Monday, April 5, 2010

Changes in Healing: The Ripple Effect

(c) 2010 Joan M. Newcomb

There are changes happening in the way we heal others.  The old ways aren't working (if they ever did).  The energy now is so vibrant and clear that any denser pattern of the past is going to seem more discordant or stuck now.

One old way of healing others was to 'rescue'.  Either save them from themselves, or help them see the light, or provide them something they need.  It was often very conditional - we'll help you in the way we feel you need help.  We'll move you to the  nursing home we picked out for you, we'll stand by you if you have the operation we think you need, we'll give you money if you spend it on what we think you should spend it on.  Entangled threads, and very invalidating!

Everyone is a capable Being, who's written their individual storyline situation because they're infinitely powerful.  The more challenging the part, the more capable they are!  It's like an actor going for an Oscar winning role.  When you swoop in to rescue, or even if you heap advice on them, you're invalidating their creativity!

The obvious or overt way to assist people is to help them help themselves, and that is happening the world over.  Examples are offering microloans to women in Pakistan so they can be the 'cell  phone lady' for their village (which previously had no phone service), or corporations outsourcing their services to India (providing jobs and flooding the country with income rather than aid).

Change is happening on an energetic level as well.  An old way of healing others is to pray for their souls, or send healing energy to them in a conditional way (for them to get better or improve the way the healer thought they should).  Another level is to simply shine light on them, which gives them the opportunity to raise their vibration (and they are always at choice to accept the light).  There's also communicating to the person as Spirit (not verbally to the body/personality) which validates them as an Expanded Being beyond the limitations they've created in their lives.

The more subtle (and challenging to the healer) way to heal others is to focus on yourself.  In raising your own vibration, you create a ripple effect throughout your hologram.  You give permission to others to create changes in their life.  If you can do it, so can they.  If you can be happy and you had the same/similar family background, so can they. 

Imagine a dysfunctional pattern looking like a row of dominos, balancing on end.  If you, as an individual dominos, step out of the row, it changes the whole pattern. 

You don't necessarily need to make a geographic change to do this.  You can withdraw your focus from the group and turn it inward to your Self.  Make choices and take actions based on what would make your heart sing (a clear indication that you're moving in the direction of Source).  Shine light on your own life.  Go in the direction of what feels clearest or brightest to You.

When you do this, it releases your stuck entanglements with others.  It also releases energy from their space as well.  It frees them up to change (or not).

It doesn't mean that you completely ignore them.  There are certain relationships and interactions where it's appropriate to help or assist.  But in shifting your focus, you'll find a renewed vitality for helping others when it's appropriate.  You can give from a clear heart, not a space of obligation.

It also opens up infinite possibilities and solutions.  Maybe you aren't the only one who can take care of someone or something.  Maybe there are other ways things can get accomplished.  Or suddenly people who seemed so dependant are able to do things for themselves!

This week, focus on yourself and your own light.  Take time, whenever it occurs to you, to do whatever helps you ground and center.  Withdraw your focus on others, their drama or story.  Respond when you feel motivated to respond, otherwise pay attention to your own life and what will en-lighten you.

You may notice some others fading away when this happens and some may have tantrums as you step out of the pattern.  Keep the focus on yourself, for this week, and see what happens!

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