Friday, December 18, 2009

Just Keep Swimming!

© 2009 Joan M. Newcomb

In the Disney film "Finding Nemo" there's a character named Dory who has short term memory loss. (Someone with whom any woman over 40 would identify)!

She helps the main character, Marlin, swim all the way to Sydney to rescue his son Nemo.  It's quite challenging for her because she keeps forgetting who Marlin is or that they're going anywhere at all.

When Marlin manages to remind her of this, she shoots ahead, chanting to herself, "just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."

It's a wonderful analogy for us as we navigate our way through the Density & Effort of life on Playground Earth.  We forget that we're Spirit (aka Infinite Being, Expanded Self or Consciousness).  And that we created this world of physical reality (so it's all made up by Us)!  Even if we remember that part, we may not feel that Infinite or expanded.  And Density & Effort can feel awful gosh darned real.

What often happens is, as Spirit or Consciousness, we decide something would be fun to do, so we set into motion a series of events.  To Us, it's an enjoyable ripple of energy into the sea of beingness.  Our physical self perceives it as a tidal wave!  It's small and limited and powerless and can't possibly surf or swim through it!  However, just like jumping waves at the beach, if you just dive through the big ones, you come out the other side exhilarated and refreshed.

Sometimes You set into motion something that is going to take a bit of physical time to get through.  As Spirit there is no time or space, everything is happening all at once, and it's possible to make miraculous changes instantaneously.  In consideration of your body, which lives in linear time and is used to evolution, You often take things in increments. A series of events causes you to eventually leave your job (or start a new career), end your marriage (or get married), move to another state or country or any number of major, life-changing events!  These are 'baby steps' that help you grow into the new phase of your journey.

Body's aren't all that comfortable with change and transformation.  They go into resistance, have a temper tantrum, or space out when faced with things outside their comfort zone.  Sometimes it's possible to coax them through it, with chocolate, hot baths, massages, etc.  But sometimes you have to hunker down and 'just do it'.

You can know you're Spirit, Infinite Being or Consciousness and still be hitting major energy currents.  The challenge is not to get stuck trying to swim upstream and yet not get swept out to sea, either!

Recently I read instruction for how to get out when you're stuck in a Rip Tide. A Rip Tide is a strong current that pulls you away from the shore line.  It can be dangerous, many swimmers drown from exhaustion when trying to swim against it.  Common advice is to relax and let it take you out to sea; it usually dissapates after a while and you can then swim back to shore.  But you never know how far out in the ocean it will carry you and how many miles from your original beach you'll end up!  The new advice I notice is to swim parallel to the show, i.e. across the current rather than against.

It's an interesting idea when applied to the ebb and flow of energy patterns in the morphic field.  Rather than resisting or surrendering, just turn and swim across it! 

So, if this week as we're leading up to Christmas, you find yourself caught in the Rip Tidings of the season, don't resist but don't surrender either.  Swim across it (you'll intuitively know how, now it's been suggested to you).

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!

Try this for a week and see what happens!  And email me what happens!

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