Friday, February 4, 2011

Foundation and Freedom

©2011 Joan M. Newcomb

This is a pretty big topic, on many different levels.  We have this physical world, which to all appearances, requires structure in order to create form.  We have the non-physical world, the realm of Spirit or Energy, which is limitless, and yet is it what manifests form.

From the physical world perspective, manifestation requires effort.  It takes work to make something.  It requires time and materials to create anything, biological or technological or any other form.

From the non-physical perspective, it's instantaneous.  Reality takes place in the blink of an eye (and disappears as rapidly, as well).  In order to create from Spirit, it requires non-attachment, and no-effort (effortlessness).

A simplistic explanation is that 'thoughts become things'.  We have an idea, we give energy to it, and it shows up in our lives.  We think of something we don't want, and it shows up, too.  We view the world through our thought-perspectives, so that colors what we manifest as well.

Often when you let go of trying to attract something or someone into your life, it comes to you.  Why is that?  Because you've let go of effort and you've allowed the Universe to bring it.

When you focus on creating something, put all your thoughts and attention on it, and it doesn't come about, it's probably because you're holding on to it energetically, which keeps it as a desire rather than a reality.

Some people flop over to the other side in terms of letting go.  They release *completely* and just do whatever comes to mind.  Somethings things manifest, sometimes nothing does, they don't care because they're just enjoying the ride of life.  That works, too.  Or not.

Sometimes you need to create *inner* space for what you want to manifest.  You do all the above suggestions for creating wealth or a soul mate, but your inner life is 'a mess'.  You're up to your ears in credit card debt, or you're carrying resentments about your ex, those are indicators that you don't have room in your life for something different.

The non-physical realm is limitless and joyous, and represents freedom to us.  When we desire prosperity, we're really desiring freedom (freedom from worry, freedom from working at a job we don't love, etc.).  But when we think of what it would take to provide a foundation for that, it feels like restriction.  Why have a budget? Why keep track of a checkbook balance? If I win the lotto and am fantastically wealthy, I won't need any of that!  (Which is why most lottery winners are bankrupt within five years).  In actuality, structure brings freedom.  Being aware of spending opens up spaces for income to flow.  It's indicating to the Universe that you can handle more!

There's a difference between inner structure, where your inner life is organized, and external control.   One comes from Essence, and allows the real you to flow through, and the other comes from fear, which is a body-level experience.  Notice the difference as you navigate.

People feel the same way about commitment and relationships.  They get scared of committing because they think they'll be trapped.  In reality you are committing to *yourself*, and to being in integrity with your values.  Being faithful to your inner Essence can shift all of your relationships.  Those that are in alignment with you show up, those that aren't either transform or fade away.

All it takes is making a decision in the present moment, and taking the next indicated steps.  Becoming aware of your spending habits, making time to meditate, to spend enjoyable time with yourself, all you need to do is the first baby step, and go from there. 

Foundation leads to freedom.  What can you do (shift, let go of, take action on) today to get there?

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