Friday, August 19, 2011

Spiritual Midwifery

(c)2011 Joan M. Newcomb

It's interesting to see who shows up for births.  There are people who come into the mother's life during her pregnancy, and people who are around when she's in labor.  They are all energetically participating in the entrance of the baby Being into the world.

My first child was a home birth who ended up being air lifted to the hospital.  I'd planned something intimate and quiet, with just my husband, the midwife and her assistant, and a couple who was going to film the event.  Instead, the couple & the assistant missed the ferry.  Instead, there was my (then) husband, the midwife, the ambulance crew, the lifeflight crew, the ER at University hospital, and the neonatal intensive care unit staff.

My second child, also a home birth, came out so quickly that the only people there were the (then) husband, a different midwife (the assistant stopped for gas and missed the event).  And he didn't leave the bedroom for the first 48 hrs.

Each group of people contributed to each child's arrival.  In some way each held the space for the being to come into this world.

It's the same when people pass.  People come into your life, people miss the boat, and unexpected support staff arrive.

All are participating in the transition from physical to Spirit.

I've shared in previous Musings about the death of my first love. I'd only reconnected with him two months before he died from a bicycle accident.  It was clear to me that I was the only one he knew with the level of spiritual awareness that I had.  When he passed, I felt it (days before the family was notified and a week before I and his friends were notified).

At the memorial I'd realized that I was there as his eyes and sometimes voice.  And to continually validate that he still exists.  And he, by sending me endless numbers of silver PT Cruisers (the make and color of the vehicle that struck him) reminds me of the instant joy that awaits us upon passing.

I'm currently holding space for two people in the process of passing.  Just like births, there's no telling how long their labors will be.  It's not necessary for me to have heart to hearts with them about what happens when you die (although I'm open to it when/if the subject comes up).  I can quietly add my
energetic awareness, my certainty, and my love and compassion.

Someone once said ' we are born alone and we die alone', but nothing can be further from the Truth.  At births, there's a host of unseen energetic beings (angelic beings and familial beings) helping the baby come into form. At deaths there's an equal number waiting to catch on the other side. We who show up "in-body" are the anchors in this physical plane.

If we only knew the immense Joy and Love that awaits us when we pass, we'd treat deaths with the same excitement and happiness that we treat births.

This week, be aware of how, where and for whom you are Holding Space.   Who are you midwifing to a new state of being?  And who is midwifing you?

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