Friday, July 10, 2009

Is it all Love?

(c) 2009 Joan M. Newcomb

I've heard it said in several ways recently that everything is Love, and that all emotions are really True Joy. Whilst struggling with most of the lower feelings, I've questioned those statements.

If you consider that you're an Infinite Being, and the only emotion you experience is ecstatically joyous love, then everything is that. You've created this reality for the fun of feeling the opposite of who You are. You're infinitely capable, so it's really fun for you to experience limits and difficulty, and hatred and depression.

From that perspective, You're still joyous, even while the little you that You created as Your vehicle of expression, is wrestling in the mud and cursing Your guts out. You *love* the little you. You *love* all the little yous running around on the planet.

It's as if You exist above the clouds, where it is eternal sunlight. You can look down on everything that's happening (because you have multidimensional x-ray vision) and appreciate all the storylines and all the events.

However, from the little you, you're on the planet, under the cloud cover, and you're standing in a thunderstorm getting drenched. Intellectually you know the sun is up there, but it certainly doesn't *feel* sunny.

Same with emotions. You are writhing in despair, in loneliness. The world is coming to an end as you know it, because you lost your job or your relationship. It doesn't frigging feel joyous.

You're not going to die because you have no money, and you're not going to die because you're alone. It's just the little you, the body/personality, that feels that way. Because the body isn't going to make it out of this lifetime alive, so it views everything in life and death terms.

The larger You knows that no one ever makes it out of their lifetime *dead*. Death is as joyous an experience as birth. And since You're eternal, it doesn't matter if the little you dies now or dies later, dies in infancy or lives to be a hundred. It's all part of the wonderful cacophony that You created, the neverending symphony of sound and light.

But how do you *feel* like the Infinite You when you have no way to pay the mortgage, when you said the wrong thing and got dumped, when you're children hate you, or any number of situations of possible stories...

I find it's helpful to start talking to myself *as* my Infinite Self, or start narrating my story as the Me that I AM. When I started writing this article, I noticed a distinct shift when I got to the third paragraph. I felt expansive. I felt compassionate. I felt amused at things that even this morning felt overwhelming.

Talk to yourself as God, the Universe, your Expanded Self, as an Infinite Being. Or ask yourself, as an Infinite Being, how would I view what's happening?

Try it this week, whenever it occurs to you. And see how your life transforms! And email me about it!

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