Friday, September 25, 2009

Manifesting Your Future

(c) 2009 Joan M. Newcomb

When I do psychic readings, I have a simple technique for foretelling the future. I imagine a timeline going out from the present moment, and look at what shows up on it.

I tell people that I read energy trends, like a meteorologist forecasting the weather. A formation in the Pacific Ocean could mean snow in the Cascade Mountains on the Washington Coast in a week or so. But it could end up being rain, or something diverts it and it goes towards Portland instead.

People have the Free Will to make changes in the direction they're going, which changes the outcome as well. Sometimes a simple consciousness shift can speed up the process. Or a deliberate action can steer one the other way.

The future isn't one preordained path, but a myriad of possibilities. It's fun to read someone's romantic future and actually see, during the course of a reading, a potential partner coming into form!

It's like watching computer animators work on a Pixar film, except you can see or sense the energy of the person without getting a full image of them.

There's several explanations for this. One is that there are millions of potential partners out there, many with very similar traits and storylines. So as your future is being created, the right one is being "auditioned" by Universal Casting.

Another is this world is a hologram, an illusion. So a character for your storyline really is being created for you, down to the minutest detail.

The future is more difficult to see than the past, because it's a higher vibration, and our current vibratory level can only sense it (rather like an older computer reading newer software).

How do you manifest your future? The way you *don't* is by placing your focus out into it! Staying grounded in the present moment is the most effective way to set into motion your future manifestations. Using a lot of effort, continually visualizing your perfect manifestation, doesn't work either. Effort blocks spiritual creativity, and constant focus on your desires keeps them as dreams. You have to let go for things to become reality.

Notice your thoughts and inner dialogue as well, because that's the narration you're giving your Cosmic Screenwriters. You may put a photo of Potential Dreamboat on your altar, but if you're complaining about all your past creepy boyfriends at 4am, all their characteristics are being written into your future script.

Changing your inner dialogue shifts your feelings as well. Focusing on positive possibilities creates hopefulness. It emotionally prepares you for having better experiences. You can completely transform your current circumstances without having to break up whoever you're currently seeing, quit your job, or move to a different apartment. Things can effortlessly start falling into place when you bring your energy back from all the things you've been struggling with and tune into the Infinite Being you Truly are!

This is not just Law of Attraction or the Power of Positive Thinking, but it's elements of both ideas.

It's not just a one time try at it, but a continual practice that subtly and profoundly changes your life.

Key points to remember:
You are an Infinite Being enjoying this physical reality.
You create your current reality through your thoughts and feelings.
Anything that isn't pure joy is pure fiction.
Steer in the direction of light and joy, and you'll be happy.

As I always suggest, try this out for just a week, and see what happens!

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