Friday, August 15, 2014

WTF is Happening?

WTF is Happening? ©2014 Joan M. Newcomb

It's been a tough week.  There's been deaths, losses, destruction, a lot of people experiencing pain and depression.  Pretty much anyone with a physical body has been impacted.

Although my personal storyline is good at the moment, my own experience of death and loss is pretty recent, so it's easy to pick up and match the resonances of friends and loved ones going through similar things now.

When I feel what others are feeling, from the same awareness level that they're feeling it, it's pretty unbearable.  This happened to them, they're in shock, their world has ended, they don't know how they're going to make it through the day.  It's immobilizing.

When I shift my perspective to Consciousness, I can be useful.  From Consciousness, I get a global perspective of what is going on.  I can see us collectively moving to another level of awareness.  I know the people who have passed aren't really gone, they're existing at a vibration we can feel, although we can no longer see them.

As Consciousness, the changes are exciting.  As body, they feel pretty f*%k'd up.  Things are coming to the surface to clear, things are cracking open.  We're feeling loss inside ourselves when we're really just letting go of stuck or rigid thinking or unconscious beliefs.
It's an opportunity for expansion, to embrace the new, to step up into a lighter, brighter awareness, but anything at a lower vibration, feels very uncomfortable.

Just as computers need upgrades, periodically we need to upgrade.  Sometimes it's our thinking, sometimes it's our behavior, sometimes our techniques, sometimes it's our energy system.  Athletes, dancers and regular exercisers have to upgrade their workouts to keep up with their levels of fitness.

People in recovery discover this, as they progress out of their earlier physical addictions and have to tackle personality issues and compulsive behavior.  It's no shame to take on new twelve step programs even if you're an 'old timer' in your original one, it's like going to different levels of graduate school.

As we grow and evolve as Consciousness, we need to move forward, too.  Sometimes it's being open to new ways of doing things, expanding our belief system to encompass.  Your guides and/or angels may have been helpful for you at the beginning, but you may need new ones who match your new vibration.

Sometimes this shows up as new beings matching your new energy level, sometimes it's the old ones communicating in a new way. I used to have regular times I'd sit with my journal and record what my devas would tell me.  An upgrade a few years ago brought in a completely different team, who no longer required 'staff meetings'.  How will you guys communicate with me? I asked. "Twitter", they said.  So now I get random thoughts and inspirations 'tweeted' to me.

We have to upgrade our beliefs and our energy techniques as well.  It may be a matter of learning new techniques, or hearing things in a new way.  It may be taking your current techniques and 'modernizing them' from dialup to WiFi.

This biggest change I see is where we access our information and place our focus.  If we try to use other people's knowledge, it doesn't work for us anymore.  We need to connect to Source using our own internal cellular modem.  Also, if you're focused on the personality level, in the 'story' or the  drama, you're swimming at the bottom of the fishtank (sorry to mix metaphors)!

Want to feel better?  Ask for an upgrade, then feel the shift (it may be subtle or profound).  Ask to experience what's going on as Consciousness, and notice how it expands your perspective.

Try this for the next 7 days and see what happens!

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