is calling you to do. How your Essence wants to be expressed in this world. What you as Consciousness wants to experience instead.

We are scared to do this because it feels like our whole life may collapse, and we'll lose parts that are important to us. Yet when we do this as Consciousness, it can result in a gentle rearranging of reality, or finding your life falls into place more perfectly that you can imagine.

My experience of embodying Consciousness is that it's a lot less painful than forcing yourself to conform so that your parents can understand your choices, for example.

Consciousness is much more benevolent than society. Take a day off and discover how munificent this Universe really is.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Shining Light on Obstacles

Shining Light on Obstacles ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Someone said to me that an obstacle is just something requiring more light. It reminds me of trying to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. We stumble over our shoes and run into open drawers. When there's enough light, we can see our way without hurting ourselves.

When there's enough light, obstacles don't seem so big or impossible. They remind us to put our shoes away and close drawers.
Shining light on obstacles can reshape them into stepping stones instead. Perhaps the stumbling blocks at work are directing you towards a different career.

Why on earth would we cling to an obstacle, instead of letting it go? Because it feels familiar.  We'll stay crouched behind it, no matter how uncomfortable we are, not daring to peer beyond. It's scary out there!

Or, we may be afraid of moving past the obstacle because we imagine everything else in our lives that we value may get lost in the process.

Obstacles aren't always something to destroy. In relationships, perhaps they're an opportunity to become more honest, to go deeper and expand emotionally.

In order to overcome our obstacles we need to shine light on them, to see them clearly for what they are.

If you view this life as a full immersion virtual reality game, you can see obstacles as temporary setbacks that lead to more awareness. The process of changing them shifts you to a new level of Consciousness.

Nothing is ever truly stuck, and no obstacle is insurmountable. Some may have kept you paralyzed for years, some may be truly overwhelming. But the world is full of stories of people overcoming incredible odds, healing from fatal illnesses, rebuilding their lives after losing everything.

This is a realm of stories. When you can lean into the obstacle, shine the light of Presence upon it, the story changes.

But it's how you view this amusement park of experiences that helps you transmute it. If you see yourself as just a character, then you'll feel at the mercy of other things. You'll have a limited amount of choices to make changes.

In trying to be the writer of your story, you'll have limited success. You can bring changes through the realm of thoughts but there will always be glitches or loopholes due to all the unconscious thoughts we have.

If you view yourself as the director, you'll feel more in charge, but you'll also want to control the scenery and other actors.

When you realize that you are the Consciousness that is creating all of this, reality begins to reorganize. There's no need to change, fix, or manipulate the storyline. Obstacles become something to delight in, fun challenges to play with.

As Consciousness, you *are* the light that is shining in the world. You bring your Presence into everything.

Shine your own Light on obstacles, and watch them magically transform.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Choosing To Live or Choosing To Die

Choosing To Live or Choosing To Die ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

We experience life on a multitude of levels. It is infinitely complex. It is definitely not black and white. But the level where we feel the most conflict and pain, is the level that presents the most choices.

If we're operating totally unconsciously, we don't feel like we have any options. Life happens to us. There is always something bigger and more powerful, that has influence over us. Bad things happen, it's probably our fault or someone else's fault. Good things happen, it's a coincidence.

When we experience life with more Consciousness, we're aware we have choices. If we make a decision, take an action, we can see it's effect in our lives. We feel a little more empowered. If things appear to happen, we can respond differently. Even if something seems "bad", we feel we can do something about it.

At this level of choice, we can go towards light, we can go with energy in motion, we can experience breakthroughs. It's not always comfortable, but it can be exhilarating.

And, in a funny way, choosing not to take action is still an action. We can choose to stay still, to not move. It's familiar, but it may be more painful.

When you look at life from this level and in this way, you can look at it as choosing to live or choosing to die. You can notice whether or not someone is bringing more life energy into form, or is on the way out.

And at a higher level of Consciousness, we're aware of all of these levels, and there isn't a judgment about life and death, coming more into body or leaving it. Sometimes people leave the party early. Sometimes people hang out until the wee hours.

Growing older means knowing more people going down the path of dying.  As much as it would be nice to hang out longer with our friends and loved ones, everyone has their own storyline and timing. I may miss their bodies when they're gone, but I sometimes (often) have a better relationship with them when they're non-physical.

At a higher level of Consciousness, the choice isn't about living or dying. It's about being fully in form, living fully in the moment, loving and appreciating all that is, and everyone in it.

I guess you could say that's choosing Life.

Friday, January 26, 2018


NRSV God ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb

I was chatting with a Christian lay minister the other day and trying to explain my expanded awareness of Consciousness and she said, ‘Oh, you have a new version of God!’

I laughed because, years ago when I read such things, my favorite version of the Bible was the New Standard Version. According to her, I have a NRSV God.

Many people don’t realize how many versions of the Bible there are. So many interpretations and translations. And yet they claim every word in it is true. But will pull out a piece of scripture to justify a behavior that isn’t very “Christian”.

We view the world through our personal lenses, our ‘slides’ or transparencies of our beliefs about reality rather than what really is.

There is an Essence of truth in all religious writing, but many distortions as well. And we each have an essence of truth in awareness of God, but many distortions as well.

The old, Charlton Heston in the Sky, version of God that I grew up with, no longer works for me. I don't use the word God any more, it feels too limiting. That went away a couple of decades ago when I shifted to an awareness of Spirit, the invisible energy beyond, that I’d call Universe when I was talking to it. “Hey, U.!” I’d say.

This awareness was not personified, and characterized by a heightened clarity of vision. My surroundings would look brighter and crystal clear when attuned to Spirit.

I’ve had some profound spiritual awakenings, several times being enveloped in Love. Amazing experiences of falling into this energy and yet become more fully my Self.

I used to describe this as Essence, and explain it to people as the Essence of who You are.

Yet all of these still placed it as something outside of myself. And my evolution is pulling me towards  this source as being within me, and as the real ‘me’.

More recently, I’ve been calling this Consciousness which seems to many people as simply ‘awareness’ or being conscious (as in being deliberate).

When I shift my focus to Consciousness, it’s a more embodied feeling than when I used to talk to the Universe. The Universe was still above me. Consciousness integrated.

As Consciousness, I have no sense of specific directions, in or out, so I realize that it doesn’t make sense to define it as inside or above. But the difference for me is the identification. Language isn’t adequate for this experience.

You are Consciousness, and have a body-personality that you’re experiencing the world through. I am the same Consciousness, with a different body-personality. It’s all the same Consciousness, just a different vehicle.

We want to superimpose our body limitations on this, saying we are all One, and that you are a reflection of me.  You could say that One is all we, and we are all emanations (rather than reflections). Except Consciousness isn't One, it doesn't have numbers.

And even as Consciousness has no directions, it's still useful to be in touch within your physical form. Because as Consciousness you created this reality and you created the body that you're in to experience it with.

We get to be individuals as well as Consciousness. Which makes me realize that our purpose for being here is about creating, experiencing and feeling. How we each do that is up to us.

Most people view themselves as a personality, or even as a soul with a divinity that is outside or separate. When you shift your identification to that as Consciousness, it shifts your perception of everything as well.

Life becomes so much easier with a broader viewpoint. You're no longer caught up in the roller coaster ride of human drama. There's greater freedom, greater joy, greater love and appreciation.

I invite you to try it this week, shifting your awareness to being Consciousness in form, and see what transforms!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Why There Is No Karma

Why There Is No Karma ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Humans are always interpreting the world through their linear viewpoint. It's like fish interpreting the Universe from their underwater perspective.

Physical bodies move through time from birth to death, and we expect spiritual reality to be governed by the same restrictions.

Our personalities have flaws and we make mistakes as we stumble through this life. And Karma assumes that these carry over to the next lifetime. Just as it assumes that such things carry on from previous lifetimes.

From the perspective of Consciousness, this makes no sense. Consciousness does not experience time nor space. To Consciousness, all lifetimes are happening at once. Consciousness is all knowing, all wisdom. There are no progressions, spiritual learning or maturity or development.

The idea of Karma is a distorted interpretation of energetic cause and effect. If you are under water and you wave your hands, there may be a ripple created, but it doesn't carry up to the air above, and nor does it carry to the next pond (or ocean).

And Consciousness it ultimately neutral. It doesn't judge things as 'good' or 'bad'. Everything that happens in the physical, to Consciousness, is beneficial as experience. Pain isn't good or bad. Destruction is as creative as Construction.

The idea of 'good', 'bad', 'sin', etc. is a human distortion. Which doesn't mean we all can go careening off our life paths and creating rampant chaos in the world. We can, but do we want to?

The Ten Commandments, if you look at them as Consciousness, is man's interpretation of ways to interact within time and space. These are basic guidelines for navigating on this planet and discerning "mine" from "yours".

I find when you shift your perception to operating as Consciousness, there's both a disintegration of boundaries (an awareness that we are One) and clarity of our own definitions (the particular body-personality we're navigating through at this moment).

And from this perspective, there's no desire to cross boundaries, destroy other bodies, covet neighbor's asses, or anything else.

As greater Consciousness comes into form, everything falls into place, everything reorganizes, there's an innate harmony to everything.

But what about all the bad people out there? What about all the horrible, terrible things they're doing? Aren't they going to be punished?

Imagine going high up in the air, what would the news headlines be like from flying in an airplane? The idea of punishment doesn't make sense from above the clouds.

This planet is a playground, an adventure in density and effort. In Disney World, you wouldn't punish a Disney character for playing their part in the storyline.

Actually, Consciousness experience with the world is more like viewing it all from the International Space Station.  There's immense love for all of creation.

As you shift your perception, you experience more neutrality about the stories going on. You have a  appreciation for all aspects of this worldly existence. And, most fun of all, as you realize that *you* are Consciousness, this immense love for all of Your creation.