Friday, June 12, 2009

Benevolent Universe

(c)2009 Joan M. Newcomb

It's hard to believe it's a benevolent Universe if you look at the news. How could God/Source/Spirit/Creator create a world with violence and hate? How can anyone feel safe when there's so much to fear?

And yet when I've had moments (or months) of being truly aligned and connected, it's been a Niagara Falls of Love. At those times, I've felt in love with God, in love with my life and in love with myself. Even though my outer circumstances hadn't changed, I still had the same problems, I knew that everything was going to be okay. Regardless of the external dramas, I was always able to come back to center.

After many years of spiritual work I was able to uncover the origin of my feeling that the Universe wasn't on my side.

I grew up in a devoutly Christian family, we went to Church every Sunday and said grace at meals. We were told God was a God of love. Yet the environment in our home wasn't always loving. And my father's job involved life or death situations, so there was an unconscious atmosphere of being on high alert at all times. It doesn't feel like a benevolent Universe if someone could kill you at any moment!

But in my times of direct connection, I can feel the greater perspective as one of Love.

When I view my environment through the lenses of the regular world, I see injustice and abuse and global warming. It feels unsafe and dangerous. Yet when connect with my inner Divinity, I have a very different perspective. It's like a parent watching children on the playground. They're inventing games to play, some of which have very dramatic storylines and produce very intense feelings. Divinity is holding a loving space for these games and yet isn't moved to intervene, because none of it is real.

Reality is what is unseen. What we see is our made up story.

As I walk through the games on this playground, all I have to do is consciously keep my focus on the Truth. Events can happen but I don't have to be swept up in the drama. When you realize that we are all already connected as Essence, even estrangement and death don't have any significance. When you realize that you, at your core, *are* Essence, so You are the one that manifested all of this, you can be overwhelmed with appreciation. There is no poverty, there is no lack, because it is all a neverending creation. You stand in the flow of this abundant energy and fear and concern and the economy dissolve.

Baby steps are all that's needed to get to this space. I recommend Abraham-Hicks, and I recommend Divine Openings, and I recommend Busting Loose From The Money Game . You can find free videos of all of these on YouTube to get you started as well.

Any time you get swept up in the headlines, take a step back. Imagine seeing the situation from outside of time and space takes the charge out of it. Any time you feel swayed by interactions with family, friends or coworkers, emotionally detach. Imagine stepping off stage or having a commercial break. See others as cast members who are, at their Essence, divinity also. Notice how that shifts your perspective.

Notice the dialogue between your ears, the imaginary conversations you have in your head as you drive down the road. Notice the interview you give on Oprah at 4am lying awake in your bed. Stop telling those stories to yourself! Start reminding yourself of what an amazing story it all is. Consciously appreciate the wonderful world and the imaginative scriptwriter and director you are to have created it.

You'll quickly realize that it *is* a benevolent Universe, lovingly created by your Expanded Self.

Doing this a little bit every day can have a dramatic affect on you. When I started doing this six years ago, it lifted me out of years of depression. It can redirect your life in very positive ways.

So try this for the next seven days and see what happens! And email me the results!

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