Friday, April 1, 2011

Collective Consciousness

©2011 Joan M. Newcomb

On You Tube on April 7th, Eric Whitacre will post his newest 'virtual choir', made up of over 2,000 individuals from around the world, all singing the harmonies to one of his compositions.  Here is "Lux Aurumque" (Light and Gold) that he pieced together with 180+ singers.
It's very moving to watch all these different people, sitting by themselves in front of their computers, their voices joining together on cyberspace.  It makes you think, this is what God hears, when He looks down at the world.
To take that a step further (and out of a male theistic perspective), it's the sound of the Collective Consciousness.  All our individual vibrations blend together into an energetic symphony of Spirit.

At any time we are broadcasting our signals into the morphic field and it joins the chorus of the Universe.  There is no good or bad to what we send out.  Discordant chords are as beautiful as harmonies.  Sharps and flats are really the same notes, just used in different ways.

Looking at the individual auditions for Lux Aurumque, not all the voices were perfect, nor always precisely pitched.  Blended together covered up individual flaws and generated a sound that brings you to tears.

And that is what the combined energies of creation does to us, it overwhelms us with appreciation for Life.

Technology is man's way of replicating Spirit, of the greater aspect of ourselves that we can't express in our human form.  We can't fly, so we invented airplanes.  We don't think we're telepathic, so we invented phones.  The internet as an information source is the Akashic Records on the physical realm.

We are Unity, separated into individuals for the fun of experiencing different aspects of ourselves.  But as Oneness, we long to reconnect our essential selves. 

The "Where The Hell Is Matt" videos of nerdy, white, Matt Harding 'dancing badly around the world' evokes the same emotions.  Whether dancing amongst Huli Wigman in New Guinea, a crowd at Gasworks Park in Seattle or in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, we feel heartbreaking joy.

When we leave our physical bodies and return to Source, there are no more tears, only Ecstacy.  In form, however, it feels kinda painful and we place ethics on pain.

Important things to know:  we ARE Consciousness.  We are also individuals (collective).  There is no good or bad to the vibration we put out - it is ALL music to the 'ears' of Consciousness.

So instead of trying to make your instrument pure, just focus on the joy of playing.  Enjoy every moment of it, every breath, every tinge, every tummy rumble.  That is how you 'make a joyous noise unto the Lord', that is how you contribute your individual vibration into the collective.

This week, go all out and LIVE, no holds barred.  Savor every second.  Watch how discomfort falls away when you step right into the cold rain without resistance.  Taste every morsel.  Laugh with gusto.

And see how your life transforms when you do!

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