Friday, October 21, 2011

iPhone vs. Dialup

(c) 2011 Joan Newcomb

A couple weeks ago I got a haircut.  It was a big deal for me in the storyline for many reasons.  Because I'm taking care of my mother in DC, I hadn't even gotten a bangs' trim since I left Seattle in June.

Things have been so busy, and as I am so deep in Dorothyland, resurfacing to the 'real world' to go into a salon in Georgetown disorienting. 

Knowing that my energy could affect my hairstyle, I stood outside for a few minutes and tried to ground myself.  It really didn't improve things.  Then I realized I'd been using my 'old techniques' and instead started to 2-point from my 1st chakra to the center of the earth.

All I did was the 1st point, my 1st chakra and my entire awareness shifted.  I became focused and clear.  It was the difference between Steamboat Willie and Puss In Boots.

Old energy techniques, using a grounding cord to release energy, actually increases discomfort.  It's sinking deeper into the mud.  It invalidates spiritual awareness.

Old energy techniques are old physics.  Really, it's like using a dialup vs. iPhone.  Dialup you could connect to the Cosmic Internet, but you needed to be 'plugged in' It was slow and took forever to download information.

New techniques, such as Matrix, are like Quantum Physics.With an iPhone, you can be anywhere and instantly connect.  The beginning step in Matrix was to touch or connect to a point that was stuck, fixed or not moving (point 1) and then touch or connect to a point that was different, a new possibility, that's fluid (point 2).

What I discovered on the street in Georgetown is that I didn't even have to do that.  I just '1-pointed' the center of my first chakra and everything changed.  (Even chakras are old technology.  Who knows what I was 1 pointing).

I stepped into the salon, and into a different reality.  I created a stylist whose father currently has lung cancer and both grandmothers had Alzheimer's.  Threads of connection to my "reality"!

And I got a great 'do, too (thanks Meghan)!

1-pointed into my new awareness doesn't change or fix or manipulate anything. You don't go to Disneyland not to ride the rides.  But you go to *enjoy* them.  If you get in line for Splash Mountain, you expect to get wet. I haven't miraculously won the lottery, my mother's Alzheimer's hasn't gone away, if anything other subplots are developing more dramatically in the storyline (what *have* those Cosmic scriptwriters been smoking)?!?

However, *I* navigate differently through it all. 

The planet (hologram) is energetically changing (accelerating).  Consciousness is evolving, and individually we're being required to operate off Our own information.  It's a step up in respons-ability.  It's an expansion of power (energetic power, inner spiritual power not ego's 'power over').

Notice for yourself if anything in your life needs updating (or an upgrade, if you will).  Are you still using the same techniques you learned in that self help workshop in college?  Are you imitating your teacher or guru, rather than owning the information for yourself?

Try this for a week and see what happens!

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Francis Cook said...

This is so true! I have found that being aware of what is now in front of me is key to what to do. How you ask and how you look for your answer is determined by where you are at mentally, emotionally and physically.