Friday, January 31, 2014

Feeling Other's Emotions

Feeling Other's Emotions ©2014

Empathy - the ability to feel other people's feelings.  Many of us have the ability to feel other's feelings, we just don't know it!  Or if we do, it feels like a burden.

Empaths are very sensitive to their environment.  They feel the energy of restaurants and offices, parties and gatherings.  It can be challenging to drive down the freeway, when you sense all the accidents that have happened there!

If you feel an emotion out of the blue, not connected to what is going on around you or in your life, it's probably someone else's.  You can pick up loved one's feelings, even if they're 3,000 miles away.

Feelings that don't make any sense, that feel really intense, are usually someone else's communications.  They are emitting how bad they are feeling.

Sometimes they come in on familiar channels.  You may allow them in because they're a friend or loved one,  Or they may remind you of a family members.

Sometimes it's just proximity.  The guy in the apartment above yours has been laid off and is really depressed.  Even though you are happily employed, you start having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning.

People who aren't empaths will say, that must really be your emotion, you're just in denial, but I disagree.  If you live in an apartment building with too thin walls, you're neighbor's rap music at 12am is not your bedtime listening choice!

You have no control about other people's remittances but you can, believe it or not, control your ability to receive.  You can 'dial down' your emotional 'hearing'.  You can zip up the front of your chakras to help protect your space.  Imagine your lower chakras being like volume dials, and turn them down.

This may be hard for some people to do.  Their empathic ability protected them growing up.  Perhaps they had a parent that was unpredictable.  They never knew what mood they'd be in when they came home.  But they could feel them coming, and knew when to stay out of the way.

People communicate with feelings, a mother may have a hard time turning down her empathy with her children, even when they're adults.  It's important to know if your infant is in distress, but less so to feel the anxiety of your twenty-something preparing for their graduate exams!

We mistake empathy for compassion.  You can feel compassion towards someone who's suffered a shock, a loss, but it doesn't help you help them if you're expressing the same intensity of grief.

If you're rescuing a drowning man, you need to keep your own head out of the water.

Society places great expectations that we match the energy of groups.  If you're actually able to be a half-step above the emotional energy field, you can be accused of being cold or unsympathetic.  You might, however, be the only clear-headed one in the crowd, able to lead the way out of darkness.

As an empath myself, my biggest revelation has been that I get to set my own energy level.  I can decide to be a different vibration.  I can imagine my aura to be a different color, I can see myself vibrating a half step above.  I can allow a sense of amusement for whatever black comedy I'm engaged in. 

Give yourself an empathic break today.  You will find it totally transforming your life!


Tatiana Angan said...

That's true. It's interesting how others people emotions can affect us even though they are not of our friends and relatives.

Tatiana Angan said...

That's true. It's interesting how others people emotions can affect us even though they are not of our friends and relatives.