Friday, January 16, 2009

Just do it!

(c) 2009 Joan M. Newcomb

I just entered into an agreement to host a radio show for Contact Talk Radio, but man, you would not believe the sh*t that came up prior to making the leap to do it!

It reminded me of a previous period of extreme expansion - I was teaching psychic classes, my wedding business had accelerated, I'd committed to going to Findhorn that Fall, and I wrote two books in three months!

I remember feeling a bit off-balance because in my head I was working on the story plot, yet teaching classes require you to be very grounded, present and focused. Oh, and I just recalled, I also was co-creating a garden with Nature using the Perelandra techniques and doing a self-directed course called 'Bringing More Love Into Your Life' in preparation for going to Findhorn.

The growth period was huge, and what came to me during one of my weekly 'staff meetings' with my Devas (I have non-physical staff for all my businesses) was to -- Just Do It.

And that's how everything got done.

Anytime you make a move forward, energy will come up. If you're walking through the ocean at the beach, you can feel the resistance from the water. It's dense and it's visible, but you don't take it personally. You don't say "oh the ocean doesn't want me to walk, so I'm just going to sit down, get my pants wet, and wait for the tide to go out'!

When you walk *anywhere* you are moving through oxygen, but the molecules are lighter than water, so you don't feel the resistance, the effort it takes is different, perhaps from within your own body and muscles. You don't stop walking because it's too hard to lift up one foot and put it in front of the other - you just do it!

Anytime you make a step forward on your spiritual path, energy comes up. Sometimes it's in the form of external resistance -- critical friends, demanding relatives, for instance. Sometimes it's internal resistance -- inner doubts, fears or other negative thoughts.

Energetically all these are seen as patterns in your morphic field. There are techniques you can use to dissipate or transform them, which are great if you are operating at a high awareness level each moment of your day, or have time to sit down in meditation whenever things come up. Or just plough right through, and clear it later (if it still needs clearing).

So, back to the radio show. I've been looking at the Contact Talk Radio website for a couple weeks, listening to different shows and toying with the idea of co-hosting one time with one of the existing hosts just to get my toes wet. Really, to start safe. Then yesterday I came across another host's website and listened to their audio, and realized they were offering techniques that I've been teaching for 28 years! This morning I listened to a podcast by one of their recent guests who said something to the effect of 'go ahead and do it, imagine looking back at your life regretting *not* doing it'. And while I was still listening to the podcast, I sent the email to the Radio's owner. And got an immediate response.

Suddenly it was attack of the killer gremlins in my head. Who am I to do a radio show? I have no experience? (I've been interviewed on radio shows, so why can't I be on the other side of the mike)? I'm small and insignificant and don't know anything. (Please look at my website, and my blog and tell me if this is so).

At the same time, inspiration of friends who could support me, or who had done radio themselves, came up. I called them all for practice before calling the Radio guy.

It's all totally doable. And I'm totally capable of doing it. I could sit down and meditate for several more days, weeks or years so that I *feel* clear and ready, but imagine the opportunities that will slip by if I do.

Take a look at things you've been wanting to do in your own life, changes you're desiring or risks you've been hesitant to take. How will you feel in five years if you still haven't done them? Take one and - just do it!

And after that - do another!

(I'm off to do another myself; I'll write about it next week)!

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