Friday, July 24, 2015

Nobody's Ascending Anywhere

Nobody's Ascending Anywhere ©2015 Joan M. Newcomb

One of my readers asked me some great questions "what's going on vis-a-vis the overall evolution of mankind. Are some" developed" people going to ascend by 2024?  2014 has passed and we're still here."

I answered this in a recent Mystic Minute Video, and wanted to spell it out more clearly here: ain't nobody ascending anywhere.

Yes, we talk about an acceleration in Consciousness. We talk about the vibration rising, getting more sensitive and Aware.  But the impression is that at some point we'll become so advanced, we'll just vibrate out of our bodies and disappear into the 5th Dimension.

That's how it feels to our bodies and from our personality's perspective.  We can't imagine existing at a higher vibration, we can't comprehend anything but 3-D.

Consciousness is already 5D. Consciousness is beyond the hologram, outside of D altogether. Even D is part of the illusion.

Consciousness embodies reality but is outside of it as well.  In Consciousness, there is no time or space, everything is happening at once.

So whenever we try to put things into linear measurements, it's our personality trying to figure it out. Oh, I must be going up in vibration (no, Consciousness is coming more into form).  Oh, I must be ascending, I must be developing more (no, you're just experiencing yourself AS Consciousness more, and as Consciousness you're infinite, beyond levels of development).

Back before 2012 they said some people weren't going to make it. They imagined mass destruction. All limited and undeveloped people would die.  And, dangit, the politicians and religious fanatics are still here.

Although, if you notice, they're all going more crazy than before. That's because their old paradigms and rigid belief systems are disintegrating and it's freaking them out.

And, guess what, they're Consciousness, too.

To our bodies, and our personalities, it feels like things are going faster. Time progresses that way, to form.  But past, present, and future, is all happening simultaneously to Consciousness.

The best way to handle this it to be in present time, in the NOW. You're body feels calmer when focused on the present moment. When you do that, things feel like they're slowing down.

Play with this all - viewing life from Consciousness, being Present, for the next seven days and see what happens!

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