Friday, August 1, 2014

How to Powerfully Speak Your Truth

©2014 Joan M. Newcomb

Most of the world's conflict comes from miscommunication.  People don't hear things correctly, there are cultural misunderstandings, work becomes a war zone or resentments, and families and friendships split over long held grudges.

What can you do if you're embroiled in such interactions?  What if you've tried to explain your side of things until you're blue in the face and others just won't listen?  What if lawyers are involved and you can't speak up for fear of racking up more fees?
"I believe in God only I call it Nature"
Frank Lloyd Wright

A simple and powerful way to bypass all the drama and get to the heart of issues, is to communicate directly as Essence (Inner Being, Spirit, Expanded Self, you as Consciousness).  Here's how:

Take some time to be alone, whether sitting in your car or in the woods or at the beach.  You'll be talking out loud and you want space from distractions to do this.

First, clarify your own position by having a conversation with the Universe, Source Energy, God, Consciousness, an Intelligence greater than your smaller self.  Tell your story ONCE through to completion.  This is different how you've been repeating the story in your head at 4am, imagining you're on Oprah or Ellen, over and over again.  You're explaining it, out loud, to the neutral, infinite, energy of Love.  As you do this, you may have some revelations and gain clarity about your issue.

Then, imagine the person or people involved in front of you.  Clearly and simply state your case ONCE to them.  Speak out loud as if they are there (because, on an energy level, they are).  They can't interrupt your or contradict you, so you can speak your piece all the way to the end.

When you are done making your case, address them *and* the Universe, Source Energy, God, Consciousness, and state what you'd like the ultimate outcome of this situation to be.  You can ask for exactly what you want.  Peace in the Middle East (as long as this is a resolution to your issue), adequate child support for your children, your co-worker to stop being such a bitch, you name it.

Lastly, and most importantly, thank them all for listening and release the communication.  Imagine all the people involved disappearing and going back to their daily lives.  Put your ultimate request in the hands of the Universe, Source Energy, God, Consciousness - hit 'send' in your mind.  Turn it over so it can be fulfilled.

Put your attention on something else, sing a song, name as many fruit as you can think of beginning with the letter A, anything to step into a new space.

If you keep talking about it, you'll be resetting your work back to the original story, undoing the powerful process you've undergone.

Let it go and notice what is different.  You may feel lighter, the colors around you appear brighter, you may find yourself being more creative than you've been in years.  Noticing what is different validates the change that has happened and continues you moving forward.

You may find situations resolving, people acting differently, because they have heard you on an Essence level.  And/or you will find the 'charge' of the issue is gone, you have transcended or gone past it.

You can also do this to resolve things with dead people and an effective way to address patterns from past generations.  Go through the same steps, calling in the deceased person (or group) when it's time to talk with them.  You may notice the individuals appear younger than they were when they passed, that's pretty typical.

Remember, when you're communicating on this level, You are senior in your space to all things.  The act of clear communication shines light, which erases darkness, so if you begin to feel overwhelmed, just imagine gold sunlight flooding the area, or shine a gold spotlight on anything that appears dark or smudgey.

Try this out over the next 7 days and see what happens!  If you like this, please share it with your friends!

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