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Why Fire Your Spirit Guides?!?

Why Fire Your Spirit Guides?!? ©2015 Joan M. Newcomb

Much has been written about connecting to your spirit guides or guardian angels. It's reassuring to know that there's unseen help.  People have experienced miraculous, real world results when working with invisible helpers.

We are born with some of them, and we collect others along the way. Some are more active than others.  If we had rough childhoods, we may have had a mariah step in to handle things.  If we created a business, chances are there's a deva overseeing it.

It's empowering to actively communicate with them, to make requests and receive information.  You can tune into them through meditation, or journaling, or just talking aloud when you're driving (both hands on the wheel so it doesn't look like you're on your phone)!

When I started having regular 'staff meetings' with my business devas, my income skyrocketed.  I've also used them for health related issues with some success.  Pretty much any area of your life can be improved with support from Spirit.

So *why* on earth would you want to fire your Spirit Guides?
Some guides are from the past and are outdated

Here are a few reasons:

1. When they limit or hold you back.  Childhood Mariahs are protectors when you're little but as an adult you don't need a nanny.  They are lovely beings, but they still see you as a child.

2. When you've entered a new phase of growth.  We'll call in guides to assist us when we're at certain levels of awareness.  When we advance in Consciousness, we need ones that match us at our higher vibration.

3. When you've changed directions.  Angels, guides, devas, all have a specific focus or area of attention.  If you finish medical school and suddenly realized you only did it to please your family of doctors and your real passion is law, you may need a different team of helpers.

How do you fire your guides?

You don't have to go all Donald Trump on them. I've found a wonderful serenity and neutrality when working with the other side. They don't need drama, just respect.

1. Communicate with them directly.  Have a little chat in whatever way works for you.  Writing it down helps validate the communication for you because you can read it afterwards.  Prayer and meditation gives your communication a focused intent.  I like talking outloud with my guides, when I'm driving, or walking my dog. (You can wear your headset plugged into your phone that's turned off, if you're worried that your neighbors will think you're looney).

2. Bring them into the present moment.  Imagine the energy of present time, or a calendar with today's date. This is especially effective with childhood guides. Somtimes they will automatically disappear. They can go off to help another kid.

3. Release their contract. We make agreements with our invisible friends. You can upgrade or release their contract and they will go on their way.

Now what?

You may want to take some time to reclaim your own energy, be with yourself in your new space.  Or you might be ready to hire new staff to help you!

1. Specifically ask for what you want.  Because you will get it. Again, do this in a way that works best for you.  If you prefer ritual or formality, you can light candles, say prayers or affirmations, write something and put it on your vision board.

2. Be open for something different. When I upgraded my business devas, I'd been use to formal staff meetings.  My new group didn't work that way. They were like a bunch of mellenials with iPhones that would spontaneously "psychic text" inspiration to me.

3. Take Action. Some angels will go out and find you clients while you sit on your couch eating popcorn. But more than likely you'll get intuitive hits or opportunities that require you to take action. We're the ones in physical bodies, so we have to act in order to make things real.

Try these suggestions and fasten your seatbelt, because your life is about to accelerate!

If you want to know more,  check out Accessing Unseen Help For Your Life, Health and Business!

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