Friday, April 10, 2009

Ho'Oponopono to reclaim power from the hologram...

(c) 2009 Joan M. Newcomb

Ho'Oponopono is a Hawaiian shamanic tool for reclaiming power from the morphic field. Although that's not exactly how Joe Vitale described it in his book 'Zero Limits'.

Ho'Oponopono first became known in popular circuits through the internet rumor - actual true story - of Dr. Ihaleakela Hew Len, a psychotherapist assigned to an 'incurable' ward of criminally insane patients in a mental hospital. The place was so bad, plants died there. It had a high turnover rate for doctors and nurses working there. It was a scary place.

Dr. Hew Len never met with his patients, yet within a short time people started getting better. Morale improved. And now the place is closed, because all the patients recovered.

How? He sat with each patient's chart and chanted Ho'Oponopono: "I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you." He didn't chant it for them, but for the part within him that created them.

If you look at this reality as the hologram program You created (you just forgot you were the one standing outside the holodeck talking to the computer), then what Dr. Hew Len was doing was denergizing the part of the program that created the insanity. He did it by turning within, tuning into Himself.

In Busting Loose From The Money Game, Journey To The Infinite, A Path to True Joy and other work by Robert Scheinfeld, he talks about reclaiming power from a 'Phase 2' perspective.

Phase 1 is when you believe the world is real, you're powerless and limited and life happens to you. Phase 2 is when you wake up and realize this world is an illusion, your holographic creation. You acknowledge that You are an Infinite Being, the one that created it. You begin to reclaim power from all the patterns in the morphic field that are uncomfortable.

Scheinfeld created 'The Process' for reclaiming power, which is whenever you feel discomfort, dive into it and declare the Truth about it. That You're an Infinite Being, this is an illusion, and you're reclaiming power from it. Then you appreciate the illusion as a marvellous creation.

There are many ways to reclaim power. In my early Mystery School training, I learned that we are Spirit and we've manifested the body to experience the fun of being in the physical, all the emotions and sensations this world provides that we don't have on the non-physical. Which includes negative emotions and physical discomfort. At Spirit we're enjoying it all, even if the body-personality is griping about it. In Clairvoyant Training we saw everything as pictures rather than patterns, and we learned to denergize the ones that block us from seeing clearly.

So, my fun discovery the other day was to use Ho'Oponopono to reclaim power. When I said, 'I'm sorry, please forgive me. I love you, thank you' as the Infinite Being or Spirit, addressing my body-personality, I noticed a tremendous energy shift.

So whenever I felt uncomfortable, or some memory or topic came up for me, some 'issue', I imagined Me stepping into the situation and addressing me. I'd say 'I'm sorry I created you to have that shitty childhood experience' or 'Please forgive Me for writing that subplot into your story line.' Then I'd say, 'I love you' and I really meant it, I'd feel this wave of compassion similar to what I feel for my kids as they're making their way through life. Then I'd say, 'Thank you in advance' because I'm not certain that the body-personality me has really forgiven me for the shitty childhood or subplot.

You can do this with other people in your hologram, as long as you do it from the perspective that they're actors in your story. You auditioned and cast them for the part. Including whatever you're aware of or reacting to in their character or story line. "I'm sorry" You say to yourself, "for creating that boss or co-worker or family member." "Please forgive me for writing them into your show." "I love you." "Thank you". Oh, and "What a marvellous creation this all is"!

I can tell when energy moves because I start breathing deeper. And shortly after reclaiming power, I usually feel inexplicably happy. Except the explaination is that I'd reclaimed power. The Process does this, too. It's just fun to try different ways. And it was fun to see Me addressing me.

It helps to do them without an agenda, because if you're trying to change, fix or improve something you're judging it. And judging it makes it stick like glue. I suggest doing it with curiousity, to see what happens. Just for the fun of it.

So I invite you to play with this - either using Ho'Oponopono or The Process. And see what happens!! Email me the results, I'd love to hear from you!

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