Friday, April 27, 2012

Empowered Healing

©2012 Joan M Newcomb

Healers are going through an enormous transformation at this time.  You may be a Healer and not acknowledge that it is your Essence quality.  If you are naturally empathic, naturally tuned into other's feelings, and have an innate urge to make things better for other people,  you're a Healer.

Healers are naturally sensitive and like to create an atmosphere of serenity around them.  Friends like to come to them because they create a safe place for friends to grow and change.  Friends like to tell Healers all their problems, and always go away feeling a hundred times better.  Often, Healers come away from those conversations drained and preoccupied with their friend's problems.

Professional Healers have gone through training programs that give them skills for specific kinds of healing.  However most of those programs are still operating from last century lower consciousness levels.

An old paradigm was that the trained Healer was an expert in their field, whether it was Western Medicine or an alternative (because many alternative healing trainings, in an attempt to be taken seriously, adopted Western Medicine patterns of teaching).  As an expert, they know what's wrong with the patient, and they know how to fix it.

This is a very disempowering approach.  It leaves people dependent on the Professional Healer for relief, comfort, and improvement in their health.

Even when the Professional Healer knows better, and tries to shift to New Consciousness, old patterns still persist.  It's very uncomfortable for the ego to not be the expert, to step back and allow (something they're not in control of) a greater transformation to occur.

We have shifted to a greater level of embodiment, which brings a greater level of awareness and ability to inwardly transform.

Truth is, we are *all* experts in our own lives and health.  If we have a problem, we innately have the solution.  We may need assistance in healing and transformation (it's kind of hard to perform your own dental exams, for instance), but we're not helpless victims of fate needing rescuing.

The new paradigm of healing is Empowering.  It acknowledges you as whole and capable, and gives you ways to heal yourself.  Instead of making you come back for repeated appointments, because you need the professional to continue to fix the problem, you're given suggestions to continue healing in your own life.  You're the lead in this journey.

Natural healers who aren't professionals but spend every waking minute taking care of others, are being called to a different way of being as well.  Instead of looking outward to the neglect of their own well being, they're having to focus inward.  Often circumstances are arising to force them to change their focus, often through their own illness.

In focusing inward, however, you are still contributing to the healing of the world.  By centering within and creating internal well being, you are radiating that energy to others.  You are contributing to the Collective Consciousness.  When you heal yourself, you contribute that increased possibility to everyone else.

In letting go of making things better or "fixing" other's problems, you are empowering them to come up with their own solutions.  Sometimes the greatest healing is stepping back and letting that person have the consequences of their own actions.  Many people don't learn unless they have to do it for themselves.

When you focus on your own well being, you're more able to help others when they actually need it.

This week, notice any knee-jerk tendencies to change, fix or improve outside yourself (in other people's lives).  Give yourself a break and step back from the situation.  Take some time to turn within and reflect on your own life, what would feel good to you in the present moment.  Respond to your own needs first (for a change)!

Try this for 7 days and see what happens!

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