Friday, September 2, 2011

Anger, Acceptance, Acceptability

(c) 2011 Joan M. Newcomb

Today, I saw two different blogs posts touching on anger and acceptance.  One was aimed at Alzheimers' Caregivers, the other was a spiritual post. 

There's too much written about not being angry, or how distructive anger is.  It just prevents people from experiencing the release and healing that anger can be.  If you feel victimized, anger can empower you.  If you feel trapped, anger can give you the energy to break free.  Distruction isn't necessarily bad; sometimes limitations need to be destroyed.

Acceptance doesn't mean you like, approve, or agree with something.  Years ago I read an Dear Abby or Ann Landers' column that talked about having a baby was like taking a trip to France.  In preparation, you learn to speak French, you buy a beret, you study maps of Paris etc.  If your baby is born with Downes Syndrome, it's like suddenly going to Holland.  Dutch is totally different than French.  You toss the beret, and slip on clogs.  It's not the trip you dreamed of, but you accept the different destination.  You don't like it, but you love your baby just as much.

Acceptability is full of shit.  You have to repress your anger to be acceptable.  You have to have perfect children to be acceptable.  People do unacceptable things in order to be acceptable.

Spiritual growth isn't acceptable.  It isn't neat and clean and tidy.  It's about breaking through patterns and limitations.  It's about doing things differently.  It's going to make acceptable people very uncomfortable.  But, truthfully, being acceptable is way more painful.  It's just delivered with a perfectly white smile.

This is a time when everything we identify with is breaking down.  Aspects of ourselves are disintegrating before our eyes.  Things we've believed in, relied upon, assumed and expected are evaporating.  It doesn't look pretty. 

But, as you break through into expanded awareness, as you step fully into your Full Light -
it feels great.

It may not happen quickly but know you're on the way there.

There's nothing for you to do this week.  Transformation happens anyway.

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