Friday, July 18, 2014

Inner and Outer Work

Inner and Outer Work ©2014 Joan M. Newcomb

As Unified Consciousness we are all one.  When working on a high energy level, there is no you in U.

However, in the physical, there are boundaries.  It's not helpful to merge energies (unless you're in love or making love).

Empathic healers often become ill, because they take on the energies of their clients and loved ones.

You can heal people from outside of your body space.  You can love others and be neutral about their choices and reactions.  It's hard to have neutrality when you bring energy into your body.  It's hard to have neutrality when your energy engulfs everyone, too.

It's hard to make decisions or changes when you're feeling everyone else's reality.  It gets confusing.  Do I feel sick, or does the guy in the next cubicle at work have a hangover?  Do I really want to buy chocolate milk at the grocery store, or is my kid in my space?

Meditation is often called 'inner work'.  When you are quietly accessing your own energy and information, that's inner work.  When you're journaling about your vision for your life, what your passions are, what you'd like to be doing, you'll find this inside yourself (your energy field).

When you're doing healing work, when you're visualizing or reading energy, it's helpful to do this on a 'view screen', kind of a psychic flat screen, in front of you (usually your forehead).

Seeing things on your view screen, you get the 'big picture'.  Seeing things inside your head... can be too close for clear focusing.  It's the difference between being an air traffic controller, viewing all airport runways with incoming and departing planes, or being down on the tarmac.

If you've been having difficulty making a decision, about work, about life, notice if you need to place it outside on your view screen.  Or bring it inside, to your heart.

Heart space isn't for neutrality, but it can be for compassion.

You can also bring it into your solar plexus,  to get a 'gut feeling'.

Play with this, putting things out on your view screen, bringing things into places, this week.  Notice the difference.  See what happens!

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