Friday, June 17, 2011

Achieving Coherence

(c) 2011 Joan M. Newcomb

This last week I caught parts of several movies on TV - a 1920's black and white silent film with Buster Keaton, a 1950's B movie, and the 1969 classic "2001: A Space Odyssey ". 

The 1920's film had scenes of a train going through the woods, and the 1950's movie had a scene of a big Buick driving along a country road.  Both of those scenes could have come from any century, if you hadn't had the train or the car in them.  I think about this as I walk my dogs along our wooded, country road.  There are places where you can stand and feel like you are timeless.

Trees, especially, have a timeless quality.  A redwood quietly observes its surroundings for over 100 years.

Earth, itself, is quietly observing what's happening on it.  It's growth phases are measured in eons.

So the planet has a long, slow rate of growth.  Nature changes by evolution, slightly faster than the planet, but at a snail's pace compared to humans.

And then humans create technology, which is like taking a movie and fast-forwarding it.

"2001: A Space Odyssey" is remarkably modern.  If you remove (or replace) the scenes where they're video-calling home, it could indeed have been made within this decade.

Human beings created technology to replicate Spirit.  As non-physical beings, we experience change instantaneously.  There is no time or space, so we can be anywhere or everywhere at once.  From creating the airplane to the telephone to the IPad, our unconscious motivation is to bring our bodies up to speed with our energetic Selves.

So what is happening now?  Some believe that what's going wrong with the planet is that humans are out of sync with natural time.  We created a 24 hour day, 12 month year, that is incongruent with the actual rise and set of the sun and the phases of the moon.  They say we're creating imbalance on the planet by being vibrationally 'off' with Earth's natural rhythm.

Some believe the vibration on the planet is accelerating, which is causing all the changes.  And some believe it's Consciousness evolving. 

However, what happens you shift perspective to this being a holographic creation of Consciousness?

Suddenly, I get the feeling of the Consciousness of the Earth, and can see that the planet is experiencing it's own expansion at this time.  The vibration is raising, gravity feels different, things are becoming less dense.

I see humans experiencing their own acceleration, and creating technology to mimic this.  However technology still has an artificial vibration in comparison to our Essense, a bit like having an artificial limb - it can do most everything, but isn't one's real arm or leg.

Coherence is when you are aligned internally with your Essense or Expanded self.  When you do, it heightens your extra sensory perception.  You become more telepathic, more clairvoyant, clairsentient and telekinetic.

We try to use technology or substances to heighten our awareness, when all we need to do is turn within (and center within our thalamus) to make it happen.

We long to experience coherence because it links us with Us, Consciousness.  Consciousness feels *great* - there's no pain, there's this wonderful, expansive feeling, there's this high level of ecstatic joy, and there's infinite peace.

I believe we're all moving towards Conscious Coherence anyway.  All the discomfort we are feeling, the distasters showing up in our lives, or things we're attached to and identify with that are disintegrating, are symbolic of what is falling away as we expand to this new awareness.

How to help this acceleration?  As with many spiritual things, do the opposite.  Slow down.  Get intouch with your Self.  Take a walk.  Meditate.  Take a bath, go for a swim. 

Ironically, as you let go of trying to achieve something externally, it comes to you effortlessly.

This week, try letting go of effort, of achieving, of trying to grow spiritually, or making things manifest through sheer will.  Take moments do NOT do anything.  And see what happens!

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