Friday, August 14, 2015

Autocorrect Manifestations

Autocorrect Manifestations ©2015 Joan Newcomb

My computer runs autocorrect on everything I write, sometimes changing words *as* I type them. Some days I spend more time correcting the darned autocorrect than writing!

When you begin the process of conscious manifestation, it often seems like the Universe has it's own autocorrect. What you ask for shows up as something slightly different. It can be comical, or irritating.

If you're balding you may ask for more hair, and it begins growing out of your ears. You work on manifesting money, and it comes as an insurance check paying the mechanic for fixing your car.

Creating your reality is more an art than a science.

Resisting the autocorrect just creates more effort and slows down the manifesting process. Go with the flow, making slight adjustments, and you steer in the right direction.

For instance, I'm now grateful for slow cars that get in front of me when I'm driving. They can protect me from speeding tickets!

Stepping back and looking at this from the perspective of Consciousness, you can see or sense the neverending flow moving into form. It is always loving. It is always light.

As it moves into the lower atmosphere, it encounters distortions. What originated as pure intention manifests in the shadows as something murky.

"Autocorrect" is really your gallery of assumptions and expectations. It assumes what you're about to create, but it doesn't know the full story. It bases its 'corrections' on previous usage or manifestations.

Yet, if you turned off autocorrect, and completely received the pure intention, what shows up may be more than you bargained for! A winning lottery ticket brings all sorts of new challenges, from paying taxes on it to fielding requests from friends and relatives.

What are we really asking for, anyway? Are we really asking for more hair, more money, more love? When you step back and look at it, you can see all these requests going from form to Consciousness, and they're all seeking more light, more freedom, more wholeness.

As Consciousness we are focusing into form, creating our creations, like sunlight onto seedlings. It is US coming into density.

What happens with our requests is that we are creating expections for how we want to receive Source Energy, what it's supposed to look like when it shows up. Our specifications are limitations.

And, sometimes they repel what we're asking for!

There are lots of ways to change this pattern. You can meditate so you can receive more clearly. You can de-energize stuck pictures, either clairvoyantly or through something like EFT or EMDR. You can run frequencies such as Christforce Gold or use my waterfall technique to raise your body's ability to have more. Or use Consciousness Techniques to create instantaneous change.

The Universe isn't autocorrecting you. And it isn't something coming to you from outside of yourself. YOU are Consciousness, flowing into form. Your body/personality is the form that you created to experience physical reality. You're really both, dancing with yourself.

Shift your perspective to yourself AS Consciousness, and you're in agreement with all that manifests, imperfectly perfect in your life.

Play with this for the next 7 days and see what happens!

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