Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Spirals ©2006 Joan M. Newcomb

Years ago when I was studying to be a Transformation Game™ facilitator, Joy Drake and Kathy Tyler explained why the game went counter-clockwise rather than clockwise (the way we’re used to). It was a similar explanation to what I’d heard at Findhorn for why, when standing in a circle, we all held hands facing to the right. It’s the energy of spiritual “envolution” – i.e. spirit coming into the physical. Spiritual “evolution” goes clockwise, energy rising upwards, so to speak.

In actuality, both these things are happening at the same time. There’s a continuous flow of energy coming into form and energy being released outward towards spirit. If your focus is on attracting spiritual energy, or on bringing Spirit into form, spiritual embodiment, then your focus will be on the counter-clockwise flow of energy.

I started to notice the spiral of energy again when my friend Ian died. For months afterwards, I’d be aware of his presence intensely, and then realize that it was Friday midday, here on the West Coast. He was hit by a car on Friday afternoon in the east, in Ottawa, Ontario, and died that evening. After several instances of this, I got the impression that he was experiencing connections with the physical dimension at certain times, almost like going through a cycle, or perhaps where the two spirals of energy meet.

Recently I’ve been talking a lot about growth cycles and using the metaphor of remodeling one’s house to explain spiritual growth. If you think of your life as a house, and when you’re born your parents fill you with all their information about living and existence. When you start to consciously take over your existence, you begin to remodel your house. This can take some people years to get around to, especially if they spent a formative part of their lives in a dysfunctional situation or frying their systems on drugs or alcohol. So you find yourself in the basement, moving out your parents’ information, or rebuilding your foundation if you decimated your life up to that point. When you’re complete with that cycle, you move to the next level. People get discouraged because the next level may look similar to the one they went through previously – damn, that same wall paper, damn the same plastic pipes (didn’t I just replace these with copper ones?). In actuality, you’re on a different floor, you’ve made progress! And the skills you learned on previous floors, plumbing, electricity, wiring, sheet rock, wall papering, whatever, will help make this floor and the floors to come so much easier to remodel.

I’ve been through some life experiences where I’ve felt like I’ve been knocked back to a previous floor – sometimes this shows that my original foundation wasn’t strong enough. Most recent changes have proven that the floor beneath me is solid; I just need to gain some new skills to handle the present construction challenges!

When I combined the remodeling metaphor with the concept of spirals, I found they go together so well and gave me a deeper insight into our process of spiritual growth. We’re progressing along a spiral and as we reach a certain point in the curve, it may seem to resemble the one below it, but in reality we’re at the next level.

If you’re feeling frustrated with where you are in your life, take a look at your own life in terms of the bigger picture, the cycles of the spiral you’ve been through (or the different floors you’ve remodeled). Realize that your building is never ending, you’ll never get it completed because there will be always something new to improve upon or change. You don’t need to make it perfect because even imperfection is perfect in the eyes of Spirit. Just have fun and enjoy the process.

Know that energy is never stuck, it is always moving, even if it seems to be moving too slowly! Even by doing nothing, you’ll eventually progress and find yourself at a different part of the spiral. Depending on the intensity of your remodeling plans, you may want to take a more active part in your choices or actions (but sometimes letting go and letting Spirit is the best action plan).

When I let myself be in alignment with Spirit, or Source, and make my choices according to my internal navigational system (does this feel clear? Does this feel good? Does this feel staticy? Do I feel resistance?) then the journey along the spiral is fun. When I use outdated information or am concerned about what others think of my process and base my steps on them, then it’s a lot more painful than fun, and the remodel usually has to get torn down and rebuilt. Oh, I just love mixing my metaphors!

This message showed up in your inbox today for a reason (or you chose to open it at this time for a reason; perhaps it’s been sitting there waiting for this right moment)! Think about how it applies to your life and if it gives you any insight into how you are or could be creating your own reality. May it give you the clues you’ve been looking for, and feel free to pass this on to anyone else who may need it!`

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