Friday, August 21, 2015

How NOT To Be Tossed and Turned By The Vortex

How NOT to be Tossed And Turned By The Vortex ©2015 Joan M. Newcomb

I came across a video of a piece of fabric, dancing in the vortex of a circle of fans.  It looks human, in the way it twists and twirls.  It looks how we feel, as we engage with different energies in this physical realm.

Sometimes we feel buffered about by the varying influences, like a leaf reeling in the wind. We're affected by these circles, our family, our friends, our work environment. Those are the most noticeable ones. But we're also reacting to wider circles, our neighborhood, city, or region. And we resonate with even bigger ones, our religions, political parties, culture, and country.

These energy systems are multidimentional, not only spanning distance, around the globe, but also time. We engaging in historical patterns and responding to ones forming into the future.

But the thing that struck me, as I watched the fabric swirl around, is that it was missing Consciousness. It looked alive, but it wasn't.

When you are feeling tossed and turned by 'Life', your body/personality is the aspect that feels that way.  It's missing it's connection with You.

If that fabric were a dress worn by a dancer, she would be spinning and swaying, but you would notice that she's inwardly anchored, even when her feet aren't on the floor.

Dancers aren't performing random movements, they're enacting choreography. Even if it's improv, they are reflecting years of training.

Staying centered within yourself, You can dance through your various circles without having to participate in the denser emotional aspects of them. You can love your family and friends and not be driven crazy by them. You can maintain professionalism at work regardless of how dysfunctional the culture may be.

When you're grounded into your body, then you are in charge of actions. You can steer your kayak away from whirlpools, out of eddies and into the greater Flow of wellbeing.

You can do this in all sorts of ways. You can practise mindfulness. You can walk barefoot also called 'earthing'. You can visualize an energy connection to the center of the earth, and imagine earth energy flowing up through your feet into your body.

These are techniques that have been around for millennia, for as long as we've been manifesting into bodies on this planet. They are still very effective, but may require 'upgrading' as our Collective vibration increases.

I'm playing with the concept of connecting wirelessly to the planet, and anchoring into key points of the body.  It's a way of being in the planet and not of the planet. It's strong, light, and flexible. If you want to know more, go here.

Play with these ideas this week, see which ones fit for you, and notice how it transforms your experience in the world!

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