Friday, May 22, 2009

Turning Points and New Technology

©2009 Joan M. Newcomb

Something many people are feeling nowadays is a sense of ennui. It's like there's no wind in their sails, no current taking them in any direction. In more extreme cases, it feels like someone has picked their boat up and put it down in another ocean in another hemisphere. All the stars are wrong. So there's no way to navigate and no energy to move with.

This is one way of experiencing a turning point in one's life. I've had these feelings at certain times of my life, when I was making a major transformation from one way of being to another.

It seems more prevalent now, as the outer reflections of the economy, job market, real estate, stocks, politics or whatever, is going through radical changes as well. Pretty much everyone, it seems, is going through some kind of transition right now.

What can you do when this happens? Get out your oars and row? With no sense of direction? Hunker down and wait for something to change? Stand on deck and yell for help or flash SOS with your beacon? Or go below and read a book and pretend everything is fine and dandy.

Well, any of those things are fine, as it doesn't really matter what you do. Change will happen, whether you paddle or not.

The feeling of no-energy, ennui, lack of motivation, etc. comes when you are stepping out of an old way and stepping into a new way of Being. It's disorienting for your body/personality, because suddenly it seems like there isn't anything familiar any more. Old ways of doing things don't work, there's no enthusiasm or sense of calling.

It's your Expanded Self that is doing the stepping, and your Expanded Self that knows the bigger picture. If you feel like paddling, then paddle. If you feel like reading a book, then read. There's nothing you *need* to do but take the next indicated step, whatever that seems to be.

One of the challenges I've been going through is, working on this accelerated level, my old tools and techniques don't work (or don't work the way they used to). I've slowly come to understand why. When I first learned them, it was the early 1980's, and the tools and techniques were based on first century Christian and Eastern mysticism. A lot of the analogies I used for understanding them were based on the technology of the time. Things have changed a bit since then.

Recently I let go of a whole group of unseen helpers, known as 'guides' or devas, and brought in a new 'staff group'. The old group was represented by one image, a guy with a long gray beard in robes. The new group was some trendy young guy too shimmery to get a clear picture. They shook hands and the bearded guy left (presumably to get on his camel and go off into the desert).

As I was watching this I was thinking "I need to have an energetic 'staff meeting' to get to know my new guides." They immediately told me they don't need meetings. But how am I going to communicate with them? They flashed me the impression that they'll Tweet me when needed. OMG, they use Cosmic Twitter? Suddenly I got the impression that, yes, they'll send ideas, inspiration, and inspiration via psychic Tweets (or is it Twits?).

I'm fifty years old and I feel like I'm suddenly working with twenty-somethings. Just twenty-somethings that are ageless and formless (wireless to the nth degree).

Something I've noted before is that technology is mankind's way of replicating Spirit. We invented the airplane so we could transcend the earth. We created phones and then email to replicate telepathy. Twitter, it turns out, replicates Consciousness.

In the movie Bruce Almighty, Bruce is given God's abilities for a period of time. At one point in the film, he hears everyone's thoughts. That's Twitter.

So, technology has shifted from typewriters to computers to Iphones. Energetically, things have shifted as well. There's a whole 'retraining' going on (mostly unconsciously). However it doesn't have to be difficult or take effort. Relax and notice what's different for you. Validate what has changed. Allow the evolution.

And email me what you discover!

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