Friday, May 18, 2012

My Love Affair With Time

©2012 Joan M Newcomb

I will be very sad on 12/21/2012 (when the Mayans say that time ends) because I have a special affinity with time.
I enjoy waking up early.  When I was about 8, I read in an Enid Blyton book a technique for waking up at a precise time by dropping your head back into your pillow 6 times if you wanted to wake at 6,  or 7 if you wanted to wake at 7.  I no longer have to do that as I innately wake up on time (or I have some fantastic time-conscious guides who wake me)!

I enjoy getting to appointments and meetings on time.  When I moved to Seattle 31 years ago, I always used to get places 20 minutes early.   Everyone there seemed to be 20 minutes late.

After moving to an island near Seattle, where everyone is on "island time", it took me ten years to slow down enough to show up on time, and another ten years to be comfortable with being within 5 minutes of an appointed time.
As a coach, a reader, and a Matrix worker, I learned that amazing breakthroughs and transformations can come in 30 or 60 minutes.  The parameters of time allowed infinite possibilities to happen.

As a business owner, "solo-preneur" I've discovered that operating with time-clarity leads to abundance.  Spacing out, being vague, getting entangled with time-wasters, are signs of poverty consciousness.  Even giving too much time away (such as getting overloaded with volunteer work, rather than income-producing actions) can lead to under earning.
Yet, as a Matrix energy worker, I also know that time is expandable (and contractable).  There are techniques you can use to get places faster (e.g., dissolving traffic jams).  You can send a parallel self out to get things done, so that when you get around to doing it in body, it completes more quickly (since you've already done it on an energy level).

As my mother progresses with Alzheimer's, the ability to get anywhere on time goes out the window.  In order to get to her Day Center by 10am, I have to start getting her up by 8am.  Any doctor's appointments I have to factor in bathroom time (15-30 minutes at home, and 15 minutes after we arrive).

I have to stay in the present moment with her, and also know we're in the final months.  We just had our last Mother's Day... we're coming up to her last birthday...  The blessing on Alzheimer's is that she doesn't remember she has cancer, and doesn't realize she's on hospice.  

Since she doesn't know she has a time limit imposed by doctors, perhaps she'll keep going beyond her time limit.  Maybe we'll reach December 21st, and all this time stuff will dissipate, and she can live timelessly.

And I will have to release my attachment to time, allowing an expansion into infiniteness.

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