Friday, June 26, 2015

Are You Making New or Repeating Old?

Are You Making New or Repeating Old? ©2015 Joan M. Newcomb

All of our creations are our babies.  Whether you're planting a garden, writing a novel, putting together a fishtank, or building a house, you are utilizing your creative energy to give birth to something physically.

How do you bring your desires into form? 

I looked at the process of giving birth from the standpoint of Consciousness, and these are the steps:  


first, love
second, weave patterns together
third, narrow focus these patterns so they become dense
forth, from the woven patterns, density becomes matter within the boundaries of time and space
fifth, matter, an embodiment of love, gestates in a pool of perceptions
sixth, when it’s time is ripe, matter emerges into the storyline to weave it’s own story and patterns.

That last part, the sixth step, applies more to human beings but if you think about it, your fishtank or garden does have it's own storyline. My fishtank was supposed to be populated with 9 fish, eight gold or red, and one black, but the first fish I put in there turned out to be pregnant so within a week I had 20 little black fish. It took a few months before I got the right combination in there. It had it's own storyline beyond my agenda/intention for it!

This week, I was meditating on bringing a desire into form, tuning into it as a thought and imagining it becoming dense. And I caught myself - instead of bringing in new energy, as it became dense, I was focusing on what I did NOT want to create!

In other words, I was focusing on all the things that hadn't worked in the past, rather than this new idea I wanted to create.

Has this ever happened to you? You apply all the Law of Attraction or the Secret techniques and instead of getting what you want, you get a repeat of the same old stuff.

I manifested my current husband in nine weeks, by very deliberately stating what I *wanted* in a relationship. Any time my thoughts strayed to a list of complaints about my exes, I'd metaphorically grab myself by the ears and make counteracting statements! 

When you work on consciously creating a dream or desire, *don't* focus on making them dense! *DO* narrow your focus to exactly what you want (leaving room for your Consciousness aspect of yourself to bring it in more perfectly or greater than you can imagine)!

Realize that your perceptions color or shape your manifestation, so release limited or distorted ones!

Try this for the next 7 days and see what happens!

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