Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hearing, Having, and Ho'Oponopono

(c) 2010 Joan M. Newcomb

I'm going to try to weave together three themes I've been experiencing the last few weeks.

The first is Ho'Oponopono.  In my last Ezine I mentioned it, along with a link to a site I'd not been to before.  It turns out to be a very good site, that had a very good article about taking 100% for your reality.

Ho'Oponopono is a Hawaiian Shamanistic practice of turning within and releasing 'erroneous thoughts' that contribute to the negative patterns in the world.  It was effectively used by Dr. Ihaleakela Hew Len to treat "incurably insane" patients in a locked ward of a Hawaii State Mental Hospital.  Within two years, the ward was closed because all of the patients either got better and were released, or got better enough to be transferred to a regular ward of the hospital.

It fits into my belief system in many ways.  One simple way is that 'thoughts create things' (to quote Mike Dooley, whom I'm interviewing next week on my Radio Show).  Every thought you think is a filter through which you perceive the world, and a projection you create into the world.  Everyone you come into contact with is/has a 'matching thought' with you.

So if someone calls you up and starts complaining about their work or their love life, somewhere within you is a 'matching mental image picture' otherwise they wouldn't show up in your reality.  Doing Ho'Oponopono is a way of deenergizing that thought from within, which de-energizes it from them, and contributes to de-energizing it within the world.

That's one level of understanding things.  The next level is that this world is Your hologram.  You, as Consciousness, created it down to the smallest detail, including all of the personalities in it (including yourself as one of the cast members).  The building blocks of the hologram can be considered thoughts, or they could be considered pictures, or they could be considered emotions or sensations or pixels.  It's all the same, in the same way that a three-dimensional Pixar film is made up of music and story plot as well as the computer generated images.  Ho'Oponopono is one way of cleaning distortions in the hologram so You can enjoy the creation more clearly.

The thing is, you can't be in resistance to whatever you'd doing Ho'Oponopono for.  You can't act like it's outside of your space or someone else's creation.  You can't judge it nor Yourself for creating it.  You can't use Ho'Oponopono to manipulate the storyplot.  That is, you can't do Ho'Oponopono to make things go the way you want them to.

Ho'Oponopono, like every Truly effective energy technique, is best done with a clear and open mind.  I like to have a sense of amused anticipation, to see what's going to happen but not expect what will happen.  You're 'reclaiming power from your Hologram' without assumptions of what that's going to be like.

What happens for me is that interesting people show up as clients or callers to my show.  Someone who's a burned out healer/counselor who has people owing them money, who has to be encouraged to raise their rates and prioritize themselves first. (I REMEMBER BEING THAT WAY)!

People with under-earning problems who want to argue for their limitations, who can't hear the suggestions I'm giving them for getting unstuck (BEEN THERE DONE THAT)!

Someone who is super-capable and has to do it all alone without any help yet needs assistance moving forward in their business (TOO FAMILIAR)!

One night a week ago, I found myself drifting in and out of sleep and doing Ho'Oponopono every waking moment.  It was a very effective solution to insomnia!  I began feeling waves of Infinite Love as I did it, which is what happens when I'm fully connected to Consciousness.

Which brings up the other part I want tie in, 'hearing and having'.  Havingness is essential to manifestation. It's taking ownership of your creations.  If you can own everything you create, the "good" and the "bad", you can increase your ability to manifest.  Without havingness, an endless parade of your desires can show up on your doorstep and you either don't open the door, disregard the gift, or not water the plant so it dies (to combine a bunch of metaphors).

The hearing part is, you've been told this before.  This information has been out there your whole life, and coming to you in many different ways.  It was there before The Secret DVD first came out.  It was there before Abraham-Hicks and before Seth found their channels.  When did you first hear it?  Have you heard it yet? When you can hear it, you can have it.

I always end my Ezine articles with a suggestion to 'try this for a week and see what happens'.  You don't really have to do anything this week.  Except maybe notice the matching experiences with everyone who shows up.  If you feel motivated to take the next step of releasing that energy from within your space, great.

Just see how your reality completely changes from that first simple step!

And email me what happens!

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