Friday, August 21, 2009

Expectations & Assumptions

(c) 2009 Joan M. Newcomb

Expectations and assumptions are a form of judgements or perfect pictures. When you expect something to happen, you project a specific outcome into your morphic field. You are thereby closing the doors to all the infinite possibilities that are out there!

When you assume someone is going to be a particular way, you're viewing them through your lenses. You're not seeing the Truth or their Essence.

We walk through life creating in every moment. *Nothing* is pre-destined. *No one* is affecting your experience. It's all coming from You. Or you.

It's all coming from you, the little you, if you're walking down a narrow pathway that is totally safe and familiar, if uncomfortable. It people are all acting just the way you expect them to, it's all coming from the little you.

You, or U (as in Universe) is the greater aspect of you, the Essence of who You are. When you go forward with no assumptions or expectations, reality (and outcomes) change radically!

This is the realm where miracles occur, spontaneous remissions happen, dreams come true, and minds are blown. It's the scene in the Matrix where the cat walks past the opening - twice. It's the Matrix scene where the bullets fall.

How do you get to this place? How do you get to You?

There's a variety of ways, or you can make it up (since You are, anyway)! Byron Katie's The Work breaks down your expectations and assumptions, thought by thought. Matrix Energetics blows your mind and the "Phase 2" work of Arnold Patent and Robert Scheinfeld busts you loose.

But the most important thing is to have NO EXPECTATIONS!! I gave a reading recently to someone and talked to them about changing their thoughts to positive ones (since they were projecting through all sorts of negative ones)! They emailed me and called me afterwards to say 'I thought positive but my foot hurt so much I couldn't walk to the store'. It doesn't work that way. They were expecting instantaneous results from one positive thought. Perhaps they should release the expectation that their foot *shouldn't* hurt!

Play with this idea, click on whichever of the above links you feel like, and try any of the ones that appeal to you. Give yourself a week and see what happens!

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