Friday, September 11, 2009

Higher Intending

(c)2009 Joan M. Newcomb

I've been reading Marc Allen's book "Visionary Business" in preparation for my interview with him next week (9/15). I had some insights about intentions from the book, and then Robert Scheinfeld's recent blog entry echoed them.

I had stepped back from actively using my various manifestation techniques in order to be in 'responsive mode' in the present moment. I was leaving it up to my Expanded Self to bring things into my hologram, and for the most part it's been working quite well.

When manifestation techniques don't work, it's because you're doing them as your body/personality, or as the Player in the Human Game rather than the Expanded Self who created everything.

When things do work, when everything falls into place, is when you are operating *as* your Expanded Self.

Having a vision of what you want, when you have it from your Expanded Self (or Inner Being, or Larger Self, or Essence of who You are)is like having an idea of where you want to go on your road trip through life.

If you just drive down the road without an intention, you'll end up on a gravel road in the wilderness, or on the wrong side of town! Both are an equally exciting adventure.

But if you set an intention or hold a vision as your Expanded Self, you'll find yourself driving down the Coast Highway visiting every lighthouse and whale watching viewpoint.

Some people want to leave it open; they're afraid that their own visioning is too limited. They want their Expanded Self (or Higher Power or God) to run the show. It's placing the power outside of themselves and denying their own inner divinity.

The point of Free Will is for us to exercise it once in a while! To put our hands on the steering wheel. To make choices and make mistakes for the fun of it! There's nothing to learn, because we're already Infinite. There's only experiences to have.

So don't be afraid to imagine what feels the best in any situation. Hold the intention that will contribute to your expansion.

How you know that it's You and not you is whether you're feeling any effort or doubt or fear. All of those energies are body-personality level experiences. Be the Infinite Being that you are and notice how different that feels, coming from that space!

So I invite you to play with this. Play with holding a bigger space, or intending an outcome with no strings attached. Do the next indicated thing that supports your vision (and keep doing it) and see what happens!

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