Friday, May 29, 2009

Perfect Timing ©2009 Joan M. Newcomb

Today I’m musing about timing. I’ve been having things come into form that have taken ten years to manifest. My first book, originally written in April of 1996, was self published in 2006. I’m getting a handle on money issues that have been around at least that long, if not longer. I’m in a relationship that’s everything I’ve always wanted – and have been consciously praying for and energetically working on manifesting since the early 80’s.

Then I think about manifestations from my earlier years – my two kids were planned pregnancies that occurred without effort, with quick births, yet they had their own timing for being born.

Why do some things happen quickly and some things take forever to show up?

When I was a teenager I lost 50 pounds, simply by charting what I ate, limiting calories, and walking to school and back every day (about 5 or 6 miles). It took most of a year to do this, and was tremendously transformative and empowering.

Buoyed by this experience, I set my sights on a relationship, which took about five months to get the guy to go out with me. It was initially wonderful but then heart breaking.

As I look back over my different life experiences, some consciously manifested, some unconsciously attracted, and there has been a sense of Divine Timing in all of it.

“The Universe gives you what you can handle” is one way of looking at it. You attract what you’re ready for, is another way. I’ve resisted what the Universe has given me at times; it thinks I’m too friggin’ capable.

But now I’m reframing my experience of timing, and also of manifestation.

Someone once mentioned that reincarnation didn’t make any sense to them because everything was happening at once. I got the instant understanding that there is no time or space as Spirit, so from the Spiritual perspective all one’s past and future lives are happening ‘at the same time’ this one it. There is no linear link from past to future, it’s not like going up grades in school. And if you can grasp that in Spirit there is no individuality then there’s really no one spark of light going through a series of experiences (like grades in school). We just jump into the pool of life, splash about, and then jump out into the All-That-Is.

As I reconcile it taking me so long to get to where I am at, I realize that it really took no time at all. Each lifetime is just a blink of an eye. And what I’ve accomplished is just a glimmer of the great Spark of all of creation.

As I relax into a Spiritual perspective of creating, it really doesn’t matter how much or how little I have achieved. It’s all about Creation. It’s all about learning to manifest in the physical. I either manifest something, or I don’t. It either happens now, or later, or not. I create this, or I create something else. And I can choose to create happy thoughts, happy experiences, or challenging ones.

It becomes a much more fun way to experience life. And I can welcome all these wonderful things coming into my life and enjoy my time with them Now. Which is really the only time there is.

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