Friday, August 5, 2011

Controlling vs. Creating

©2011 Joan M. Newcomb 
"You create your reality" leads people to think they can control their reality, too.  Why are bad things happening to you if you create your reality?

Then you try all these manifestation techniques, visualizations, rituals, etc.  You focus intensity, you try real hard, and nothing works.  WTF?

What is wrong with you?  Why aren't you creating a perfect world?  Why aren't more good things happening to you?  If you create your reality, and this is what it's like, you must be seriously disturbed.

We're told we're Infinite Beings, the Power and Presence of God, Consciousness.  Then why are we feeling so friggin' powerless?

I'm mean, I definitely didn't create a GOP congress, a global economic meltdown, and the Catholic Church.  Someone else must have snuck them into my reality when I was sleeping.

Why the heck would someone create getting divorced or unemployed or sick?

Controlling your reality and creating your reality are two entirely different things.  Controlling your reality is in reaction to things happening to you.  It comes from a premise of things being out of your control, from a feeling of powerlessness.

When you want to control your reality, you want to change, fix, improve or manipulate things outside of yourself so you feel better inside.

Creating reality comes from being in agreement with Source, in acceptance with All That Is, it comes from feeling empowered within, so there's no need to change what's happening without.  When you are in alignment with your Essence (or seeing things as Spirit, *as* your Essence) then you're at peace with everything that shows up in your reality.

There's no need to change, fix, control or manipulate other people or outer circumstances.  You can actually be amused by things people say or do, feel detached about what is happening around you.  You can actually feel serene when everyone else is freaking out.

And, in that space, from being centered within yourself and in love with all that is, things often start falling into place.  The perfect partner or job shows up when you no longer feel so intensely about them. 

Creating reality comes from within, from being centered.  Your first response to anything is an inner response.  You shift your perspective, view things differently, instead of changing the scenery.

When you are relaxed into Creation, there's no need to control. 

Try this for a week and see what happens!

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