Friday, June 6, 2014

Confusing Personality for Consciousness

This week on our Radio Show Janet and I discussed a topic send in by a listener.  She wondered how much of life was consciously created, and how much was that 'sh*t happens'.   Two people she knew had died recently, one had committed suicide, the other overdosed.

The suicide had been an energy worker, and was discouraged that her techniques seemed to no longer be working.  She said her Higher Self had planned for her to 'leave early'.

The overdose may have been accidental, but an aunt had foreseen when she was a child that there was a 'dark cloud in her future'.

I've long said that nothing is pre-determined in that nothing is set in stone.  We create our future through our choses and actions.  We have free will to change lanes on the freeway of life.  If that's so, how could the aunt see a dark cloud ten or twenty years into a child's future?

It's like a long term weather forecast.  Meteorologists can see a weather pattern happening in Guam and know that there will probably be snow in Oregon six weeks later.  When looking at futures, you're looking at possibilities.  You may be seeing some influence by family patterns, just as a Meteorlogist knows weather currents and storm seasons.

And within that, an individual can make shifts, go into recovery, turn from 'bad' to 'good' simply by changing their beliefs about themselves.

However, there's still weather.  It still may rain or snow.  And within that weather, there are choices how to respond.

Now an energy worker can fall into the belief that they can (and must) control their reality.  That if something is happening that they don't like, there's something wrong.  That thought alone, that something is 'wrong', is personality based.  Consciousness in neutral, amused, and non-judgemental.  Nothing is every wrong.  All is very, very well.

That bodies get sick, and bodies age, is fascinating to Consciousness, which is eternal and ever joyous.
If you're viewing something with black-and-white, life-or-death thinking, it's your personality lens you're looking through.

Jerry Hicks, husband of Esther who channels "Abraham-Hicks", developed cancer and died.  Why did he do that, aren't they so enlightened that they'll live forever?  Well, yes, and he is living forever.  But it was time to trade in the old body.

The energy worker committed suicide, that was another way to go.  But she could have also stuck around to see what else would unfold.  Old techniques stop working when you're transforming into a new state, opening to new possibilities.

I used to say that we signed up for life lessons before we were born.  The more capable we are (I'd say) the harder lessons we'd take on.  We'd enroll in 8 honors classes, two afternoon clubs, varsity sports, and a weekend job and when we incarnated discover that it was college, not high school.  Or I'd use the example of actors in movies.  The more talented actor takes on the most dramatic and painful role.

Now I realize it's not so linear. We're simultaneously Consciousness and personality-form.  Embodiment, incarnation, is continuously happening.  We're bringing in Awareness, and releasing unconscious patterns.  We inhale a new experience with each breath.

Higher Self is not separate from Us, unless you're viewing it through your personalities eyes.  You Are Essence moving into form.

When you shift to that awareness, you make different choices, you relax into whatever is happening.  And if storm clouds are brewing, you put on your yellow slicker and rubber boots and jump up and down with excitement, waiting for it to come!

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