Friday, March 20, 2009

Musings on Manifestation

(c) 2009 Joan M. Newcomb

Last Saturday I did readings at East West Books. I was very excited when I arrived, even though I only had one person signed up. I immediately gave myself a project (I made a calendar showing all the readers in all their time slots for the remainder of March) and then thought of a great new workshop to submit to East West for their next series of events. I was aware that I really wanted to talk to everyone in the store, but that my enthusiasm was a bit 'out there' so I went back into the reading room and tried to meditate.

I had the inspiration to take all this energy, which was spurting out all over the place, and run it through my solar plexus. I remember this flash of concern when I did it, like taking my own energy and running it through my inner space would make it disappear. Instead, what happened was I calmed down and shortly afterwards people started signing up for readings and I was busy non-stop for the rest of the day.

The next Wednesday I wasn't quite so brimming with excitement, but I had the intuitive hunch to show up early and to be prepared not to take a break. Only 3 people were signed up but the moment I started reading additional folks signed up and I went right up until my stopping time.

I didn't do any special energy work, I didn't send out pink balloons or create affirmations or use any unique manifestation techniques. I just shifted my focus and things started happening.

A typical but ineffective way of creating your reality is to put your focus onto what you want to happen. You create an affirmation or a vision board, and you keep it in your consciousness all the time. Except, in so doing, you are using the energy of effort, which kills spiritual creativity. And you're not letting go of your desire, so you keep holding it as a wish rather than releasing it to become reality. It's tough to let go of your dream, but that's what needs to happen if you want it to come into form.

There's an additional element to all this - in focusing on what you want to manifest, you're somewhat resisting what you already have. You're trying to change, fix or improve your present creations, which invalidates them and keeps them stuck.

Your Expanded Self is delighted with what's currently in your hologram. Even the most uncomfortable aspects of your life, your Expanded Self is going 'Yeah! Bring it on"! Because as Spirit you have no ethics, and everything is your creation, so the most challenging dilemma is just evidence of how creative you are. You, the You that is more than you, *loves* difficulties and discomfort.

That's not exactly accurate. You, the You that is more than you, just loves playing the Human Game and is enjoying every aspect of it. You, the you that you usually identify with, has preferences and resists when things aren't going your way. Resistance and discomfort are an indication that you're out of alignment with the Essence of who you are, your Expanded Self.

When you relax and trust that all is very, very well, that everything is unfolding exactly as it should, suddenly things start to feel a lot better and "good" things start happening. Abraham-Hicks calls is 'turning down stream', others call it 'going with the flow', I like to think of it as your little will aligning with your Higher Will.

And a simple way to do that is to bring your focus back to yourself, your present moment, bring your energy within your own space. Drop all those people and projects you're trying to help make better. Those people have their Expanded Selves, too. Your projects (if they're yours) are already, on some level, complete. Releasing them helps them to unfold as they should, too.

I invite you to take a moment now to just imagine releasing everyone else to their own reality. Bring your energy back from all those other places into your own space. Take a deep breath and imagine anything not yours dropping out of your space into the center of the earth, where it can get recycled. Notice how that feels.

Try *not* affirming or intending this week, and see what shows up!

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