Friday, October 22, 2010

Being Human

(c) 2010 Joan M. Newcomb
Adventures in Density and Effort (aka) Mystic Musings, is a lighthearted look at life on Playground Earth.  I take topics and situations and give a 'spiritual' perspective on them.  Most of our problems, it seems to me, is from viewing life, the world, others, from a 'body level' perspective.  If we all looked at things from our Essence, as Spirit/Source, we would feel no conflict, only joy.

For those of us on a spiritual path, this is "easy".  However there are times when we take things too far in that direction and end up being disconnected from our human side.

I just recently returned from three weeks visiting my 84 year old mother.  It was an intense immersion into her life.  Coming back has been challenging (partly because I left a parallel self behind to watch out for her).

Today I walked my dogs and spent the time focusing on being here and now.  I enjoy my connection with nature (cedar trees seem to be the most communicative).  I mused about reality, mused about my Busting Loose information and my early spiritual training.  I noticed my physical sensations, body tiredness, tension, and also noticed my psychic sensations (someone was intensely in my head; I now know who and why).

Later I went to the grocery store and ran into a former client and we chatted about the dilemma of being self-employed.  She rarely takes time to get out of her studio, and I only talk on the phone or see someone for tea or coffee if it's a professional meeting.  As I walked the aisles putting things in my basket, I intensely missed my kids - not now, but when they were younger - and realized that I was tuning into previous times when they'd run through the story with me (an odd but matrixly familiar multi-dimensional experience).

As I'm writing this I realize the patterns that are unraveling, and the aspects of identity that are peeling away.  It's uncomfortable and sometimes disorienting.  It's a family pattern and it's amazing how different my individual story is while playing out the pattern!

Now, drawing from my spiritual tool kit, I could dive more deeply into the discomfort, or react to it (which could be from anger or fear).  I could question the stressful thoughts creating the distortions, are they true? And deenergize them by turning them around.  Or I could straight on 'blow up' the mental image pictures in order to see clearly. I could two-point to a parallel universe where things are different.

Right now I'm acknowledging that I have a body, my physical form, and it's been experiencing jet lag.  I am being gentle with it by letting it go at a slower pace today (we have to gear up & go to work in Seattle again tomorrow).  I don't have to change, fix, or improve anything today.  I don't have to have solutions to any 'problems'.  I can be here as the pattern unravels and I can watch to see what arises next.

Shakti Gawain said there is strength in vulnerability.  To me that means not resisting being human, being open and allowing the growing pains associated with expansion.

This week, give yourself a break.  Let yourself take it slow and be imperfect about it.  And notice what happens when you do!

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