Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How to stay stable in an unstable reality!

©2008 Joan M. Newcomb

Things seem to be changing at an ever increasing rate of speed. The weather, the economy, you name it, it's transforming. The picture I get is that we're all going down the river of life and we've hit white water. How do you stay stable in an unstable reality?

My answer is grounding. Immediately some of you will roll your eyes at such an elemental suggestion. 'Grounding' has become a buzzword nowadays. Some of you will tilt your head to the side and go 'huh'? To both groups, read on, you may learn something new, or be reminded of something helpful to remember at this time!

There are many techniques for grounding (William Bloom calls it 'earthing' in his book 'Psychic Protection') - it's a way of connecting to the earth, which helps you feel stable or anchored. Some Martial Arts practices have you ground from your solar plexus, connecting your personal power to the planet. If I recall William Bloom's 'Earthing' technique, it's simply feeling the ground with your feet. The basic technique I use is creating an energy connection from the lower part of my body (the root chakra area) to the center of the earth. I'll also connect with my feet, which gives additional stability, a tripod effect.

Grounding acts like an electric ground - it helps your higher vibrational frequency (your Essence self) inhabit your lower vibrational body. You are so much more than your physical body, but if you tried to cram all of Yourself in, you'd fry your circuits! Grounding helps you bring more of your Self in and also helps you stay balanced and present when the energy around you is in flux.

I find I have to adjust my grounding to my circumstances. When I'm driving down the freeway, my grounding is different than when I'm sitting in a chair meditating. When I'm doing Matrix Energetics, I have to use a 'multidimensional' grounding, or even imagine grounding all my multidimensional selves, since I'm working on a level beyond this one. (It really isn't as complicated as it sounds, just pretend and you're really doing it). If I'm hitting "white water" whether it's personal issues or external circumstances, I adjust my grounding to be adequate for what I'm going through.

If this is all new to you, here's how to get started: Sit in a chair, feet flat on the floor, close your eyes and turn within (it helps you tune out external distractions and focus on your internal sensations). Imagine an energy connection from the lower part of your body to the center of the earth. Take a deep breath and release it down to the center of the earth. You can imagine your grounding to be a tree trunk, with it's roots sinking into the planet's core. You can imagine it to be a laser beam, from the energy center in your lower abdomen to the energy center of the earth. You can imagine it to be a water fall, cascading down into the earth. You can imagine a strong but flexible cable... or anything else that comes to mind.

When I ground, I feel a strong magnetic energy in my feet and lower body, as if gravity has increase. It doesn't slow me down, however, I can drive or walk or stand in front of large crowds and stay centered. My body feels safe and secured when I'm anchored this way.

You can also use it to release energy, tension, and any blocks to moving through these changing times. You can imagine the center of the earth to be a giant recycling station (or compost area, or incinerator/generator) that takes anything you choose to release and reuses it for the greater good.

For those of you following Eckhart Tolle and Oprah, this is a great technique for increasing Presence. If you find yourself sitting in traffic (Eckhart's favorite example, it seems), give yourself a grounding connection, and release frustration or impatience down it. You will find an increased Awareness as you do this, or the sense of Presence that he talks about.

Things are changing, the energy is accelerating, but instead of clinging to past (or external) securities by grounding from within yourself, you can find the ride exhilarating!

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