Friday, October 30, 2015

"What Ifs" And Parallel Lives

"What Ifs" And Parallel Lives ©2015 Joan M. Newcomb

Reading about the Canadian Prime Minister this morning; I was a teenager in Ottawa when his dad was Prime Minister. It made me think - what if I'd stayed in Ottawa? Gone to a Canadian University? What would life be like now?

Our histories are filled with 'what ifs'.  On our road trip through life we have many options. A turn down that road yields a dead end. A turn down another opens a vista of opportunities. When we're focused in our present circumstances we may not feel like we know what's up ahead. We may assume the choices we're currently making are going to take us some place completely different than where we actually end up.

A comforting thing to realize is that all realities exist simultaneously, so there are no mistakes. When you decided to do something, go somewhere, a parallel self split off into the opposite direction. There's an entirely different parallel life being lifed with different outcomes and different experiences.

So you did and didn't choose that job or spouse or school or...
Your body can't comprehend this because it lives in singular and linear time. As Consciousness, though, you can both sense the other other existences *and* access their information.

It's like Googling information on the Cosmic Internet, but you're actually requesting it from another aspect of yourself. You can request a download of information. Don't try to understand this because your mind will block it.

You are the Cosmic Gamer running multiple games, multiple programs even, at once.

It's great to know that you've as many lives out in front of you, unlimited choices, each taking you down a different trajectory.  And you can course correct at any moment. You can always change your mind.

You can change your mind about how you are feeling or experiencing your current reality, and you can also change your circumstances in subtle yet profound ways.

For instance, I ended up on the couch one night with a hacking chest cold. It was so interesting, because I was simultaneously having this experience as Consciousness, which felt wonderful, along with not being able to lie down without coughing. Normally I have been thinking how this sucked, how I wished I could sleep, when will this be over. But this enormous clarity and high vibration of Consciousness was coursing through me, and coughing on the couch didn't bother me at all. It was gone by early morning.  That didn't require me changing my mind but simply going with the flow of Consciousness. Leaning into the expansiveness rather than resisting the discomfort.

The other day I was with a person whose behavior suddenly turned ugly. It surprised me; I hadn't seen this side of them in many years. I sat with them but shifted inside myself, moving in Consciousness from the current reality to one where this person was different. I didn't try to change, fix or manipulate them. I didn't even talk to them or address the ugly behavious. At some point, reality changed and so did they.

Reality changes but the scenery looks the same. You shift from side to side but you won't teleport to Hawaii. But you may get a job offer in Hilo, or win a trip to Kauai. You won't instantaneously lose 50lbs. But you may find yourself effortlessly making different food choices and joining a gym.

Whatever you want to do, be, or have, there's a parallel self already doing, being, or having. Step into that timeline and completely transform your life!

Play with these ideas (Consciousness techniques work better when approached playfully), make them your own, and see what happens!

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