Friday, August 2, 2013

Where miracles come from.

Where Miracles Come From ©2013 Joan M. Newcomb

An intuitive friend and former student of mine emailed me that they'd had an unusual experience while meditating.  They were grounding and visualizing a color to bring into their 7th Chakra when "a very clear, without color wavy thing appeared" and flowed in through the top of her head instead.  She said it was the most amazing experience.  She went on to say that things have been 'popping up' that haven't appeared before.  "Something is happening and it wants to become known".  "It is something we're not familiar with and may have difficulty understanding because we always overlay our values of right and wrong, when there is another level we don't understand yet"... "Something is coming to a head, or is cresting..."

[I included her exact words, in case others resonate with them.  If you are having similar experiences, please email me, so I can compile experiences to share - we are not alone in this]!

I totally agree with her, and what it feels to me is that we're experiencing a breakthrough in Consciousness.  It is energy from outside the hologram, becoming known to us.

For so many years I thought that I was operating multidimensionally, because I worked with unseen energies, with guides and Devas, and talked with dead people.  But I've come to realize that even unseen energies are still within this level of reality.  The physical realm is restricted by time and space, but out awareness of the non-physical is still within the realms of in and out, before and after.

To me, the energy breaking through is real, and this physical reality is the illusion.  It's like a giant hand coming down into the fish tank.

Something is happening, and it wants to become known.

I actually started to write a very different article this morning, and this came through instead.  I'm curious to see how this is going to manifest.  It's frustrating because I feel language is too limited to describe it.   As my friend said, we may have difficulty understanding because we view it through lenses of right and wrong.  

For instance,  my telepathic & empathic abilities have "gone through the roof" so to speak.  I've been walking around wondering if there's going to be an earthquake, I've been sensing panic attacks and paralyzing fear.  Now I believe I've been feeling the collective growth space with this change.  Some people are feeling an earthquake like upheaval in their lives.  

Bodies most likely will feel very uncomfortable and even disoriented with these changes, but Essential selves will feel excited.  

Coax your body through these changes, give it baths and chocolate, or healthy food and exercise, whatever feels best to you.   

It may be an illusion, but it's the only reality your body knows.  The world isn't ending, it's not going to die.  It's transforming into something new.

What was that wavy thing my friend experienced? What is this about hands coming into fish tanks?  

Where is it coming from if it's not in this reality, nor 'non-physical reality?

It's coming from beyond and outside time and space.  It's where thoughts are created.  It's where miracles come from.

It's a good thing.  All is very, very well.

Again, if you are having similar experiences, email me!

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