Thursday, June 26, 2008

Devas, Angels, Gods and Saints

©2008 Joan M Newcomb

Even in your loneliest moments, you are never alone. We have unseen help all around us There are different names for these energies but there are many similarities. Any are available at any time to assist you with whatever you need or desire, it's actually very simple to communicate with them. With practice, it can become more real for you.

My experience of Devas comes from using the techniques of Perelandra ( Findhorn ( Devas are unseen architects of everything. In Nature, the Deva of the Douglas Fir is the architect of all Douglas Firs worldwide. (Each individual Douglas Fir will have a Nature Spirit and if you want to learn more about this, I recommend two books -- "The Perelandra Garden Workbook" by Machaelle Small Wright, and "To Hear Angels Sing" by Dorothy McLean). However, Devas also form from intention and focus. Groups create Devas by their common connection (there are Devas of countries, schools, cities, classes, families, etc.). If you're self-employed, there's a Deva of your business(it's a great help with formulating a business plan)!

Communicating with these Devas can be very helpful in solving problems and staying on course, as well as creating growth and expansion within the group.

My experience of Angels is more simplistic than what I've noticed from Doreen Virtue and others. Rather than get into the heirarchical realms of Raphael and the like, I think of them as embodying qualities. You can connect to the Angel of Compassion, or Patience, or Love, to bring their specific energies and guidance into your life. If you connect to the Angel of Transformation, fasten your seat belt, for you'll be in for the ride of your life! Everyone has their own 'Guardian Angel' but you don't need a formal introduction from a psychic, they've been standing by your shoulder all your life responding to your call whether or not you've been conscious of their presence.

There are many religions that have multiple Gods that have different abilities and rule over different areas. Ganesha, the beloved Hindu God with an elephant head, is the Lord of Beginnings and also the Remover of Obstacles. Think how helpful he would be if you were facings an impasse on something! In Buddhism there are a series of Taras, female deities each with a unique aspect. White Tara is known for compassion and serenity, Green Tara is the female Buddha of Enlightened Activity, Yellow Tara with wealth and prosperity and more. Reciting their particular Mantra helps envoke their assistance in your life.

Saints are pretty cool dudes (and dudettes). I was raised Presbyterian, so we didn't have them, but the Catholics have cornered the market on these beneficial buddies. One of the most well known is St. Anthony who can find lost things and also soul mates. A brief prayer to St. Anthony will turn up that's been missing for weeks. A novena (prayer repeated over nine days) can attract your soul mate into your life. I became acquainted with St. Tony later in life. My feeling is that whether he was actually lived and did the miracles attributed to him or not, because so many people around the world believe in him, he has become real as Spirit.

Which is truly what all of these unseen helpers are - energy patterns in the morphic field that have been given power by people's belief in them. If you open your awareness to them, you connect to their energy and they can be useful to you.

Communicating with any of them is as easy as having a conversation in your head. Calling any one by name has them show up in your life. The challenge is hearing what message they have for you. Sometimes they communicate in pictures or revelations (you'll suddenly get a brilliant idea after talking with one). Sometimes they show up in symbolically in serendipitous ways. I like to sit down with a journal and a pen and write what I think they're saying to me.

So if you're having struggles at work, have a meditative "staff meeting" with the Deva of the company(you may suddenly find yourself promoted)! If you're going to a family reunion, you can have a talk beforehand with your family's Deva and maybe it will be an enjoyable occasion for a change.

They're all here to serve humanity with it's evolution. So if you're ready for your life to make a great surge forward, why not call on one or more for assistance, and see what happens!!

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