Friday, November 6, 2009

Anger - a good thing

(c) 2009 Joan M. Newcomb

Lately, I've been feeling grouchy at times. It's surprising to me since I'm usually in a good mood. It's happening frequently enough that I've come to realize that it's part of my growth space, something I'll talk about later in this article.

When I do psychic readings, I sometimes notice varying shades of red in a client's aura. Red is life force energy. Sometimes it's dark red, which is frustration or blocked energy. Sometimes it's volcanic. Sometimes it's just a pure flow.

How comfortable we are with that vibration depends on our background and our natural tendencies. People who are Italian, or lawyers, or sales people, run this vibration with ease. Upper middle class WASPs and people who had an out of control parent tend to not feel safe with this energy, even if it's their own.

At it's essence it's an invigorating life force energy. It helps 'cut the crap', remove blocks and gives you the energy to go where you need to go or do what you need to do. In a dysfunctional state it's invasive and abusive.

Coming out of a dysfuctional childhood or marriage, we may have learned to repress our anger in order not to enrage the abuser. We may have learned to be invisible, or manically cheerful. We're so used to having our boundaries crossed by someone else's anger, we don't feel entitled to respond (abusers usually make you feel you deserved the abuse, and make themselves the victim if you do stand up for yourself).

As you recover from your childhood or marriage, it's a sign of growth when someone behaves badly towards you and you feel angry! Anger is a signal that your boundaries have been crossed. Anger is the inner you standing up for yourself.

Anger can also come up as part of your natural growth if you've been putting up with an intolerable situation for too long. It helps dissolve the blocks keeping you from moving forward.

I've been experiencing levels of frustration for the last couple of months. Energetically I can see the chunks of concrete floating in my aura! The image I get is of a star ship navigating it's way through space debris. Some of it is my own personal history and some of it is societal patterns. I know it's about dropping behaviors where I devalue myself and situations that undervalue me. (In Robert Scheinfeld's Phase 2 perspective, it's all me, inner and outer).

I've been reading a lot of people going through career transitions and the trend I see is towards right livelihood, doing work that is in integrity with their Essential Selves. If they're in a career or job that isn't right for them, they're feeling discontent. If their Essential Self created being laid off, they're having trouble finding work in their old field, because their Essential Self is wanting to steer them in the direction of what makes their heart sing!

A lot of people feel hesitant about taking the risk towards Right Livelihood because they think they can't make a living that way. In reality, their lives will be more abundant when they do. Prosperity always flows when you're in alignment with your Essential Self.

As you start to steer towards your Right Livelihood, where your Essential Self is calling you, you may feel some anger as you begin to pull out of old patterns. It's okay. You don't have to gnaw off the bindings or bark at those other characters in your story line you perceive. You can just imagine it as a 'force field' in front of your star ship (the edge of your aura) disintegrating whatever's been keeping you from boldly going where you're meant to go!

A simple navigational tool (one I believe I mentioned last week) -- to make decisions that are in your own best interest. If it's been so long since you've done that, it feels like this - you feel happy or elated when you go in that direction. You feel tense or dissatisfied (or 'the same') when you don't. Or that direction just looks and feels brightest, and the other way is duller or darker.

Try this for the next week, with each decision you make, go in the direction that feels brightest or makes you happy. And see how your entire Universe changes!

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