Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vulnerability Refreshed

Vulnerability Refreshed ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

We're experiencing an increase in Consciousness, and people are talking about the new Divine Feminine energy on the planet. I think it's because, with increased Consciousness comes increased sensitivity, receptivity, creativity, and vulnerability.

Many years ago I saw Shakti Gawain at East West Bookshop in Seattle. She mentioned that there is strength in vulnerability. I didn't know what she meant then.
Alpha Regio - Venus

If you grew up in a family, or had relationships that were abusive or alcoholic, the world was not a supportive place. Being vulnerable meant you'd be attacked; it wasn't safe to be vulnerable.

When you have a perspective that the Universe doesn't have your best interest at heart, then you see situations as being against you. God is not benevolent; there is no one to lean on.

For me, these perceptions were walls (and floors) in the structure of my persona. I've created throughout my life experiences that have broken them down.

For a while it seems that every couple of years something would occur that would drop me down into the 'basement'; showing me my foundation was faulty.

Now the experience isn't as linear as floors and foundation. Portions have disintegrated while other areas have strengthened. It's become safe to be vulnerable while facing one of the most difficult challenges I ever have had.

Vulnerability is a softening into oneself and not resisting what is. Vulnerability is accepting what is breaking away, what is being lost. It is feeling the feelings as they come up. It is letting yourself go through them.

I'm starting to get what Shakti Gawain meant. Vulnerability is spiritual strength. You're not fighting the illusion and you're not controlling or fixing it. It's not denying the pain your body and persona feel as what they believed was real is going away.

In reality it's transforming into something different, which will probably feel better. It will probably be something you can later say you were grateful to have happen. But vulnerability is staying in the present moment, not trying to leap beyond the discomfort to when it's all resolved.

It's an interesting place to navigate (and sometimes it can't be navigated; you just have to cling to the raft as it hits white water). For me, when I can remember I'm Essence, then I can guide myself or hold my hand through the experience. When I can't, I can lean on another concept, of Consciousness bigger than the current circumstances.

What I'm noticing is that the awarenesses are coming multiple times a day; ones I would have missed if I were trying to tough it out. Although I don't quite know where this is going to end up, I can see to the next bend in the river.

Vulnerability isn't helplessness or self-pity. Even when you feel most alone, you are being supported. You have air to breathe. People and things show up.

The force of the river. The "solidity" of the raft. The frigid water. The warm sun on my back. Even in sadness or pain, we can love what is.

This week, notice where you are in relation to all this. Vulnerability is transparency, being open, being right in the present moment. If it resonates with you, let yourself breathe through it.

And that's all you have to do. See what transforms when you do it!

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