Friday, April 22, 2011

Catastrophy/Create & Destroy

©2011 Joan M. Newcomb

There seems to have been an awful lot of natural disasters recently.  I read about a Swedish couple that went on a four month honeymoon, starting in Munich, Germany during Europes worst snowstorms in history.  They left and went to sunny Australia only to get caught in the torrential rains and cyclone in the South East.  So they fled to Perth, which had wild fires.  Their next stop was Christchurch, New Zealand in the midst of their earthquake and the final part of their trip was in Japan, which had an earthquake, tsunami *and* a volcanic eruption!

Blizzards, Cyclones, 'quakes and Tsunamis, oh my.

What does this mean?  Is it the end of the Earth?  Is the 2012 disaster movie a predictor of things to come?

Hardly.  From the planet's POV, it's no big deal.  It's been rumbling and shaking, belching lava and changing temperature since the beginning of time.

It seems excessive to us, because every human being has a camera on their phone and can immediately share with the world what's happening in their little part of the planet.  We see it and it feels like it's happening to *us*, as well.

Like a house under constant remodel, creating and destroying is Earth's main activity.  It spews lava and creates new land masses.  It ignites wildfires, clearing hectares of land and releasing seedlings that otherwise would never grow.  Certain insects, plants and animals need frozen winters as dormancy and hibernation are part of their natural cycles.

Our bodies/personalities view things with a narrow focus directly related to our survival.  As a species we seem driven to change, fix and improve our circumstances.  Using our creation of airplanes, we've learned to seed clouds to create rain, and release retardents to quench fires.  We add dirt onto oceans to extend areas to build on.  We see temperatures changing and take it personally, as if it's something we've done rather than the Earth's own gradual growth out of yet another ice age.

A monarch butterfly doesn't sink into depression because it's lost some of it's natural habitat in Mexico.  Nature adapts to changes.

We, on the other hand, resist it.  How's that working for us?

Actually, it's spuring us to create alternative fuels and come up with ways not to contribute to the destructive aspect of the planet.

But in other ways, resistance is futile.

It's helpful for us to realize that we, as Consciousness, create this reality series of Life on Planet Earth.  It's important for us to know that we can handle big changes.  Destroying can be as creative as creating.

When you can view Earth's changes from Divinity's loving neutrality, it's easier to go with the flow.  When you can "Love What Is" and appreciate the immense power of Creation, you can shift into a place of agreement.  When you agree with what's going on, it feels a lot better and the birth into newness happens a lot more quickly and effortlessly.

Although I've focused on nature and the weather, you can apply this to the emotional storms and circumstantial disruptions in your everyday life as well.  It may seem that your world is collapsing because you've lost your job or your marriage or your car or your home, but You, like the Earth are simply expanding into something New.

This week, take a Cosmic Conscious viewpoint on your life.  If you were viewing things from the Moon, what would it be like?  If you were looking back on the point in time from a hundred years in the future, how important is it?

Make choices, take action, from a Greater perspective and see what happens!

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