Friday, October 9, 2009


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My wakeful period in the middle of the night is a most creative time. All sorts of thoughts and ideas come to me and it's an opportunity to clear energy. What I like to do, also, is a mini-Divine Opening, imagining Niagara Falls flowing into me, filling my space with Source Energy and cleansing blocks to manifestation. Recently there's been interference, and I haven't been feeling as connected as I'm used to. Last night I had a revelation which is leading to this Ezine article.

What *is* Support? Where does it come from? Who provides it? What do you have to do to get it? From the moment we required nourishment, we've been given concepts and perceptions about these things. These are very core issues!

We relied on our parents, mother particularly, to take care of us at the start. Heavy duty early subconscious memories about needing to be fed and changed and comforted. As we got older, those experience became our concepts for viewing the world. What we perceived and were told about the world also added to our storehouse.

Is your worldview supportive? Is it a benevolent Universe? Does God have your best interest at heart? Or were you told one thing and experienced another? It was a God of Love but those who told you weren't exactly loving. If you weren't "good" you'd go to Hell.

Yikes, what a way to disempower and instill fear!

As I do my 'Niagara Falls' exercise, I think about Source Energy, all that abundance and love, flowing in. Often I start the exercise and notice I'm energetically "dehydrated". With the work I do, all my energy flows outwards and I'm not used to receiving. It doesn't occur to me to reach out for support because, historically, I have been on my own in dealing with things. There's lots of story as to why this is, but it's just story.

The shift as I did this early this morning, was to realize that Source Energy wasn't flowing from this dimension. It's from outside the hologram.

We are all an Infinite Being who created this to experience the fun of Density & Effort. The story and the details were all scripted by You. Before you realize this, the story tends to reinforce fear and powerlessness. After you wake up to who You really are, you go into clearing mode. Story arises as you expand beyond your limiting beliefs, but you know it's just story. It evaporates eventually and you surge forward into your expansion.

So this morning what happened was the sensation shifted from 'in through the top of my head' (which is part of my running energy-meditation routine I've been doing since 1981) to a flow coming in from behind me. 'Flow' is too dense a word, and 'behind me' is too limiting in it's direction. It's really non-local. And non-dimensional. The idea of dimensions still requires space, and this is beyond space.

If you imagine you're a character in a pixar film, and the programmer steps in and makes changes - how would you perceive it? Where would you feel it came from?

What I realized is - *that* is True Support. It's not coming from anything in this storyline, the economy, money, job, relationships, anything we've viewed as sources of support. It's beyond concepts of God or the Universe. It's outside of those limitations.

When you can 'be' with that awareness, everything shifts in your Hologram. Support comes from out of thin air, from places you don't expect. Because it's coming from the True Source in the first place.

In reading this you've allowed a transition to happen within you as well. Allow this awareness to gently permeate your understanding. Notice what shows up for you as this week unfolds. Notice what's different.

And email me what happens!

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