Friday, June 26, 2009

Commitment - to yourSelf!

© 2009 Joan M. Newcomb

In working with several people recently a theme emerged. Two were having a very creative and productive time, rising above challenges, moving forward in their lives. Two were spinning their wheels, feeling stuck, overrun by their mental 'gremlins'.

The secret for the first two was the solution for the second two: committing - to one's Self! The first two were committed, the second two weren't.

We're not talking about discipline, or being committed to goals, although that figures into the equation for one of the productive people. The other one has a more creative approach, doing what she feels motivated to do when she feels motivated to do it. And each time I meet with her she's teeming with new ideas and offerings.

It's an internal commitment they both have - to their Inner Being or their Expanded Self. When that is present, it's like a guiding light that directs you through the toughest time and acts like traction getting you out of any rut where you're spinning your wheels!

When you're committed to your Self, it aligns your focus with your highest good, even if you don't know what that is at the time. It allows things to fall into place, situations and circumstances occur to support You in your growth and expansion.

People are sometimes afraid of commitment, they think it will trap them or they will lose something. They often resist commitment, because they think it will restrict their freedom. As with all things spiritual, the exact opposite is true.

All of these ideas are lies our 'gremlin voices' whisper to us in order to maintain the status quo of stuckness. In reality, committing to your Self empowers you. Committing to your Self opens the doors to opportunities you never dreamed possible!

How do you commit to your Self? Do you have a ceremony? Does it require lengthy meditations? No, not really. It's just a decision. And you may need to remind yourself frequently, as new things come up.

Often when you commit to yourSelf, it's like going through a spiritual remodel. Your reality constructs that were based on false premises start to dissolve. Like living in a house being remodeled, it can be really uncomfortable for a while. Which is why frequent reminders are necessary.

Some people like to meditate or journal, as it's a way to communicate within and can be useful reminder tools. A dialogue between yourself and yourSelf can be very comforting.

When you change your energy patterns you may no longer match your friends and family and coworkers, so it can feel quite lonely. Some people join like-minded groups; it's helpful to be with others who are on the same or similar journey.

So breathe and release all those old ideas about commitment and restrictions. Take a deep breath and inhale new energy, new inspiration, new ideas. Try, just for this week, committing to yourSelf, and see what changes happen! You may like it so much you may commit to yourSelf for the rest of your life!

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