Friday, April 29, 2011

The Power (& Limits) of Groups

(c) 2011 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Today I tuned into CNN's live feed, hours after the Royal Wedding.  Their cameras were following the crowds in London, making their way to Buckingham Palace.  There was no narration, just the unending sound of people cheering.

What struck me was the collective energy emanating from them out into the world.  The energy of celebration, of happiness, of joy.  If you were above the planet, you could probably *see* the vibration radiating into space.  Also being broadcast over the airwaves and on the internet into cyberspace.

How powerful it is when groups come together and radiate united energy!  What a collective healing it is.  Regardless of what else was happening in the news today in any other country, this event raised the vibration to some degree for everyone.

We join groups to raise our vibration, to move ourselves forward, to get a "boost" on our path or a "lift" towards our Spirit.

Last week I took my mother to Church.  I've come to believe that Churches, Temples, Mosques and Synagogues, are phone booths to God.  However we each have an inner Modem/Cell to connect directly ourselves.

As Consciousness develops in physical form, there are individuals on the leading edge who are Trail Blazers.  They're the single light out there in the darkness, showing the way for us to follow.  Then there are the Pioneers, who pave the path that was blazed in the wilderness.  They form groups and bring them to the new level of awareness.  And then come the Settlers, who settle into what's come before, to make it solid and real.

Initially there is movement forward, helping individuals in their personal evolution.  However, there's a tendency to keep looking to the past, to the original Trail Blazers.  It's like driving your car only looking in the rear view mirror, it slows you down. 

Settlers make things solid and real, and that can be comforting and a source of security.  It can aid with manifestation into form.  But the foundation needs to be organic to allow for growth.  If the focus is too much on the 'letter of the law' it becomes inflexible like concrete.  Concrete disintergrates during an earthquake.  It's not supportive for human evolution.

A truly powerful group is empowering.  It encourages everyone to acknowledge their own Light, to become their own Trail Blazer.  It holds space for you in your emergence.

We become part of a group because if fits where we are at the time.  It may not fit us years later.  It's okay to release your affliation with groups that no longer supports your expansion.  This includes groups you're related to, work for, studied with, voted for, or prayed with.

This week notice what groups lift you up and give you joy.  Notice which ones don't.  You don't have to ditch all the non-functioning ones at once (although you can).  Just choose to spend more time with the ones that make you feel good.  Hang with the homies that make you happy!

Try this for the next seven days and see what happens!

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