Friday, October 23, 2009

The De-energizing of "Reality"

(c)2009 Joan M. Newcomb

Reality is de-energizing. This is been happening all along, but it feels more intense to folks right now. Everything that people felt was solid and real is dissolving.

Recently it's been in the form of monetary illusions, such as the stock market and real estate. Poof! Whatever they 'owned' is suddenly 50% less.

However, this has been happening throughout Human hiStory. I was born in Berlin a few years before they built the Berlin Wall. When that happened, it felt solid, real and final. Who could have imagined, less that 30 years later, circumstances had changed so drastically that it was torn down?

It's a great analogy for what's happening now. Our imaginary walls are disintegrating. Same with the Soviet Union. Who could have imagined all these different countries regaining and gaining their identities?

30 years ago, who could have imagined computers sitting on our desks? Fifteen years ago, who could have imagined the internet on our phones?

Those are different concrete examples, but they are external reflections of what is going on within each one of us. Our limitations are being challenged. Expansion is happening whether we consciously agree with it or not. It is coming forth out of us.

At our essence, we're totally in agreement with this transformation. We're excited about it even. It's just a part of us, a portion of our identity, that's uncomfortable and resistant to change.

The more heavily you identify with your limitations, the more painful and uncomfortable this growth period is going to feel.

So take a look at your life right now. What feels stuck? What feels impossible? What feels really uncomfortable? Where are you being challenged?

That's the illusion that's about to come tumbling down.

Whatever it is, whoever seems involved, it's not about the other person. It's not about the circumstance. It's not work, home or family, except that they're the setting for your beliefs and concepts. It's the thoughts about them, it's the ideas you have that is in process of changing.

The bigger the feelings about this, the greater the illusion is really is. If you're really attached to it, it usually has to get ridiculously bad in order for it to transform. Breathe deeply in and out, and talk yourself through it.

Realize that whatever it is out in front of you isn't what's really there. It's the story of what you *think* is there. Once you realize that, most of the tension, anxiety or whatever you're feeling about it will start to disappear.

Usually, you're looking at it through lenses of being small and powerless. When you look at it from your Infiniteness, from You as Essence, then whatever you're looking at becomes merely a pattern, or if it's a person, they become small and powerless (and full of hot air)!

An easy way to get started (instead of going towards the big, juicy, crises) is to question everything, and know that *nothing* is real. It's all just perceptions, and you've viewing all of it through your preconceived notions. It's like looking at things through old film slides, old transparancies. Remove the false image, and things become very bright, clear, and simple.

Do this as you drive through town. Do this with the random thoughts you think. Do this while you're in conversation with others. As you do this, you're shining the light of Truth on these things, and de-energizing the unReality of them.

Try this over the next week and see what happens!

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