Thursday, July 17, 2008

Knowledge vs. Knowing

©2008 Joan M Newcomb

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one" Albert Einstein

In my classes I say that we are Spirit having a physical experience through our body. We are already all-knowing, all-powerful, all-creating, all-joyous, and we thought it would be fun to squeeze into this itty-bitty physical form and experience limitation, powerlessness, a gamut of emotions and oh, yes, density and effort.

So I tell my students that we don't need to go 'out there' to experience spirituality, because we ARE Spirit. We already know that stuff (or when we leave our physical focus, we'll instantaneously remember it). What's fun for an Infinite Being is to splash around in the mud, get sucked into the soap opera of life, and pretend that all the personalities and thought-forms that parade through our hologram are separate from us.

I've written about the Cosmic Internet before, and said that we all have access to it, therefore we can know everything Consciousness knows, although we may have to "upgrade our hard drive" (= raise our vibratory level) in order to bring it into our awareness.

Some people are on a quest for knowledge, read lots of books, gain academic degrees, take a million seminars, yet never bring the information from intellect into actuality. There's a difference between knowledge and Knowing. Knowing is having a full, feeling, awareness of the Truth. It's in your Aha moments, it's when something you've learned passes through you leaving your whole body tingling. It's that sensation of increased clarity, like your skull has expanded. Everything looks brighter and colors are more vivid.

The point of being here in the physical is in the experience, not just knowledge. The point of being in a body is to *feel*, because that is what bodies do best.

Imagine yourself an Infinite Being, that is immortal and omnipresent. From the point of view of Spirit, there is no good or bad, so every feeling is fun. Being stuck is fun, ignorance is fun, birth and death are equally fun (it's just jumping into the pool and jumping back out again).

Now imagine going through your daily life with that perspective. How does your reality change? How does your approach to various problems in your life change? For the next week I invite you, whenever you remember, to view your life as if you were Spirit in your body, and notice the difference when you do!

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