Friday, December 28, 2012

Virtual Physical

©2012 Joan M. Newcomb

Yesterday I went to see Les Miserables, and on the way passed a building with "Virtual Physical" on it.  I mused about it's meaning while watching the movie, which combined CGI effects and blue screen backgrounds to give the impression that actors were in France two centuries ago.

The film didn't move me as I'd hoped, but when I went to the restroom I overheard a woman struggling with her friend or mother who couldn't remember where she'd put her ticket.  It turned out to be in her pocket, under her kleenex.  Exasperated, the woman said, "If this is too hard, you shouldn't go out!"
And I started crying.  How I would love my mother could still go to movies.  How I regret not taking her to more.  It took 3 hours to cajole her to "The Most Exotic Marigold Hotel" which she ended up loving, but she quickly became unable to leave the house after that.

On the way back, we passed the Virtual Physical building again, and it was definitely a message from the Universe.  What's happened to all my information about creating my reality?  What's happened to knowing I'm an Infinite Being?  That my mother's an Infinite Being?  That this is just a creation of Consciousness for the pure joy of manifesting into density and effort?

There's a scene in Les Mis where Jean Valjean pulls Marius through the sewers of Paris in order to save his life.  In situations like that, it's kind of hard to remember your Infiniteness.

The Physical feels *very* real.  Bodies are solid and dense.  They move slowly through the confines of linear time and measurable space.  At the same time, the Physical is deliciously complex.  We have lots of lenses through which to examine it.  We can dissect it with mathematics and physics.  

If this is your only experience of reality, it's very limited indeed. If you confine your existence within your body, then you only live x number of years.  You define yourself by other's descriptions and predictions.

Yet these things are always changing. People's life expectancies are extending with each generation.  Each new scientific discovery expand our understanding of the world.  The world becomes round.  Blank space becomes filled with stars and other galaxies.

We are bigger than all of this.  We are Consciousness.  We can hypothesize things into reality.  We are constantly creating, making all this up.

We're always experiencing two things at once.  Our body's perception of reality, which feels things emotionally and physically, and Us as Consciousness, which perceives the bigger picture.  Consciousness is always peaceful, always amused, always light, always joyous.

My mother as Consciousness is very creative. When viewed from a bigger perspective, Alzheimer's and cancer are a very complimentary way to go.  My mother is currently dismantling her physical life, and when that's done, it won't exist, but She will.

You may be busy crawling through the sewers, but that experience is temporary.  As the sun is always shining, Consciousness is always there.  

I Google'd Virtual Physical and discovered they do CT scans, and you can even get a 'virtual colonoscopy' there.  

What will they think of next?

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