Friday, February 10, 2012

Having & Wanting

(c) 2012 Joan M. Newcomb
We are very creative Beings.  We're attracted to books, CDs & DVDs on abundance and manifestation, as it's our inherent nature to create.

There are lots of techniques for attracting what you want, for bringing dreams into form.  Our success with that varies, I find, depending on our level of focus.

It's possible to live this life from a purely superficial and materialistic level.  There are very successful people out there who haven't had an introspective thought in their life.  It's really okay, and it really doesn't matter.

This world is a playground that encompasses every game.  What you create lines up with where your inner and outer focus align.

Sometimes we create things from our inner Being, which doesn't look very fun from an external perspective.  Pain, hardship, loss and lack, are some examples.  But we don't have to be unhappy when these things occur.

Sometime we create something externally that looks absolutely fantastic.  Wealth, status, perfect body, perfect mate, are some examples.  And yet for some reason we're miserable.

Whatever you have in your life is a reflection on your spiritual creativity.  From our Infinite Self, it's all good.  It's all creative.  It's all juicy and wonderful and ripe with possibilities.

The more capable actor goes for the most difficult parts and the most challenging storyline.  If we're complaining about our life, from Essence, we are spiritually boasting.

If you're spending most of your energy wanting things, focusing on what you don't have, what you need, it's an indication of what level you're viewing things from.

It's unlikely you'll create your desires from this level.  Or, if you do, you won't be happy with them.
Or you'll create things that seem successful, but they'll include some painful subplot.  Because You'd be dissatisfied with an easy life.

Our happiness doesn't come from checking off everything on our wish list.  You can be happy in any moment, regardless of circumstances.  True happiness comes when we, our body/personalites are aligned with our Essence.  When our little will is in agreement with our higher Will.

It takes acceptance of what is, and ownership of what you currently have, to feel real happiness.

It's not giving up trying to make things better, it's letting go of trying to make things perfect.

Start by taking stock of all you've created in your life, and recognize that it all is a reflection of You, your essential creativity.  Validate how capable you are.  Focus on what you have rather than what you want, and everything will fall into place.

Try this for the next week and see what happens!

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